Joost Fires Off Their CTO

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Joost, the P2P video utility started by the same co-founders as KaZaa and Skype, has recently let go of their CTO, Dirk-Willem van Gulik.  Van Gulik took a new job with BBC’s Future Media Technology Group as the Chief Technical Architect where he will oversee the development of a similar application called the iPlayer.

“The BBC recognizes that IP-connectivity is quickly moving beyond the personal computer. This appointment signals our commitment to providing licence-fee players access to BBC content however they want it,” stated Erik Huggers, controller of the Future Media Technology Group at BBC.  “Dirk-Willem has made significant contributions to the development of the internet. His knowledge and expertise will be of great advantage to the BBC and the industry. It is a pleasure to welcome him to our division and I look forward to working with him.”

Matt Zelesko stepped up as the Senior VP of Engineer at Joost.  Zelesko previously worked with Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost, at Cisco Systems.  This news comes about 3 months after the Joost CEO stepped down.

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Joost Fires Off Their CTO Comments

  1. Tim says:

    Why would I use Joost on my PC if

    (a) I can get high-quality (even HD) on ?
    (b) I can get a much more convenient UI on and ?
    (c) I can get the same content directly from the source ?

    Don’t they get it? PCs are VERY different from TV sets!

    Joost should ask themselves first where they want to play

    1) Be on the TV set (ie in the living room) or on the PC (ie outside the living room)

    2) Offer professional content or user-generated content

    3) Channels or libraries

    4) Live or On-demand

    Each of these has huge implications. But please, don’t bring the PC metaphor to the TV set, and don’t bring the TV set metaphor to the PC. The needs are different.

  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    I agree, Tim. I was pro-Joost until Hulu came out. Joost needs a solid Web UI to complement their software.

  3. Mo Kakwan says:

    The Joost guys saw this competition coming from a mile away. With flash video now supporting HD, they’re going to need to start making some smart partnerships.

    It’s sort of how itunes sells the same stuff as but because of the ease of delivery they are able to get ahold of the market.

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