What Happened To eBay?

Remember when eBay used to be a pleasant experience? The eBay rush and the excitement of winning an auction is what built eBay into the company it is today. But on the way up the Internet success ladder, eBay, unlike Amazon, forgot about its users. These days, it seems like eBay cares less about its users. Their recent price “decrease” gibberish was an insult to the intelligence of millions of its sellers. Their technical support is a joke. Their site needs a complete overhaul. Their baggage (Skype) needs to be removed. And whats up with not letting sellers give buyers negative feedback anymore? What kind of genius came up with that idea?

eBay’s listings are steadily decreasing. Its sellers are leaving to open their own ecommerce stores. Auction fraud on its listings is rising. Where did eBay go wrong?

I don’t think eBay will be able to fix its problems. It will eventually become Internet history. That company has no idea what its doing anymore. Maybe it should learn a thing or two from Amazon.

The biggest problem with eBay sucking is the small number of alternatives available. All the eBay alternatives I know of suck more than eBay. Someone out there needs to create a new auction platform, raise a few million, and build an eBay killer. I believe its inevitable that a startup will crush eBay’s monopoly.

What Happened To eBay? Comments

  1. Moo says:

    Totally agree – and Amazon or Google are the logical sources for an eBay killer.

    The biggest problem is that eBay has moved away from a common-man to common-man garage sale in the sky… to a giant 'pass off junk from China' repository. Now you can't trust what you're buying on eBay and every other auction is some kind of scam.

  2. william says:

    Ebay is a nightmare to list an item,you can't upload a pohoto and list an item,I video tape a listing for 22 minutes and still we were waiting for picture to load,ebay will continue to lose market share and end up the new AOL,maybe they should call in Jeff at Amazon,the stock prices shows who knows what there doing,ebay your days are numbered and you suck.

  3. Amit Elhanan says:

    Ebay is trying to fix some of it’s experience by being the one of the first players to design an Adobe Air application, which reviews say is pretty slick. Yeah, it does not answer question about customer service, feedback issues or loss of auction quality, but I believe that it does show that Ebay is still here, and thinks they will remain for a while.

  4. Craig says:

    I’ve recently been a sucker of a chargeback scam. I’m out a camera lens and $700.00 because I didn’t keep tracking information 90 days after the auction had closed.

    Never again.

  5. Troy says:

    Here here… I have been using ebay since the early days, and the last 2 years have really seen it go downhill… full of bloatware and dumbing down to the point of inflicting pain on sellers. Will is right… Ebay is the next AOL.

  6. JA says:

    I have been selling on Ebay since 4/2000 , I am a powerseller with over 99.7% positive feedback, great Ebay background etc. I used to be pround of that, not anymore, I used to go to Ebay Live events, not anymore. I used to follow all rules they stick in your a&#!, not anymore. After their grotesque price “decrease” in fees first grade mentality, I no need to wonder anymore if they care about their sellers, NO THEY DON’ T! Open your own website asap, do your own marketing, work your a@€ off , because eBay won’t last.

  7. David Russell-Wilks says:

    I totally concur that eBay no longer cares about their sellers; as long as they don't lose out they really don't care what happens. It is the same for buyers too, eBay take no responsibility what so ever, if you have a problem all you get is an automated response and a customer service questionnaire. for the money that I am paying them each month I expect alot more. If only there were alternatives that I could use.

  8. New guy usa says:

    try this alternative it seems to be growing and they actually have a sweet deal 9 dollars a month and you can list as many items as you want with no final value fees.This is the way to go people need to spread the word ebay suck these days and is going the way of new stuff.Di you all know they have been mailing catalogs out of their precious few dealers in it that sell new chinese worthless crap that honestly is cheaper at wal mart ebay want to sell new only.I can’t wait till the recession hits and no one wants new because they need to save money and ebay realizes how screwed they really are

  9. Big Jack says:

    Well I just spent another hour trying to list a car on E-Bay Motors. The web-site will not allow me to download my photos. So far i have spent 5 hours screwing around with these idiots and their lack of assistance on the internet. You want my money and business PROFORM!!! Good Bye E-Bay-I have used you off and on for over 9 years. Good Ridance!

  10. davey says:

    due to the excessive inflation rates in usa ebay is suffering,now offering reduced listing fees ,and free gallery pics!! its good to know the fat cats are looseing the cream. i for one am leaving ebay for good, now that they have decided that a seller can not list anything without there sis company paypal being compulsary. going to piss on ebays grave very soon!!! ha ha

  11. mrfmalik01 says:

    i only buy on ebay, and it is great i have ripped off lots of people under 3 memberships.i always pay paypal, only buy goods not sent recorded delivery, claim i never get them and get my money back, ha ha ha , f**k u all white fools.

  12. Johnny says:

    Heres a page which you may find helpful. There are over 350 eBay alternatives that you can use instead.

  13. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Note: The link Johnny is referring to is hyperlinked to his name.

  14. gg says:

    its true ebay dont give a shit to thair seller,s i dont know who,s f****** running this thing

  15. gg says:

    because its hapend with me more then million times but if you have nothing to do then do a ebay bussiness

  16. anonymous says:

    I just quit Paypal AND eBay over eBay’s forced use of Paypal and the withholding of payments for three weeks.

    Sorry to let go of all that +pos+ feedback but I guess that’s life.

  17. MELODY says:

    I left ebay and PayPal I now use www.usauctionslive.com and Google Checkout.

  18. Move Forward & Don't Look Back! says:

    My husband and I started moving our items to a new site called Ziot.com. Though it’s new and it will take time for Sellers and Buyers to hear about it, it sounds and looks promising. Good Luck to all of you Power Sellers like ourselves. Move Forward & Don’t Look Back!

  19. Anonymous says:

    ebay sucks and i hope it dies everyone just dont pay ebay their freakin fees

  20. Sparrow says:

    Ebay just sucks now, and that is all I have to say.

  21. Wigman says:

    I was selling over $20,000 per month on Ebay a year ago. Powerseller, top 10 automotive parts seller, etc. etc. etc. WARNING: YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY MONEY ON EBAY. OK, if you are selling junk out of your attic you can, but those are one time sales. If you are trying to make a living, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. The old fee structure was rediculously overpriced (averaging 15% of the selling price of an item), the new fee schedule is out of site. Add to that the PayPal fees, guess what – bankruptcy is soon to follow! My Ebay fees averaged $3-5000 PER MONTH! I ended up renting a local storefront for $1100.oo per month and including electricity, insurance, and inventory carrying costs it is CHEAPER to run a REAL store than it was to list stuff electronically on Ebay. I have now doubled my prices for items sold on Ebay, and only do about $3000 per month. NOW I am making money. FINALLY! Ebay SUCKS.

    • Guest says:

      Ebay and Paypal are NOT owned by Nazis. If it were, it would be SUPER EFFICIENT and WORK. Instead it is owned entirely by isreali-jews domiciled out of Tel Aviv. Doent take my word for it, do your own research into ebay and paypal shareholders and dummy corporations.

    • Seller says:

      There is brand new website BarterDown.com that is GREAT for sellers. I put some item for sell for Free.

  22. Mark says:

    Ebay will die soon, i cant even sell there anymore, when i post my listing its getting removed, i dont know why, im selling information, not fake bags, who working there, stupitos ??? HEa FEE is a killa, Ebay =Paypal needs to go away to history, let them help…

  23. JoeS says:

    fleeBay does SUCK – the freaking new Nazi running it is going to drag it down to ruin it totally. I’d give them 2 to 3 years before someone else has kicked their butt and they are just going to be a note in cyber history – something like ‘remember eBay? I wonder what happened to it?’

  24. jo says:

    eBay is the new WalMart. eBay fees, paypal fees (go back to eBay who owns them) and ever increasing rules and restrictions for sellers, while doing nothing to protect buyers from getting scammed, have ruined eBay and we need to continue the boycott!


    Everyone should start an Amazon store May 19! This is the most viable alternative to move our Platinum PowerSeller business.

    I have some details on my Web site on joining up with Amazon — it’s not just for books anymore. You can sell items in the following categories: Automotive, Baby, Camera and Photo, Electronics, Everything Else, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden, Musical Instruments, Office Products, Software, Sports & Outdoors, Tools and Hardware, Toys & Games and Video Games.

    Incidentally, there are some other good eBay alternatives to consider:

    Here the the PayPal alternatives too:

  26. Leon says:


  27. Richard Skala says:

    Boycott Victoriously, I could have dealt with affiliate platform and listing changes, but the feedback is the 3rd and final, farewell greedbay!

  28. Mahindan, Rajapasha, Sri LANKA says:

    United Junk of EBAY
    I have been selling on Ebay since 4/2000 , I am a powerseller with over 99.7% positive feedback, great Ebay background etc. I used to be pround of that, not anymore,
    I do not recommend to but any item from United junk of EBAY

  29. pullingfool says:

    I just quit skumbay. I been buying and selling since 2004. 100% + feedback. Now they are holding my payment for up to 30 days. I hope they rot in HELL

  30. lisa says:

    I am ready to leave Ebay. I am tired of getting raped by them. They say they are decreasing their listing fees and then they find another way to stick it to you. How about onlineauction.com I heard on a news cast they are steadily growing. I think I am going to give them a try.
    It seems ebay has forgotten about the little guys, but they’re great at eating our profits with their listing fees, final value fees, paypal fees… I’m done with Ebay.

