AdaptiveBlue’s New BlueOrganizer Denim: It’s Niiice

AdaptiveBlue LogoThere are very few companies out there that is leading the Internet towards Web 3.0.  AdaptiveBlue[1] is one of those few companies.  The plugin designed by AdaptiveBlue aims to have your computer recommend information relevant to your web surfing habits.  Recently AdaptiveBlue unleashed a new version of their plugin, BlueOrganizer Denim.

The new Firefox plugin is a bit cleaner than the last version and has a couple of extra features.  Below is a screenshot of the where the plugin is actually placed in the Firefox browser:
BlueOrganizer Denim Screen Shot 1
The new version of the plugin includes a new startup wizard that guides the user through preferred content personalization.  For example, if I want more sports content to be suggester than book content, than I would select sports during the set-up wizard.

Another new feature is the BlueMenu.  The BlueMenu pull-down is displayed on the picture on the left.  There is also a sidebar which has been condensed to a smaller size and displays thumbnails of relevant content.

One of the features that AdaptiveBlue found users to be most excited about is SmartLinks.  The concept of SmartLinks is to take common consumption items like DVDs and then provide the ability to add it to wish lists or embed them into blogs and MySpace pages in the form of a widget.  This way a user can say, this is what I want or this is what I have.

Below is a screen shot of what happens when you click on the BlueOrganizer when you visit the Spider Man 3 DVD page on Amazon[2]:
BlueOrganizer Screen Shot 2
In summary, I am impressed with the software and the semantics behind the plugin.  The only skeptics that people may have is the fact that there is a bit of tracking happening in the background while surfing the web, but it only makes your browser smarter.  Union Square Ventures invested in AdaptiveBlue in February 2007.

[2] Spider-Man 3 DVD

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AdaptiveBlue’s New BlueOrganizer Denim: It’s Niiice Comments

  1. Julia Iskold says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thank you for taking interest in the new BlueOrganizer Denim! Just to clarify, the information that is being tracked does not get publicly released. It is simply being sent to a server in order to create a smarter and more personalized browsing experience for each user.


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