Pulse 2.0 Readers, Get Your Joost Invites

I have over 900 Joost invites for whoever wants them.  It may take some time to send them out because I am going on a mini-vacation until tomorrow and also because I have to manually type out each name and e-mail address.  However, if you comment on this post with your e-mail address in the comment form, I’ll ensure that you get your invite by this weekend at the latest.

Thanks to GigaOM for writing out to send out invites properly.  Before yesterday, I did not really know how to do it properly.

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Pulse 2.0 Readers, Get Your Joost Invites Comments

  1. ahmed zahmed says:

    Hi, I’d love and invite to Joost!

    Joost is gonna be great!

  2. SassenFrassenRassen says:

    Hi, I’d love an invite since I canceled cable! stephen_lambie@hotmail.com

  3. adrian says:

    please invite me: joost_invitation@gmx.at

    Thx a lot!

  4. dc says:

    hi – that’d be nice.

    dc3 |at| pikkle.com

  5. Mike says:


    Thanks ;-)

  6. goober says:

    invite please

  7. Michael says:

    hey man check out our website at www.mahalamedia.net – south africa

  8. Chris says:

    How nice!

  9. Ray Cassick says:

    Looks cool. Woul dlove to try it out.

  10. Paul says:

    Hi Amit,

    If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love to get one too.


  11. Nikhil says:

    Hook it up

  12. christopher says:

    why, of course?! Please hook me up… :)

  13. grateful says:

    plz send invite

  14. Jack says:

    Please send me an invite

    rohdester AT gmail.com

  15. Sumit says:

    Please invite me:

  16. pooja says:


    Thanks Amit!

  17. arthur says:

    thanks in advance

  18. arthur says:


  19. samar says:


  20. Jen Cox says:

    This rocks!

  21. Jen Cox says:

    oops… jencox1@gmail.com

  22. Bryce C says:

    sounds tight man, I’m in. bcherniak@gmail.com

  23. Oli says:

    Hello Amit,

    zurifrench@yahoo.com is my mail

  24. Ty says:

    Thnx for this in advance.


  25. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Just sent an invite to the people in the last 24 comments.

  26. Bruno says:


    Please send an invitation if you have any left.

    Best regards from Sweden!

  27. Guilllaumeb says:

    if you have a spare one I’d really appreciate

  28. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Bruno and Guillaume,
    I’ll send you the invites by tomorrow.

  29. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Everyone who commented on this should have a Joost invite by now.

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