  31. Lost that Lovin Feelin says:

    Protest eBay new policies and intended conquests!

    Here are my thoughts…

    What this megalomaniac corporation eBay needs is a good old fashion protest! Anyone who can show up in Chicago at their Annual Stockholders Meeting and eBay Live conference in Chicago, June 19, 2008 with signs and demonstrations, put on a show of force for the Media and eBay.
    Sellers and Buyers will make an impact if they show up in throngs, in person and protest, something to grab the media’s and eBay’s attention.
    All the complaining online is just noise and grumbling to eBay.

    This event will be Webcasted!

    Information below is copied from: http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abn/y08/m05/i08/s04

    eBay is holding its annual stockholders meeting on June 19, 2008, at 8:00 am Central time in Chicago, the morning it kicks off its annual eBay Live conference in the same city. There are three proposals scheduled to be voted on at the Annual Meeting:

    To vote on the election of Fred D. Anderson, Edward W. Barnholt, Scott D. Cook, and John J. Donahoe as directors, to hold office until the 2011 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

    To approve eBay’s 2008 Equity Incentive Award Plan.

    To ratify the selection of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as independent auditors for eBay’s fiscal year ending December 31, 2008
    Stockholders of record as of April 21, 2008, are eligible to attend the annual meeting taking place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, Grand Ballroom E & F, 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60601.
    eBay will webcast the proceedings, accessible through eBay’s investor relations site at http://investor.ebay.com. The 2008 Annual Meeting of Stockholders Proxy Statement is available on the SEC.gov website.

    Anyone that can make it to Chicago and is against all the recent changes, Show up!

  32. Dan says:

    Lisa I am tired of getting raped by them as well. The biggest thing that bothers me about ebay is the fact that everyone who is a buyer on ebay seems to be dishonest and does not pay on time and almost sabotages the market place to create “controlled chaos”

    I’m over it.

  33. Ron says:

    It will be interesting to watch what happens on ebay now. I think that they have run out of feet to shoot. I think they underestimate the response of their sellers to their new policy changes. I hope they fall flat on their faces. I will be among the first to cheer!

  34. kelly payne says:

    They are the worst pray you do tno ahve a problem good luck gettign it fixed they do nto care. they are just jerking off there takiong your money and offering nothing. I hope they go down
    I hate them
    suspended me for no reason i paid for auctions i did nto get and they never got back to me.

  35. Aaron says:

    What’s up with these E-pricks that jump into an auction in the last 30 seconds and win?
    Do they have a “Special” software program telling them an item is underpriced and ending soon?

    What happened to a little E-Courtesy.

  36. ebaysucksforreal says:

    You know with the higher selling fees, sellers not being able to leave negative feedback and the lack of ebay support when a seller has a problem is all the reason why to quit ebay. They don’t take of their sellers. Their site has been always geared toward the buyer and always will. I got a negative from someone yesterday and they were just being vindictive. I could nothing but post a postive for them, which I didnt. I put NEGATIVE in a caps and posted my reply. I’m sure ebay will do away with that too. SELLERS are the ones that made ebay what it is today and we’re getting raped here. Please someone come up with another auction site that is fun and benefits the seller and drive ebay right out of business. Meg Whitman can KMA. (In a memo she said “We have to outsmart the sellers to keep paying for our operational costs”. We should stand up and say NO MORE!!

  37. Don says:

    They suspended my account because I had mistakenly listed an e-mail guide in the wrong category. I wish they would put me in a boxing ring with any of those pansy Motherf**ckers and then let’s see who gets supsended!

  38. Andy says:

    Aaron, I agree with you,I am sick of trying to buy and item up for auction and have to stay up till 3 AM to watch the bid close, refreshing the screen every 10 seconds to see if someone is going to outbid me by 50 cents, It wasnt always like that, now with the new max bid offer you can sleep easy at knowing you will win the bid but way overpay for it, I think it realy adds to help the shill bidders jack the price up. What a scam, I’m done with scamBay and have had better luck just looking for things I want on Craigs list and buy local where I can look in person at the item and not pay way over priced shipping, the other big scam.

  39. Ed says:

    They did the same thing to us as they did to Don (feedback #38). After 10 years of working with them that’s the best they could come up with. They suck everything they can get out of the seller and throw the empty carcuse out in the street. I owe them $600.00 in listing fees and don’t have a job to pay it. Where do you think my priorities lay, in paying them or taking care of my family. I’m sure I will get another suspension before or if they lift the first one. I’m sure customer support recycles your complaints into toilet paper because they’re to cheap to buy any. I can see them sitting on the pot wiping their asses on your complaint and laughing all the way to the bank. I want a company that is in charge of its own policies and procedures not theirs. Yes, please, if someone has the ability to open another online auction website where I’m in charge of my own company then please do. Your first “Customer” is standing at the door.

  40. Corey2444 says:

    My account in 2004 got suspended. I sold Airsoft guns. One of them had a silencer. It was a piece of plastic with an orange tip. They said it was a violation against firearms policy. I had just bought about $500 of that one gun, and refused to stop listing them. Needless to say my status as a seller then was over. I moved on to other things and kept my stock in a spare bedroom. Recently (week ago), I tried to give Ebay another go. Good god, there are 10 times more people selling the products I was selling 4 years ago, and they are selling them at a loss. I get my stuff at true wholesale. There’s no way after all the fees add up they can be breaking even. I have listed over 100 items 8 days ago and I have sold 3. SAD… I would like to make a website, but I have no skills, so I guess it’s Cragslist and Ioffer.com at a snails pace. I have a full time job that pays ok, but a little extra is always nice. My 2nd go at EBay is going to come to a screeching halt unless things drastically reverse for the better.

  41. Pete says:

    Ebay is terminal. It has forgotten why it was succesful. The changes that it is making should not be happening with a business as established as they are, sure you tweek things, but their actions are the actions of a drowning man.
    I would say to any seller,build your business independantly of ebay, start moving away from them now little by little until you have total control over your own business.

  42. CaptainReality says:

    Ebay is doomed. Amazon will destroy them.

    Good riddance eBay!

  43. Dan says:

    I have been an ebay seller for almost 8 years, 100% positive, just selling a few used electric guitars here and there. Always had a great raport with my buyers, and almost all of the buyers paid promptly and LOVED the guitar they bought. BUT NOW EBAY DOESN’T THINK I’M TRUSTWORTHY ENOUGH TO SELL WITHOUT PAYPAL. SCREW YOU EBAY!

  44. joe says:

    EBay is not for the little guy anymore. Shoot eBay itself sells you stuff. Too many fees, you have to pay for the product you list, then eBay gets its cut whether it sells or not, PayPal then digs a little further into your pocket, and after all that you have to pay to package the item and in some cases eat the shipping costs as well. And that’s if your listing is not cancelled by eBay for some silly excuse. Not the same place anymore, I sure wish Yahoo would have stayed on. If I knew than what I know now I would have switched to them in a heartbeat, never knew eBay would get so ugly. I have been with eBay, since they practically opened their doors, but seeing how nasty they have become, I truly have second thoughts. If you’re not a corporation or mega seller, it’s not worth selling anything on eBay. EBay now caters to big business and I think these idiots help police eBay in order to get rid of the little guy so they can sell their junk at high dollar, as they eliminate the little guy (their competition). If I can recall correctly eBay’s roots consisted of the average Joe, don’t remember it was all about mega sellers & big companies. What a sell out, if people had wanted to deal with big companies and so forth, why shop on eBay, when many of them have sites of their own. EBay is truly lost…ouch.

  45. Dave says:

    Check out http://www.localaccess.com/wizard/ebayplan.htm

    for the REAL story about what’s going on!

  46. PhilipCohen says:

    eBay introduces absolute anonymity for (shill) bidders

    In Australia, the UK, Ireland and the Philippines, eBay has obscured auction bidding to the point that genuine bidders have got absolutely no chance of detecting and thereby protecting themselves from “shill” bidding (a criminal offence in most civilized countries) by unethical vendors.

    Notwithstanding eBay’s statements to the contrary, this application of absolute anonymity (ie, Bidder 1, Bidder 2, etc) by eBay on these sites serves absolutely no purpose other than to deceive consumers by making even any otherwise blatantly obvious shill bidding undetectable; and the same criticism has always been applicable to eBay’s other shill bidders’ facility, “User ID kept private”.

    My concern then is not so much with the effectively bidder-specific anonymity (“a***b (n)”) now in use in the US and elsewhere (and which still allows genuine bidders some opportunity to watch for suspicious patterns of bidding on a seller’s other auctions) but with the absolute anonymity (“Bidder N”) in use in Australia, the UK, Ireland and the Philippines.

    Again, notwithstanding eBay’s various pronouncements about shill bidding being banned on eBay, eBay is now, on these sites, effectively (and now knowingly) “aiding and abetting” such shill bidders to defraud consumers. …

    For those of you with a longer attention span, a lengthy critical analysis of this matter appears at:
    I apologise in advance for the length of this linked “rant”. Needless to say eBay would not tolerate it on their discussion forums and I have spent time on eBay’s “naughty chair” for posting links to it.

    If you are an unethical shill-bidding seller or a buyer who is not concerned that on the above-mentioned national sites eBay is effectively “aiding and abetting” such shill-bidding sellers to cheat you, read no further.

