Chickipedia: My Guess Is It’ll Become Bigger Than

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While it is often times difficult to predict which web sites will skyrocket from the bottom of Alexa to the top, I have a hunch that Chickipedia will not have a problem doing so. Considering that many of the top searches are female celebrities and thats all the content that Chickipedia focuses on.

While gaining a good Google PageRank takes at least a good 6 months, wikis that have multiple users constantly editing them tend to have favorable SEO since there is just so much content embedded. And the page titles and hyperlinks having the celebrity names included in them only helps. I think Chickipedia has the potential to become bigger than within a few years. AskMen gets around 7 million unique visitors per month. So Chickipedia has a long way to go, but I’m confident that the open source community will triumph as it did for Wikipedia.

Chickipedia’s homepage shows “the hottest,” “most wanted,” and “the updated.” The navigation is labeled as Categories for occupation of the female celebrities, All Chicks for an A-Z index, Random Chick, and Help. Users can create accounts and “Add New Chick.”

Each profile page for the celebrities include birthdays, hometown, height, hobbies, birthname, nickname, job, hookups, and vices. Then there is a quote from each celebrity. There is also a bust/waist/hip measurement for each celebrity along with a feature that shows what other celebrities have the same measurement. Tagged to each celebrity is other celebrities that have worked with them. Then it is topped off with links to external sites, a mini-bio, “stuff she’s done” like movies and TV, and “Dudes she has worked with.”

Below is a screen shot of Angelina Jolie’s page:
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[Information Source: Mashable]

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