Oddpath: A New Way To Search For Businesses

Oddpath LogoOddpath launched on May 6, 2007 and is a local search engine that contains a listing of North America’s businesses. To navigate around the website, you can filter listings by state and then business types. You can also filter listings by typing in a zip code or city name.

As an example, I’ll click on Michigan:
Oddpath Screen Shot 1
Next you can click on places of interest or type in your city. I’ll display screen shots of both options. Below is a screen shot of what displays after you click on a state:
Oddpost Screen Shot 2
Now I’ll click on Restaurants. Below is the listings:
Oddpath Screen Shot 3
The first page starts with restaurants that begin with an ‘M’ so I’m not sure exactly how they order their listings, but users can always search for places of interest as well. Users can also search via mobile phone at http://m.oddpath.com.

As another example, I searched for ‘pizza’ in zip code, 90210 and the results seemed to work very well:
Oddpath Screen Shot 5
The listings appear to be in order of distance from the zip code central point.

If users create an account, then they will be able to add places to an address book which they can also access through a mobile phone.

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Oddpath: A New Way To Search For Businesses Comments

  1. Chad Curtis-CEO of Oddpath says:

    Veering Off the Beaten Path to the Neighborhood Oddpath and Local Search Engine Web 2.0

    Oddpath’s full launch features unique travel, and produces complimentary search results with 11,000,000 million buinesses and 100,000,000 people.
    For Immediate Release
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla./March 31, 2008 — Oddpath is putting itself in front of millions of people in the form of over 11,000,000 listings for everything from cafes, restaurants, parks and businesses, with additional features and tools to bring search engine data full circle as a more extensive and evolved yellow pages. OddPath’s best feature is its mobile search. Simple and effective, I think this is OddPath’s best feature. Other features such as ‘Buzz’ and ‘Pictures’ are interesting, but definitely need some fine tuning. The mobile feature (and its simplicity) could push him forward there.
    Oddpath People
    This search presents users with the simplest and fastest interface supported by the largest database to search people in the U.S. Beta testing affirms Oddpath People Search produces more data than other people searches. Oddpath People can search for and map over 100,000,000 people in the U.S. without any charges. This also includes reverse lookup (search by phone).

    Oddpath Money
    A hybrid look and technology will enable global tracking of market bull and bear cycles and money worldwide. The Oddpath dynamic solution puts users in control of information, to look up data points on both equities and markets. The data is compact, customizable, and incorporates comprehensive information, including charts, news, and historical stock prices, Level II, SEC filings, insiders, financials and much more.

    Oddpath Pathfinder (map & directions)
    Wherever the Pathfinder takes users with search, they can login in and signup to post up to date reviews on local businesses, or make use of vCard capabilities.

    Oddpath Travel
    Once out of beta, Oddpath Travel will feature unusual, luxury and affluent, high-end travel at affordable, mainstream prices including private jet tours and trips, as well as helicopter rides and trips.

    To learn more about the Oddpath roll-out visit http://www.oddpath.com
    Chad Curtis CEO
    Oddpath.com cfo@vcapintl.com
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

    SOURCE: Oddpath.com
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  2. Chad says:

    Some new and exciting things are coming soon. Stay tuned we are revamping the site to better serve the end user.

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