  47. danimal says:

    I am not complaining to vent my anger. I am posting this to let you know of the arbitrary and capricious actions on the part of eBay cancelling auctions and suspending seller privileges on the alleged basis of my being “in the lower 1% of buyer satisfaction” and not explaining what that means or how it is calculated. Couple that to eBay’s policy of not allowing sellers to leave -FB for buyers and Paypal’s new policy of placing a temporary hold on payments to sellers if a buyer files a claim or dispute (no matter what the amount – $0.01 to ?) leads me to belive that eBay is attempting to weed out sellers in favor of any buyers. Don’t they understand that it is us sellers who pay the bills? FEE-BAY SUCKS!

  48. JaRED says:

    Ebay is sick and ridiculous, your account suspended a half a dozen times a week because of some “connection” to other names that you have never heard of its fucking ridiculous i hate this God Damn WebSite, i wish they would get there fucking act together. I keep creating new names because they refuse to let my account go through so i sell things for short periods of times on it and then they suspend that account to. They have no phone number you can contact them through all email because its easier MY ASS

  49. Microwar says:

    I have sold on Ebay for …well let’s just say from the beginning. Have always been true and faithful to them. Still sell there. You guys have just got to get smarter than them. Just built a custom bar for a guy that I sold to him on ebay. Sold it for three thousand but I got the 9000.00 that the bar was worth. This way I only pay ebay fees on the 3 grand. I am ahead. Then the bad news comes. They acused me of shilling. WHAT??? you !@#$%^&*(&^. No way. I never buy anything and almost 99% of what I sell is Buy It Now. They Are crazy. I think that They hired a bunch of newbies that Don’t know their head from their toes. I just closed the store and anything that is affiliated with them such as Pro Stores. From talking to the guy at Pro stores He also said that there is a mass exodus leaving them. Has anyone tried www.ebid.net.. It seems bigger than any other that I have seen.

  50. LRob says:

    I will never sell on Ebay again unless they bring back seller feedback options to protect us!

  51. Ed says:

    I agree I have been selling and buying since 1998. I have essentially stopped selling. I still buy but am wary of shill bidding. Sellers have raised mailing fees above actual costs in an attempt to lay off higher eBay and pay pal fees on to the buyer. I have many searches out that come in by email everyday but all the adds make it so time consuming to search catagories that avenue is at the point of not being worth the effort. I don’t know if they change the rules because they really think they need fixing or everyone is trying to justify their pay check. The point is there is a grand display of stupidity at the site. So as I say my selling has stopped and soon I think my buying will too.
    Thank you for reading this rant.


  52. kevin says:

    ebay just lost all of my business. it just so happens ebay suspended me because my wife paid for my winnings with her paypal account. still scratching my head on this one but who cares! ebay will fold little by little, person by person, ebay will go under. they obviously haven’t seen the writing on the wall themselves since the rules and regulations are about the most ridiculous crap i have ever read. bye bye ebay you just lost another investment

  53. Julie says:

    I got hired on at ebay during training I took a test at the end of test it said i had a 63% had to have a 50 to pass. I got called in a told I had 43 in a email I was told I had 39% I’ve since got fired, for not cutting their grade even though I put my heart and sole into the company. I asked to see my test and the seem to unable to find it to show me my test. One girl leaned her head back and closed her eyes for a min. and got fired. So if they have no heart for their Employees why should they care about their custmors!!!!

  54. ocgold says:

    I’m an Ebay seller. I can confirm how Ebay treat their sellers like doormats.

    I had listed about twenty (20) 1-ounce gold coins. On the 5th day of the auctions, their Safe Harbor team decided to remove four of my listings with an alert that my certified coins weren’t approved on their list. My grading service was SEGS (http://www.segsgrading.com). Thereafter, most of my bidders seemed to cease activities due to some sort of shock. As a matter of fact, each of those 1-oz gold coin would be worth at least $800, but bidders were stopping at about a range of $12.70 and $587.00.

    I tried Ebay’s “Live Help” to get to a robotic operator whose main purpose of existence was to say “sorry, I understand how you feel… I apologize… sorry… sorry… and more sorry…” That representative put me on hold for 5 minutes during the middle of the conversation. When he got back, he just acted like a telephone filter toward the rest of the conversation. He did not helped me at all. When I mentioned the fact that Ebay had caused my bidders to stop having confidence on me as a seller, he disconnected me abruptly. That gave me no chance to copy the conversation onto my clipboard.

    One thing that operator did help me, and it was that Ebay’s Safe Something team could only be contacted via email. Such team might as well be called the “72-hour” team because that would be how long it would take for them to ‘respond.’

    As of this writing, my auctions have about 23 hours to go. The lowest bid is still $12.70 on a “1928 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle $20 Gold Coin — MS-60.” Melted value alone would be worth $800. Clearly, I have much to loose from this. My only recourse is to cancel all auctions. The only problem is that all “insertion fees” will be charged by Ebay. The Ebay operator has refused to even answer my question of whom I should talk to about this issue.

    I am very unhappy with Ebay! If you want to read on, I’ll also tell you a personal testimony about Paypal as follows:

    Paypal Experience

    Sunday, March 16th, 2008

    At around 6:55 PM, I had received a call from “Michael” from PayPal. He had asked me a series of questions without using the common rule of courtesy by asking for my permission to proceed with the intrusive questionnaires. During he course of what was perceived as an interrogation process, Michael had asked me a very uncomfortable question regarding my “supplier.” I had respectfully declined to give out my seller as that would be equivalent to giving away my rights as a buyer and seller (and could potentially alert my “supplier” to increase costs for me). Michael then sternly informed me that my PayPal account was suspended. I had responded with dissatisfaction in the most courteous way possible; unfortunately, Michael final words were “you account is suspended until then.” He hung up the phone, leaving me very dumbfounded.

    This had been a very un-pleasant encounter with PayPal. I would forever remember this experience.

  55. Andrew A. says:

    Dave, I am reading the link you gave – and it makes me sick.

    What attracted me (and I am sure many others) to Ebay was the ability to find and buy that “old worthless junk in the attic”. That is what I want to buy, not the same mass products I can get anywhere else on the internet (for far cheaper most likely).

    If I wanted mass commercial product, there are tons of options available, Amazon being but ONE.

    If I want hard to find junk somebody wants to get rid of, my options are more limited. Locally, I can go to Goodwill and other thrift stores, or to whatever antique stores, or even to garage sales. However, there isn’t an easy way to search all of this quickly, and I have to be physically present and looking – if I want or need something in particular, it will likely be impossible to find it.

    On the old Ebay, no problem. Today, though – nearly impossible to find any of this stuff.

    Now, as far as “junk from china” – I liked that about Ebay as well! 100 white LEDs drop-shipped from Hong Kong cheaper than I could get from ANY electronics supply house? BRING IT! El-cheapo toys (or other items) easily converted into robotics platforms out of Malaysia? YEAH!

    It seems impossible to find those kind of deals anymore. Ebay is really shooting themselves in the foot. I want to see another auction site or virtual yard/tag sale site like Ebay used to be. It was the virtual equivalent of that yearly hundred-mile long yard/antique sale they hold in the south/eastern half of the USA (can’t get to it cheaply or easily – I live in AZ).

    Why the hell is it that when the suits get ahold of something, they turn it to shit? Is it because so many business majors were the dumbass jocks in highschool who wouldn’t know unique creativeness and usefulness if it snuck up and bit them?


  56. hatingebay says:

    seller here,
    been helping ebay make tons of money off me and buyers, got like 98% pos feedback and they shut me down for bullship reason like low feedback and listing noncompliance?, those fool, wasted my time building up my business with them and now they fucked me over,

  57. Kaiser Sose says:

    Ebay is slowly CHOKING the goose that laid golden eggs! So many cooks in their kitchen they can’t even boil water right! I used to list dozens of items each week, and sell maybe half, and paid ebay $2000-$3000/month in sold fees. Now, I am so sick of their nonsense I basically don’t list anything. And now they DEMAND everyone take credit cards and pay even MORE fees!
    What a bunch of idiots, and they refuse to use any common sense, instead just hire more management to try to conjure up a solution when all along the solution is to LOWER THE FEES!!
    Why should a site that offers nothing but stonewalling to assist either buyer or seller and indeed provides a few bytes of cyberspace ( 3 cents worth? ) for any given auction item, garner 10% of the selling price? Like $40 on a $400 item, cost to ebay a few cents! That profit margin is ridiculous, and yes, just as AOL, and Charles Schwab got displaced, ebay will fall to someone like Walmart starting a cheaper alternative, I’m surprised they haven’t done it yet, very tempting and lucrative.
    Of course I’n not really Kaiser Sose, but how would anyone know for sure?!

  58. Kaiser Sose says:

    Oh yeah, and I MUST 100% agree with comment number 57, I also made ebay TONS of money for about 9 years, I helped BUILD ebay, and now they also CONTINUOSLY change the “RULES” and make threats against their most relaible and long term sellers….and make me NOT want to sell a single thing on their RETARDED site. What a gereat business plan, I guess restaurants should emulate such a plan, and make their loyal return customers ( the backbone of any restaurant ) so sick of them they NEVER want to come back. I’m sorry but I better quit now, I get too upset opver ebay!

  59. Kaiser Sose says:

    Back again, I got more to say after reading some more of the preceding comments…. I simply love PETE’s analogy of Ebay tweeking the site to the throws of a drowning man! Just read the “annoucement” just put forth, about RAISING final value fees! Ebay is toast, just waiting to self implode…

  60. Amit Chowdhry says:

    I really hope that someone at eBay reads the comments on this blog post and considers the consequences of their actions.

