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ePERKS LogoePerks is an upcoming startup whose tag-line is “Life is more enjoyable with perks.” ePerks has partnered with various real estate agents, auto dealers, and home improvement companies to provide business relationships between users.

ePerks was founded by Ben Behrouzi. Behrouzi also founded and funded ePerks through his own venture fund, Brabus Ventures.

I typed in my zip code under the dealers section to see what ePerks could find for me in terms of a Ford vehicle.ePerks Screen Shot 1
After hitting search, BOOM: participating dealers showed up in my area:ePerks Screen Shot 2
Participating ePerks dealers are indicated by ePerks Screen Shot 3icons. The map of participating dealers utilizes a Google Maps API and when the mouse button is placed above one of the icons, then a pop-up will appear showing the location and what the actual perk offering is.

ePerks Screen Shot 4
For example, the participating dealer in Roseville, MN is somehow offering a Nintendo Wii as a perk.  Although I won’t be making any automobile purchases anytime soon, I encourage anyway looking for a perk to use ePerks.  There’s literally nothing to lose, only things to gain.

Anyone have any personal experiences with benefits or problems with ePerks, leave a comment.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

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  1. NeseMargin says:

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    hahahah, what a crazy ad.

  3. Henry Larrson says:

    Been in the service eperks from the beginning. it’s been great. The client service department also gets back to me in short time, which is alway nice.

  4. Jenny says:

    saw their commercial on cnn…decided to look them up. i signed up about 3 weeks. Have had two people connect me…so far so.

  5. Amy Mcfurgel says:

    good site…just bought and got my 3 months free gas card. swee!!!!

  6. Lambo says:

    check out there commercial it’s pretty funny. are real estate agents happy with this commercial???

  7. jerbear says:

    Seems a lot of agents out there have a legitimate beef with Eperks for scamming them. I would think that even buyers would be a little eerie. I know I am. Buying a house is a big deal. I’m not sure I want some discount realtor desperate to the point of giving up part of their commission to help me find a good buy. Seems that if they were any good they wouldn’t be paying for leads and equity on a good buy is worth more than few bucks for using a desperate agents.

  8. killbill says:

    I actually went throught eperks and purchased a car and got a free ipod throught them. It’s pretty cool idea.

  9. Tom says:

    Jerbear: then would you also not use a realtor who advertised in the newspaper? Using your logic, those people are desperate for business too. Those ads cost a lot of money.

  10. Christine Herrick says:

    The eperks commercial I just saw on TV was disgustng. How dare you! I will never use your site for anything.

    Christine Herrick
    Licensed Realtor in VA
    Mason-Davis Co.

  11. jerbear says:


    Funny. Seems the only people with good things to say are ironically the same posters from every other thread out there. So Tom, do you like your job at EPerks? :)

  12. jerbear says:

    Regardless of your promotional motives I will proceed to enlighten you on my logic.

    Other aspecs of the site are fine, but for Realtors this goes beyond the concept of simple paid advertising. By agents signing up on EPerks to reward clients with commission they’re digging themselves a hole. Simply put, an agent will not be used for their knowledge or professionalism, but rather the reward.

    It’s a snowball effect. Everyone these agents work with through word-of-mouth from that point forwards will be expecting a handout.

    A naive homebuyer in an attempt to be rewarded with commission may actually be sacrificing a good deal on a long term investment to simply get a thousand dollars or so of the commission split. NOT WISE AT ALL. See an untampered thread involving agents opinions of the service as well here:

  13. steve says:

    I am totaly sick and tired of this company e-mailing me when i go to my e-mails this company are filling my in box with usless marketing material.I would not by principle alone deal with them HOW DO I STOP THEM FROM MARKETING ME.
    Yours extreemly frustrated by their actions

    ps hope you can help me.x

  14. jerbear says:

    They keep sending to me as well even though I’ve clicked the unsubscribe in the emails I get. Best thing you can do is mark them as spam or junk mail. Spam in AOL makes a big difference. Sooner or later their server will get blacklisted if enough people do it then they won’t be able to contact nearly as many people at all.

  15. Disturbed Customer says:

    EPERKS has been the worst real estate website service provider Ive ever dealt with. The sales rep. had lied to me about the Perks and discounts I would receive. I asked for a refund and they said that they would agree to it. Obviously I received nothing back. My credit card company has now filed EPerks as a fraudulent company and they went and issued me a refund. Now, I am being contacted by a collections services. There is a way to do business. These people obviously dont know how to treat people.

  16. Ronnie Bredahl says:

    ePerks will not stop spamming me after 5 removal requests. I’m a real estate broker in Austin, Texas and they continue to hound me to sign up for their real estate lead service. From forums across the internet, all I have read is that they are a complete waste of time and money.

    Today (4/23/08), I am filing a FTC complaint against ePeks regarding the spam emails. Please stay away from this company. There’re bad news!

  17. Irrate ePerks Customer says:

    Do not waste your money. This company does nothing that they promise. They spend more effort on threats and collection than they do on promotion. Don’t get hooked!

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