  61. jo says:

    We have been selling on ebay and lately the number of newbie, uneducated, inexperienced buyers has gone up, to such a high percentage of our auctions, that the 7-day wait period before claiming an unpaid item, and waiting 3 days for the buyers response, then having to relist the item. etc. It’s just not worth it anymore. If a buyer commits to buy, they should have 48 hours to pay or you should be able to immediately relist the item, no fees, done deal. Once someone invents that type of system/site we’ll be there! Ebay sucks!

  62. Paul says:

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER, I shipped a PS3, I offered sellers insurance and extra packaging, they buyer chose neither. Somehow the PS3 got broken, probably during shipping, but naturally because the guy who bought from me had more activity, they sided with him. So now I’m stuck with a broken PS3, I’m out 35 dollars in shipping charges, AND THEIR STILL CHARGING ME THE $16 SELLERS FEE, FUCKKKKKKK EBAY!!!

  63. Eliot says:

    Have you seen the latest?!?! No more checks, just PayPal. They also mentioned a ProPay too–probably another eBay company. These folks have lost their minds, they don’t care about buyers OR sellers. eBay is like a city in the Old West, but with so many rules that half the folks who enter this “city” get punished for violating some dumb rule or other. I don’t see any way that eBay, or any other Internet auction site, can make this concept work. People always find ways to cheat, steal and be just plain stupid.

  64. James says:

    Ebay sucks! Buyer protection is a lie. After buying and selling about $8,000 worth of merchandise on ebay, I cancelled my account after Ebay failed to stand behind a broken piece of merchandise I was scammed on. I’m out $365.00 Ebay and PayPal, as well, are poorly run companies. Never again. My money now goes elsewhere.

  65. Li says:

    I am both a buyer and seller on Ebay.. Many Sellers are upset with all of the policy changes. These changes have caused the loss of alot of money as well as alot of good customers for the sellers.. There are so many scammers on Ebay now and the Sellers can not warn other sellers that they are there. Sellers can only take what ever is done to them. Many have left and more will be leaving.. Ebay announced recently that they are no longer going to allow sellers to accept paper payments. Only payment can be accepted through Ebay approved collection sites.. Paypal and Propay.. ruling out the fact that sellers that sell on ebay are not employees of ebay and should have the right to mnake their own choice in that matter.. Ebay is taking away the right of sellers to choose. Now remove auctions as well will cause even more sellers to leave. Ebay is becoming a thing of the past. Due to corporate greed.

  66. huw says:

    I lost money too, I agree eBay sucks and buyer protection is non existent. Sent a check to ‘seller’, never got the item and entered a dispute, now the ‘seller’ is no longer registered as an eBay seller. THANKS EBAY FOR ENABLING SCAM ARTISTS TO WALK AWAY WITH MY CHECK IN HAND> NO REPERCUSSION FOR THEM…???

  67. sportsheroes says:

    i found a great website for cards, the same or less then ebay and they do all the work, scan front and back, list book price, you list discounts. they ad on google your card, collect the money and ship. so there are options for card sellers out there, and as ebay likes to say, “better and better” looking every day. thanks ebay for making me look for it and take my 1200. a month somewhere else. stop going to ebay where you are not wanted except to buy junk from china that ebay has some secret deal on. they want to bring lead back into the environmental landscape for profits, in fact there is a nice chinese dollar store in albany, ny, probably has everything ebay will be selling soon and for less. fun place on the main drag.

  68. JD says:

    Hi…Another Ex ebayer here….9 years…2700 Pos feedback….Everone it right , they just DONT CARE…I have a long list of alternative sites with a couple short reviews by myself if you want them…. Email me at d1vanman@socal.rr.com and i’ll send them to you !..At least this post wont be pulled ( i’m temorarily suspended from the boards for telling it the way it is ).later JD

  69. wv says:

    Another former ebayer here. I have been a member for 6 years. I have seen this site go from a dream come true to a nightmare in less time than most jackpot winners go from the top back to the bottom. I believe the problems started with this company when they went public. I have always said and continue to believe that once you get a taste of the big money, you want more. When you no longer get excited about the money, the next step is power. Ebay went public and now has the power. They no longer care about the little guy because they can no longer remember what it was like to be poor. They have power. I think Kevin Trudeau says it best about corporate greed in his “…they don’t want you to know about” books. Referring to the drug companies and pharmacutical industry he says repeatedly “It’s all about the money”. Why else would ebay institute such rediculous rules such as only using PayPal, Propay, or credit cards. Because they own PayPal, probably have a stake in Propay, and are most likley getting 3-6% kick backs on all merchant account transactions. They can’t get their grubby paws on the M.O., Personnal checks or cashiers checks that change hands, so they will eliminate it now that they the power. Remember folks, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

  70. Kim says:

    I’m never selling on E-Bay again. It is a nightmare. Buys demand that you go out of your way to ship their items and will send distpues for item not receieved if you don’t ship the item in like 2 days, even though you haven’t even gotten their money yet. They don’t tell you how Paypal even works, I had to call them to figure it out. Horrible, waste of money to list anything and the biggest headache I’ve ever had. People are SO rude.

  71. Imelda says:

    Yep, you are ALL right.

    If you want a site that is COMPLETELY free, go to eCRATER.com

    You can have a beautiful store, use your own domain and simply redirect it. They will list your items on Google (free) as long as you learn about Google attributes. Real easy.

    NO fee to list, NO fee to sell. So with the 100% profit, you can AFFORD to advertise. And write it off.

    It really doesn’t offer auctions, but I am sure that’s coming.

    eCrater has moved up from number five to number 3. Fast. And once eBay REVEALS their not-so-secret little plan to go with an all-store format (sears, buy.com etc) we will ALL have to move.

    eBay’s customer svc is SO bad, that when you ask (as a 9,000+ F/B Power Seller) a question, they send a form letter, or tell you that you must be mistaken.

    NOTHING is ever their fault.

    The fees are being raised (for US, not buy.com) because they WANT ALL INDIVIDUALS to LEAVE.

    They can’t find any legitimate excuse to NARU us, so they will charge us out of existence.

    I am sticking it out as long as possible, to build up a HUGE fee (maybe NOV??) and then when they come to me for the money, I am gonna say “oh there must be a GLITCH somewhere, I’ll get back to you, within 96 hours.” or “You must be mistaken, I am SURE those are paid.” Or the classic: “You don’t show me paid? I think you should clean out your cache, and then see what happens”

    See I will need money to live on for a few months, and then get out and work for regular weekly money. When they come to SUE ME, rots-a-ruck, I own NOTHING in my name, and will only work under the table. I can dodge them just as easy as I dodged all the others.

    Too bad for those who are unable to do that, and have depended on these CREEPS for years.

    I’m sorry, but any company who makes the kind of record BILLIONS these dingbats make and isn’t happy has SERIOUS problems.

    All they needed to do was get rid of the scam artists, and sellers of BOXES (yeah I said empty BOXES) at the holidays, but that would have been too much like WORK.

    It wasn’t broken last year, I guess they never heard that old saying, right??

    By the way everyone, all of you that wanted MEG WHITMAN GONE…. Be careful what you wish for, ’cause now you got it. HAPPY???

  72. Nicky says:

    Want ebay to go down? Here is the way.

    I was made aware of a new company, set to launch in November ’08 that is breaking into the e-commerce world.
    I saw the site, understand the concept, and I am completely syked about it. EBay is going to be a thing of the past.
    The economy isn’t so great. Nobody is buying. Sales are way down from last year. Who wants prices that are continually increasing?! As a buyer–not me, I want the best deal I can get, and I am usually shopping around online to find it, visiting different websites, comparing costs online and in-store. As a seller–I need to get some things sold, and the auction/bidding format, is just not doing it for me.
    The solution? 4Sale4Now.com — I have NEVER seen anything like this site before, because there IS nothing like it! They have taken a firm grasp on the issues that are plaguing buyers and sellers alike.
    With this website, there is NO bidding, there are incredible deals to entice buyers to keep coming back, and sellers will be doing exactly what they are trying to do…. SELL!
    I don’t know about you, but I have been looking for the next great thing, and I think I found it. They have a long line of sellers anxiously waiting to upload their products. From what I hear, they will allow back-end access to sellers to start uploading products to the site starting in October, once they kick-off in November; all will be ready to go.

    Site opens November 1st
    Contact them: info@4sale4now.com

  73. Jena says:

    I sell cowboy stuff and found a site called www.wildwestbids.com. They just opened but have good traffic. It’s my home on the range for now. The big gorilla site can take a dump spit, spit. The name sickens me.

  74. you says:

    shut your mouth+

  75. Dan says:

    eBay has tactics that remind the MAFIA. They suspend accounts for BOGUS reasons, without contacting the account holder first, without giving any sign of this going to happen, without going any chance to correct if indeed there was a problem in the listing. They, of course, don’t give a chance to speak or communicate with anyone… Amazing how such a place that was great 6 years ago has become so rotten.

  76. zeke says:

    EBAY is not ebay any more i rimember 1996 they will suck your dick if you post on ebay ,,,,,, 10 years later we sellers suck now big dick 10% for ebay + 3%pay pal +20% Postal service,ebay listing fee, i don’t think i can’t make any money even if i have stuff for free the worst scenarion i can’t left negative even if buyer suck my dick, ebay rabb ppl email me z_j1@msn.com

  77. Bill Cobb says:

    The “tools” are not only the mouthpieces that promote the policies. The psychological tactics employed by the powers that be are far deeper and grander than that. The subtlety of the method is remarkable. The tools come in a wide range of flavors with their own, individual “characteristic” rhetoric. From those who are “for” the policy – and spread various degrees of hostility toward the sellers – to those who are “against” the change – and spread panic and further the divide with the buyers. Both serve the same exact purpose: a manipulation designed to remove the more involved and savvy small to large sellers who will not fit into eBay’s future business plan.

  78. Ebay_Sucks says:

    Stay Far Away from Ebay. Use Google to search of small ecommerce website that cares about buyers. Here is my Google search:

    Nokia 6126b Headset -ebay

    Notices the -ebay. Do all your search with the (minus) -ebay.

    Ebay does not care about buyers or sellers. Ebay can’t control their own people..letting them run wild like packs of wolves.

    I haven’t use Ebay in 2 years and will continue to do so.

  79. Ebay_Really_Sucks says:

    The “security,safeharbor” folks a.k.a MAFIA at Ebay are like Hitler they will kill first and no even contact you.

    Safeharbor is the one that is killing Ebay. Safeharbor is running ebay to ground treating sellers like dirt. No respect. Ebay needs to keep tab of safeharbor.

  80. DE says:

    I agree 100%. I got threating phone calls-reported person that called me.. NOTHING done. I reported to FBI. OTHER seller was arrested. I was selling more then him. eBay restricked me.. after having them explain-MOST all was complaints becasue they were unable to BUY from me 99.9% POS with OVER 9000 POS. When you send a message to ebay you get a form message asking for info.. when they write back-its a different person who asks the same information already given in the first message. I USED to have a local call at senior center on eBay.. I was getting 10-14 a month. Last month NO one signed up-I have now stopped it. eBay owns Paypal and Propal.- ebay is dumping 10% of thier employees-stock has dropped. I tried writing to ebay CEO.. letter was refused and returned unopen?? What are they rying -I called BBB in Santa Clara county in Calif.. they said they are NOT taking anymore ebay compliants….. They are biting the hands that feed them.. I have my own website now selling and using several alternatives… and am emailing my customers on ebay.. NO more paypal/ebay. Just curous is there a class action lawsuit out there ??? Also anyone have a list of ALL ebay executives? They are trying to commit suicide!!! sad that something good.. is now just for large businesses to sell on

  81. DE says:

    eBay Executives
    Chairman Pierre M. Omidyar
    SVP and CFO Robert H. (Bob) Swan
    SVP Human Resources Elizabeth L. (Beth) Axelrod

  82. AGG says:

    Give him a call.. he keeps changing his phone number.. I wonder why? Write him a letter..
    Chairman Pierre M. Omidyar (408) 378-8141
    (408) 378-8141 (408) 378-1312
    2 SORA CT
    ALISO VIEJO, CA 92656

  83. AGG says:

    Maybe has moved-wifes name is Paula – he was born in France and is French-Iranian.. hmm

    Satillette view of home on University.. keeps moving.. or owns 2+ homes YOU paid for.

  84. eBay has a bad smell.... says:

    Here is EXE: list-use google/white pages to find phone numbers/addresses. Email addresses are first_lastebay.com
    Just put down fisrt name _ then last name @ebay.com
    John Donahoe
    President and CEO, eBay Inc.

    John Donahoe became President and CEO of eBay Inc. on March 31, 2008. In this role, John has global responsibility for growing each of the company’s business units, which include eBay Marketplaces, PayPal and Skype.

    John came to eBay in February 2005 as President of eBay Marketplaces, responsible for all elements of eBay’s global ecommerce businesses. In this role, he focused on expanding eBay’s core business, which accounts for a large percentage of the company’s revenues. John also oversaw a number of strategic acquisitions, including Shopping.com and StubHub, and classifieds sites, such as Gumtree and LoQUo.

    During the three years he served as President of Marketplaces, revenues and profits for this division doubled.

    Prior to eBay, John spent more than 20 years at Bain & Company, a worldwide consulting firm based in Boston. Starting as an Associate Consultant, John rose to become the firm’s CEO, where he oversaw Bain’s 30 offices and 3,000 employees.

    In addition to serving on eBay’s Inc.’s Board of Directors, John is also on the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College.

    John received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    Beth Axelrod
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources, eBay Inc.

    As senior vice president of human resources at eBay, Beth Axelrod is responsible for all aspects of the company’s global human resources capabilities including recruiting, learning and development, compensation, benefits and the continuing evolution of the company’s corporate culture.

    Prior to joining eBay, Beth was chief talent officer at WPP Group, one of the world’s leading communications services groups, responsible for the recruitment, development and retention of WPP staff worldwide. Before WPP, she was a principal with McKinsey & Company where she was co-leader of the firm’s global organization and leadership practice.

    Beth received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration in finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and a Master of Private and Public Management from Yale University.

    Rajiv Dutta
    Executive Vice President, eBay Inc.

    After a decade of service to eBay, Rajiv Dutta will be retiring from the company in October 2008. He had been serving as president of eBay Marketplaces and executive vice president of eBay Inc. since January 2008.

    Since joining eBay in 1998, Rajiv has held a number of leadership roles within the company. Prior to his role leading Marketplaces, Rajiv was president of PayPal, overseeing a period of rapid growth and expansion, particularly in the company’s merchant services segment.

    Rajiv was also president of Skype, and previously chief financial officer of eBay. During his tenure as CFO, eBay’s market capitalization increased six-fold; revenue grew from $750 million to $4.5 billion; and the employee base grew from just under 2,000 to nearly 12,000 employees. Additionally, Rajiv served as chief strategy officer and led the new ventures group, which oversaw eBay’s entry into the global classifieds market and the acquisition of Shopping.com.

    Prior to eBay, Rajiv was the worldwide sales controller for KLA-Tencor, and previously spent 10 years at Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

    Rajiv received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with honors from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University in India, and a Master of Business Administration from the Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate School, California.

    Michael Jacobson
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel, eBay Inc.

    As senior vice president and general counsel at eBay, Mike Jacobson’s responsibilities include overseeing eBay’s legal department, its risk management program, and its policy group. He is responsible for interactions with content regulators, law enforcement, contracts, SEC compliance, and other legal matters.

    Prior to eBay, Mike was a partner with Cooley Godward LLP where he was recognized as an expert in securities law. His responsibilities included corporate and securities transactions, including mergers and acquisition transactions, public offerings, and venture capital financing.

    Mike earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Magna Cum Laude, in 1975 from Harvard College, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He subsequently received his law degree from Stanford University in 1981, where he was a Nathan Abbot Scholar and a member of Order of the Coif. He also received the Hilmer Oehlmann Jr. award as well as first and second year honors.

    Alan Marks
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, eBay Inc.

    As senior vice president of corporate communications for eBay Inc., Alan Marks is responsible for leading communications strategy for all areas of the company, including business and consumer media relations, employee communications, executive positioning and issues and reputation management.

    Alan has more than 20 years of experience managing communications for top global consumer brands. Prior to joining eBay in April 2008, Alan was at Nike Inc., where he served as a member of the company’s global communications leadership team from 2005 to early 2008. Alan led corporate media relations for global product launches, communications of the company’s growth strategy, and Nike’s industry-leading corporate responsibility strategies.

    Prior to Nike, Alan headed corporate communications for Gap Inc. from 1999 to 2005. There, he led media relations, executive and employee communications, reputation management and corporate responsibility. Before Gap Inc., Alan was with Avon Products Inc. for 12 years in a variety of global communications positions. He began his career as a journalist.

    Alan received a BA in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MA in liberal studies from New York University.

    Lorrie Norrington
    President, eBay Marketplaces

    Lorrie Norrington became president of eBay Marketplaces in July 2008. In her role, she has overall responsibility for eBay Marketplaces, a global business unit that contributed about 70 percent of eBay Inc.’s total 2007 revenue of nearly $7.7 billion.

    Previously, Lorrie had been responsible for the North America business unit, global technology, and global customer service as head of Marketplaces Operations, a position she assumed in January 2008. Prior to that, she was president of eBay International, overseeing the strategic and financial planning, marketing, operations, product development and business development for eBay’s international businesses, including eBay’s network of sites in Europe and Asia Pacific.

    Lorrie was previously president and CEO of Shopping.com, which she joined in June 2005. eBay acquired this leading online comparison shopping business in August of that year. Prior to Shopping.com, Lorrie spent four years at Intuit Inc., where she first served as Intuit’s executive vice president of small businesses and personal finance, leading the company’s QuickBooks, Small Business Services, Payroll, and Quicken brands. She then was a member of the office of the CEO, responsible for operations, verticals and all non-US businesses.

    Before joining Intuit, Lorrie spent 20 years at GE in a variety of global roles in the information services, medical systems, industrial systems and financial services businesses.

    Lorrie holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. She is on the Advisory Board of the Catalyst Group.

    Bob Swan
    Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, eBay Inc.

    As senior vice president, finance and chief financial officer at eBay, Bob Swan is responsible for all aspects of eBay’s finance function including controllership, financial planning and analysis, tax, treasury, audit, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations.

    Prior to joining eBay, Bob was CFO and executive vice president at Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS). With financial responsibility for a global organization with revenues of more than $20 billion and 117,000 employees, Bob oversaw the controllership, treasury, tax, investor relations, audit, planning, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management and corporate administrative functions for EDS.

    Prior to EDS, Swan served as CFO and executive vice president at TRW, Inc. Bob also held executive-level positions at Webvan Group, Inc., providing him with valuable Silicon Valley experience. He began his career with General Electric (GE) in 1985 and spent 15 years in a variety of positions, including corporate audit staff and CFO at GE Transportation Systems and GE Medical Systems-Europe. He left GE in 1999 as vice president of finance and CFO of GE Lighting.

    Bob received a Bachelor of Science in business administration from The State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. He also received a Master of Business Administration from SUNY Binghamton.

    Scott Thompson
    President, PayPal

  85. eBay has a bad smell.... says:

    Do you what to contac current directors???
    Names and information about them:
    William C. Ford, Jr. has served as a director of eBay since July 2005. Mr. Ford has served as Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company, a company that engages in the manufacture and distribution of automobiles, since October 2001. Mr. Ford has held a number of management positions within Ford, including Vice President — Commercial Truck Vehicle Center. Mr. Ford has been a member of the company’s board since 1988, was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in September 1998, and became Executive Chairman of the Company in September 2006. Mr. Ford also serves as Chairman of the Board’s Environmental and Public Policy committee and as a member of the Finance Committee. Mr. Ford also is Vice Chairman of The Detroit Lions, Inc., Chairman of the Detroit Economic Club, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Henry Ford. He also is Vice Chairman of Detroit Renaissance. Mr. Ford holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University and a Master of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    Dawn G. Lepore has served as a director of eBay since December 1999. Ms. Lepore serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for drugstore.com, inc., a leading online retailer of health, beauty, vision, and pharmacy solutions since 2004. Ms. Lepore formerly served as Vice Chairman of Technology, Operations, Administration, Strategy and Active Trader for The Charles Schwab Corporation. She was also a member of Schwab’s Executive Committee and a Trustee of Schwab Funds. In her twenty-one years with Schwab, Lepore held a wide variety of roles and responsibilities, including serving as Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Technology. Ms. Lepore also serves on the board of The New York Times Company. Ms. Lepore holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College.

    Pierre M. Omidyar founded eBay as a sole proprietorship in September 1995. Mr. Omidyar has been a director and Chairman of the Board since eBay’s incorporation in May 1996 and also served as its Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and President from inception to February 1998, November 1997 and August 1996, respectively. Prior to founding eBay, Mr. Omidyar was a developer services engineer at General Magic, a mobile communications platform company, from December 1994 to July 1996. Mr. Omidyar co-founded Ink Development Corp. (later renamed eShop) in May 1991 and served as their software engineer from May 1991 to September 1994. Prior to co-founding Ink, Mr. Omidyar was a developer for Claris, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., and for other Macintosh-oriented software development companies. Mr. Omidyar is currently co-founder and chairman of Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm committed to creating self-empowerment and opportunity for individuals to improve their lives on a global scale. Mr. Omidyar serves on the Board of Trustees of Tufts University, Omidyar-Tufts Microfinance Fund, Santa Fe Institute, and as a director of Meetup, Inc. Mr. Omidyar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Tufts University.

    Richard T. Schlosberg, III has served as a director of eBay since March 2004. From May 1999 to January 2004, Mr. Schlosberg served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, a private family foundation. Prior to joining the foundation, Mr. Schlosberg was Executive Vice President of The Times Mirror Company and publisher and Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Times. Prior to that, he served in the same role at the Denver Post. Mr. Schlosberg serves on the board of directors of Edison International. Mr. Schlosberg is also a member of the USO World Board of Governors, a trustee of Pomona College, founding Director of the U.S. Air Force Academy Endowment, a national board member of the Smithsonian Institution and the National Air and Space Museum. Mr. Schlosberg is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and holds an M.B.A. degree with honors from the Harvard Business School.

  86. Brian says:

    I too have had to half the amount of items I listed on ebay now and after Jan the 27th when many sellers won’t be allowed to charge for shipping I think that might well be the last straw for me. I see ebay is all about China and the junk they ship from there. I bet the Chinese will still get away with charging 1p for a Pan Tilt & Zoom dome camera and then charge £120.00 shipping. Come back to earth ebay, Is the anyone with brains working for ebay? I wonder.

  87. Jane says:

    Ebay really really sucks.

    I will have to give it a Negative. The people that runs Ebay (T&S) is rude, they do care about the sellers or buyers. Can’t believe it–They do not give out their toll free number…only for certain power sellers. They change the toll free numer regularly…look like they don’t want to deal with the regular Ebayers.

    If I have powers I will enforce more restrictions on Safeharbor. Better yet, Ebay needs to be completely suspended.

  88. marc says:

    read this

  89. ebay sucks try Ebid.net !!! says:

    Ebid is totally free and Ebay should be shaking in their boots. Ebay treats customers like enemies. I have just converted to Ebid.net and like what I see so far. I purchased the seller + lifetime membership for 49. and I get a free T-Shirt to Advertise Ebid which I will proudly wear everywhere I go. Get the Word out–Ebay is a Huge Rip-Off.
    Think of it this way–either get the totally free basic lifetime membership or get the advanced membership for $49. and NEVER PAY A FEE FOR LISTING OR FINAL VALUE FEE EVER AGAIN. I’m sure this offer will not be around for long–so take advantage of it and let’s start a new community that appreciates our business!!!!!

  90. John Donahoe says:

    You asswhips are just losers…..;. can’t you see in the mirror you are a crook??? Call me at ebay and I will let you know what a useless person you are.. You are NOT worth kissing my ass! You wanted someone from ebay to read and post here…. you got it jerkoffs! j_donahoe@ebay.com
    Better yet-call my Customer Service department and ask for me-or call Corp Office… You do know its in San Jose.. You can always write! You do know how to write?? Send a Christams card.. Meanwhile………….. Go FUCK yourself!!!!

  91. Pierre M. Omidyar says:

    When John told me about this place.. I laughed! When was the last time YOU had sex with a woman without giving her your credit card number first?? Sure write me at eBay.. we enjoy scribblied messages from jerks that can hardly write. Its hard to read.. BUT its fun! Hahaha Just because you can’t follow rules just means you are a dishonest ripoff person and the kind we do NOT want on ebay.. You should see how much I made last year!! 100 times more then what you make a year! You live in a trailer.. I own 5 mansions 3 in USA one in France and one in New York. You eat beans and weiners.. I eatlobster/steak and have the best wines. My suits cost more then what you make a month! I own 17 cars-a full collection of the best.. and you drive a Ford pinto. I get interviewed on 60 Minutes.. You were on Jerry Springer. Now back-off, grow-up and drink a warm beer! smile

  92. Tim says:

    It is interesting how the 1500 employee lay off received so much attention, however, OVER 10% of total powersellers were laid off/suspended because of flawed aggressive policy poorly implemented has not had a placement. This is proved by:


    This study shows that between 15k-30K e bay powersellers who account for $3000-$20,000 in seller fees paid to e bay each month from sellers. This is the only company separating itself from its long time customers, many, like myself, who has been with the company fatefully since inception and made it a community before new management. This seems a larger story than a simple layoff of e bay employees. Ebay saves money by laying off paid employees, but e bays profit takes a hit by getting rid of partners who contribute to e bay profit. For example: 20,000 powersellers/partners laid off/suspended that account for an average of $5,000 per month seller fees = $100,000,000 each month in seller fees not received by e bay. That is $1,200,000,000 per year in revenue given up for aggressively flawed policy by current management. Figure that on 20% margin and facing the headwinds of a slowed economy. The idea current ebay management had was by getting rid of 10% of its selling partners was going drive back 32% of its buyers, however, that has clearly not been the case, because the policy change was flawed and implemented with such aggression over a short period of time, 6 months total, 3 months aggressively.
    managements approval ratings would not be in the 20% range “22% “Approve”, see the link below and see what employees are saying about CEO John J. Donahoe:
    http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/eBay-Reviews-E7853.htm to see Mr. Donahoe’s DSR rating.
    Note the 168 Reviews under the rating.

    This is the only CEO that I know of that has its partners/buyers/sellers asking for them to step down:

  93. BakGoat says:

    I agree,
    I’ve been an Ebay user since 10 years or so. The past 2 years I had more problems then ever. I also noticed that you can get shit locally alot cheaper, thats way I don’t use Zappos anymore either.
    I recently lost 230 bucks to a phone dealer, paypal has been investigating for over a month now, which means by the time I recover my money it will be worth 1/3. Blow me Ebay/Paypal, and go local from now on.

  94. ebay insider says:

    Chairman Pierre M. Omidyar (408) 378-8141
    (408) 378-8141 (408) 378-1312
    2 SORA CT
    ALISO VIEJO, CA 92656

    Pierre M. Omidyar

    It is very scary for you two people. Pride precedes downfall. Repent! There is a God who putteth kings and He removeth rulers. Lean not on your own understanding but in everything by prayer and supplication to God. Tomorrow our bodies could be covered with worms, God knows the number of your hair and we can not make one tress. Your cars, your mansions, your appetite, God owns everything, your silver, your gold.

  95. Soltravle says:

    I to have been an Ebay user for almost 10 years. I am a buyer not a seller. I don’t know exactly what they have done but I fully on sucks now!

    After searching for about 5 minutes I could tell it had really gone down hill. Immediately I went to look for different auction sites, and even found this site. Whatever Ebay did to F’ it up so bad I sure hope folks can find a new auction site and get moved over.

  96. toxic says:

    OK simply NO MORE EBAY FOR ME they just suck can’t handle anything anymore .Having a hackers all over the side and can’t even do shit about that the employee don’t know shit about security on web if he don’t have an answer he simply disconnect you ass with “have a nice day” that’s it eBay can take their side and stick it to their rear including a paypay (same shit) never again with this idiots

  97. gabriella says:

    eBay SUCKS! Indeed! The bottom line, though, which most have not concluded is that eBay’s FASCISTIC, NAZI TACTICS are designed to GET RID OF THE SMALL & MEDIUM-SCALE SELLER! If this were not true, eBay would NOT have created a FEEDBACK system wherein one or a few buyers CAN DESTROY A SELLER’S ENTIRE REPUTATION! Add to this eBay’s STAR-RATING, which is averaged & calculated on a 30-DAY BASIS, and it becomes obvious just how easily a SMALL seller can be put immobilized! If your star rating falls even ONE-TENTH below 4 Stars, YOU CANNOT LIST anything until it is at or above 4 stars. Now, if a small seller sells, say, 4 items at $500 per item, ONE buyer can pull down that 30-day average by 24%!!!, making what used to be 4-star rating to a 75%=3-Star rating INSTANTLY!!!

    This is THE perfect time for a NEW entity to start an eBay ALTERNATIVE! Man, it would FLY and MILLIONS of sellers would flock to it, as we ALL KNOW that eBay does nothing for the seller whom it neither appreciatess or respects. In eBay’s eyes, SELLERS ARE INDENTURED SERVANTS.

  98. R says:

    Here is what we do. Give each other low DRM ratings while still giving positive feedback. Ebay will suspend us all and loose a TON of business! Actually ebay is being racist against Americans because it’s china and Hong Kong sellers that take 3-5 weeks for delivery are NOT PENALIZED. Ebay burn in hell!

  99. ricroe says:

    Everyone is quick to point to the current economy when discussing the dramatic decline at eBay.

    eBay however, has no excuse to hide behind the economy declining curtain, except for the fact the CEO is unwilling to admit he has led the marketplace down the wrong path.

    Draconian policies and failing infrastructure combined with search that returns irrelevant results, and the worlds worst customer service has been slowly bringing eBay down for years. Enter Mr Donahoe and his “new coke – green ketchup – disruptive innovation’ plan for eBay, and the skids of failure received a thick, fresh layer of grease.

    Ebay has historically out performed the brick and mortar retail segment as well as the stock market during past recessions. When times got tough, buyers used to flock to eBay in search of incredible deals on unique items as well as scoop up second hand goods to help stretch their dollar.

    Then came John Donahoe, the killer of small sellers, the eBay suicide king, leader of the gang that could not shoot straight. Under Mr Donahoe’s leadership, eBay is being converted into a high priced shopping mall at the very time that consumers are looking for low priced goods.

    Mr Donahoe’s choice to eviscerate the core of eBay by purging small sellers could not have come at a worse time. eBay’s quarterly reports are dismal and it’s stock price which has seen its value drop by 2/3 since Donahoe assumed control, sinks to a new low almost every week.

    This decline at eBay started to set in long before the economy displayed signs of recession.

    Ebay has always offered the worlds worst customer service, recent staffing cuts have served to exacerbate this problem.

    Ebay has alienated buyers with forced search methods that do not return what buyers want to see.
    The failed Best Match does not allow buyers to search, but instead shows buyers what eBay has determined they want buyers to see.

    eBay has alienated buyers with the forced PayPal only payment plan that prevents sellers from stating they accept personal checks and money orders for payment.

    Sellers that pay to place listings see those paid listings deliberately disadvantaged in placement in favor of a class of Diamond sellers that pay nothing to list items.

    eBay has further alienated sellers with a draconian DSR policy which is not the tool promised to help sellers improve. Instead, it turns out that DSR’s are really a weapon pointed at sellers heads that delivers automated account suspensions.

    Sellers are frustrated by eBay’s failure to address the increasing frequency of non paying bidders. NPB activity has increased since implementation of the one way feedback policy. The issue continues to
    be ignored as eBay profits from re listing of unpaid merchandise.

    While we are at it, let’s not forget that eBay arbitrarily terminated most all of their affiliates with no notice.
    Executives want to blame drastic traffic reductions on the economy, but they need to examine their own significant role in cutting traffic and re examine their choice to eliminate affiliates.

    EBay further alienates both buyers and sellers with a crumbling IT infrastructure that is subject to rolling ‘glitches’ on an almost daily basis. Glitches that effect payments, shipping, searching, access to funds, correct payment information, delayed revenue transfers and others cause buyers and sellers alike to give up on the company that since laying off 1500 employees, suddenly can’t get anything right anymore.

    As eBay continues to deteriorate, they have become less of a venue. They now want to dictate every facet of a sellers business from retail pricing and fixed shipping costs to what kind of feedback sellers are permitted to leave buyers. EBay cannot get anything right, yet they dictate what sellers must do. So much for the claim of being a venue.

    Mr Donahoe and his team need to be accountable for their actions and stop hiding behind false, deceptive and misleading public relations statements. For example, stop telling people its a fee decrease when sellers end up paying higher fees.

    Mr Donahoe and the rest of his executive leadership team keep their heads buried firmly in the sand. They only pull them out for the occasional press release to parrot Donahoe’s claims that “all is well” and “everything is proceeding according to plan”, while ignoring the roof that is obviously falling in around them.

    Add the fact that as the marketplace crumbles, eBay continues to steadily increase fees and it is no wonder why so many sellers have opted to migrate to other marketplaces and open their own web sites.

    This company is failing on every level. Emperor Donahoe continues to fiddle as eBay burns.

    Will shareholders step in and call for the removal of eBay’s current failing leadership or is John Donahoe the next poster child for failed CEO’s?

  100. Roy says:

    The new Pay Pal escrow plan.. OK here we go.. This you will not believe but I’m telling you believe it. Everyone knows that eBay wants you to use Pay Pal and nothing else. They own it now so why not force it down everyone’s throat but now we must take a look at this new wonder. The wonder of The Escrow. Basically what this is is a holding of a sellers funds until a buyer gets the item. Items selling for any amount of money. (I just had a hold of 31.00 and I have been an eBay user for 10 years and Pay Pal user since 2000). Can you believe this? At first I didn’t but now I do because it’s just another way of eBay making more money. Check this out. Lets look at all the possibilities on this shall we?
    1.Postal service loses item = buyer and seller get screwed and eBay keeps your money. 2. Buyer doesnt like item keeps item but won’t leave feedback = seller gets screwed. 3. Buyer buys item but seller cancels transaction because he doesnt want to wait for escrow to clear = buyer gets screwed. 4. The new and wondrous Escrow Service also means eBay makes money on interest and could possibly make alot of money on transactions lost by a postal service. Are they kidding? Are they really that confident that your postal service will never mess up or misplace anything. No.. but they know that this will do one thing and one thing only. Make them more money.. Companies usually resort to drastic measures when they are failing. Let’s hope eBay fails and goes the way of the Dodo…..

  101. Guest says:

    Ebay thinks it was big and bad. Still treating sellers / buyers like a number.

    The Safeharbor made the situation even worst. No toll free number to call for unimportant users. Always will get automatic computer-like replies from them. No help. No service. They don’t care about you.

  102. Bunnie says:

    Former PowerSeller of 6 years takes 6 months off, comes back and finds she’s been blocked, uh, restricted from selling because of DSR. After waiting 1 hour for a chat person, I had to be directed to the DSR page. The culprit? Shipping time is .2 below the average. Cheap bidders from Europe didn’t want to pay for int’l FedEx or DHL, but wanted cheap air post, then whined when customs held their stuff for weeks. Is that MY fault? How?

    Nothing has been sold in 6 months, and there’s no way to raise this BS average. Call the PowerSeller line (even a former PowerSeller is alloted a “courtesy” call. Snotty, underaged automaton preaches to me about scores, which didn’t exist the last time I listed and sold something. I’m told I have to wait until the average improves, but get this, there’s no way to predict when that will happen. Sellers have no access to the DSR scores that make up the averages. Sellers have nothing at this point. 6 years and thousands of dollars in fees to eBay, and basically it’s don’t let the doorknob hit you.

  103. kent says:

    about 4 years ago I sold about 1,500 baseball cards individually and never really had a problem. In the past year I have sold probably 20 things and have had 3-4 problems. How can I not leave a buyer negative feedback???????

  104. Ming says:

    I owe ebay/paypal £25.00 in fees. They can forget it. Spent 2 weeks with my account shut/suspendered.
    It got hacked but , They did not tell me that, just suspended it. Some dipstick took $10 for a gaming site in Germany. Just going to empty paypal acc and f*ck ebay/paypal . It was a great idea ebay but people just get greedy.

  105. Ming says:

    Forget to put in last post. Sold a radio for my Dad on ebay, it went over the drug dealer amount, yes you must be laundering, its over that amount , we have put your acc on hold. FFS grow up, look at my ebay history I only sell radios.

  106. Christy Kimble says:

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you people about a site that will rip you off in minutes. I had joined a site called 4sale4now.com. I was selling items and I always send out my products. Anyways the woman named Nicky of the website. A customer called me and told her they didn’t receive their item. She never contacted me except once. The next thing I knew was she was trying to get all the money back from orders I just received like one or two days ago. Now my paypal account is minus $1,000 it says. She even had the damn balls to call the cops on me. For orders I just received one and two days ago. That is a total crock. I am going to try my hardest to see if I can get her for calling the cops making a false report.

  107. shannon says:

    I was just googling and decided to search “ebay sucks now”. I am so happy that so many people agree. This month especially has been the worst. Shipping has been extra lengthy, and buyers don’t understand. There is not even a reason for me to list my shipping policy. Paypal took $60.00 from my account without warning, a chargeback, which began a tidal wave of late fees from the bank etc. I refuse to leave feedback for customers unless they request it, because I have no actual choice. Selling anything is stressfull now. I have sold less and less this year and can’t wait to find a new place to sell…back to the internet garage sales, where the customers are relaxed and understanding, and selling is smooth sailing. The most recent customer, and probably my last, told me that an item didn’t fit, and told Paypal that it was ruined and not described correctly. When I received it, it was good as new. Paypal makes it very hard to leave “evidence” during a chargeback…I just said f@@k it; I don’t even care anymore…such a hassle to deal with!!! Then when the money was automatically refunded, they charged me for the transaction, and my paypal account is negative!!! I think I will keep it that way!

  108. Richard Mongler says:

    There’s a site Random Plaza that is designed to fix all problems with eBay and other community marketplace websites. randomplaza.com

    Read the features. The site will be good if I can actually get other people to actually post listings on it, which despite it being free is by far the hardest part, harder than anything. As it is I can’t buy advertising till I have a lot of products and I don’t have time to list tens of thousands items myself.

  109. Eugene Esterly III says:

    EBAY has definitely gone down the tubes. They were good for awhile but now that they are the largest auction site on the world, they do whatever they want to because they have a monopoly.

    I closed my seller account earlier this year, they charge you $5 per month fee (this is if you don’t sell anything during the month). They also force you to use Paypal only and no other payment method.

  110. Mark says:

    I sold a guitar amp to raise money for a different amp, sold it and bought the one I had my eye on.
    Between the two transactions I lost over $100.00 in fees with ebay and paypal, I have been a frequent buyer and seller since 2000, now the $5.00 a month charge for not using? I just canceled my account, take that greed bay
    they hold the account for 180 days before it is completely closed, I wonder If they will charge me the $5.00 per month for the next 6 months, I would think they would just to get a last few bucks from me. what a bunch of worms they have turned out to be.

  111. craig says:

    a buyer is only required to pay you. He has met his obligation then. Sellers were holding buyers hostage on the feedback and selling bad products high shipping fees and slow shipping times. Thats why ebay stopped letting sellers leave bad feed back. But I do understand the problems with ebay and paypal they are definently going down hill on greased tracks.

  112. trey says:

    If you are to use ebay till something else comes around that is just as good if not better here are a few tips
    1. use ebay as mostly a promotional tool. meaning create a couple of listings to entice people to view your listings then provide a link to your website so that they can see what you really have and accept the payment you most prefer
    2. If you use Paypal always buy tracking and insurance this has saved me a couple of times.State it in your auction make sure they are aware before they bid. If they complain they just want to try and scam you. honest buyers dont mind spending s couple extra bucks for insurance.
    3.You can still accept money orders. Some buyers just send them anyway. I get a couple from time to time. Some buyers will email you and say they are sending one. Some have no other choice( Paypal account suspended etc) You just can’t advertise that you accept them.
    Hope this helps those still on ebay looking for a way out.

  113. shaunitt says:

    ebay really sucks!! they ripped me off with a lot of items that i sold… screw them!!

  114. Cmccune04 says:

    I can happily say I was part of the ebay boycott in February.

    So now almost a year later I have had nothing to do with ebay. I went to list an item just to see how it was and to say the least I was shocked!!!

    My item (an ipod holder) Should bring about $10.00. So I start to list get everything worked out, scrolled down to see that my listing fee was $3.50.

    Ok, so that brings me down to $6.50

    If I were to have listed this item I would then have to pay for final value fees and shipping!

    That brings my profit to about maybe $1.00 something about that system is not right.

    So, I would be making roughly $0.25 an hour.

    Can you make money on ebay? Yes

    Is it worth my time? Absolutely not!

    Will I support ebay any longer? NO

  115. Cmccune04 says:

    Ebay just plain sucks now. It supports America in No Way! If anything it’s helping prolong this depression.

    Go look at the listing and see how many Items are now coming from Hong Kong and china.

    For some reason they are the only people that can make a buck now.

    Very Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. BOBBYBOY says:

    Ebay has once again TICKED OFF THE WHOLE WORLD OF BUYERS & SELLERS…The new my Ebay Sucks…The New Beta Sucks…Who cares anymore, after nine years selling at Ebay it’s time to leave with thousands more behind me…HIGH FEES .. NO CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS…LIMITED SHIPPING…NEW BETA…NEW MY EBAY ALL FOR NOTHING…IT STINKS…

  117. 145guy says:

    i was maligned by an unscrupulous buyer who demanded a refund on false claims. the buyer claimed there was fungus in an otherwise perfect lens. he went ahed and posted negative feedback. i was left without any recourse to clear my name of this slanderous feedback.
    ebay refused to work with me and said i should wait a year for it to go away… so it’s screw the seller.
    ebay is the worst and i will never use pay pal again as well.

  118. ExSeller says:

    You can find the same item on Amazon. For less.

  119. JustMe says:

    Even if you are a one time seller, selling things that you don’t use anymore, by the time ebay is done nickel and diming you, you have hardly recouped anything. They make you pay to list and charge fees, and charge even more if it sells. Then paypal takes their cut and someone told me that ebay owns paypal too! I don’t know if it is true, but I wouldn’t doubt it. ebay has made it to the point that I would rather organize my junk in the alley and let people take it, because then I spend less time and get just about the same amount of money. I think they eliminated their live help too now. I hope to find my way somewhere else now.

  120. Mouth says:

    That’s it. Been with eBay 9 years. The last two listings were too much. Ebay took $40 profit. Me? $30. The next one the buyer locked up my paypal account because USPS took more than 10 days. Then when they finally received the item, they forgot to release my paypal account. With the no seller negative policy, I can’t even warn others. And to make it worse, I didn’t notice that she had done this to other sellers because 1. Their feedback was over a year ago and she showed 100%, and 2. Recent sellers she screws can’t leave negatives…
    all this with 9 years history and not one negative. EBay is the current AOL. I can only smile as they slip into irrelevance.

  121. jim says:

    Ebay is anticompetitive. everyone and their brother should email the department of justice at antitrust.complaints@usdoj.gov … everything has to start somewhere

  122. BowTieJeff says:

    EBAY SUCKS!!!! I had 100% positive for nearly a decade. I was almost the victim of a charge back scam so I refused to ship the item to the buyer (becuase they had tried to screw me wtih a different item). Ebay allowed them to hit me with a negative and wouldnt remove it.. I hope the company dies and never comes back!!!

  123. goodyfynder says:

    Ebay has now become the on line dictator. Forcing everyone to use paypal, that they also own, and make money off of. Everyone is jumping ship because they will not listen to us. However in the press they blame the economy. Now they are kicking people off the forums for complaining about them. Cencorship to boot!

  124. PITA Buster says:

    Ebay blows. First they take over Paypal and require all buyer to ONLY use Paypal, then they change the feedback system to ensure 100% feedback users get a neg because some ass-wipe over bid and regrets their purchase. Then they change the discussion boards and only PITAs can post.

  125. bj says:

    Someone stated that the buyer’s only obligation is to pay. The problem is that many don’t. They think it’s a game, but bidding on an item is a legal contract. And sellers are not allowed to warn other sellers by letting them know in a buyer’s feedback. This isn’t Walmart; it’s sales that are supposed to be one-on-one transactions.

    I recently started selling again after not doing so for a few years. Holy crap! I’m hardly selling anything, and I don’t think the economy has much to do with it. I’m selling used items at prices similar to thrift stores. Thrift store are supposedly still doing well.

    And what’s with differing fee percentages for different types of items? How does that make any sense? I used to never have problems, but now I have packages getting “lost”. ebay doesn’t care whether the buyer purchased insurance or not; they will still make you pay the buyer back. Forget about making money; I’m LOSING it!

  126. Jerry Whitney says:

    Hello my name is Jerry Whitney and along with my wife India, we are the founders of www.efleaa.com. This site began out of a necessity to get away from the never ending changes at ebay we were experiencing as a seller and buyer.
    We had dreamed of a site to where there were no listing fees, and low final value fees, after paying ebay huge amounts of our hard earned money every month.
    A site to where you could interact with sellers and buyers live and not have to play email tag with them.
    Yes, a site to where we were as important as the huge power seller was in the eyes of the site owner.
    A site to where we could list our items like we wanted and not be dictated to, like the items were not ours but the site owner’s property, but most of all a site to where we could once again feel the simplicity and fun of online selling and buying.
    So, we set out on a course to find such a site and after much searching we realized that most ebay alternative sites are really out just to build up a big base and have the glory of owning a famous site, and really how can you run an online auction site with out being a part of one such site as ebay and know what both sellers and buyers would like to see on a site.
    That leads us to the founding of efleaa.com last summer, boy we wish we could have just found the site we were looking for instead of beginning our own.
    I found that the first auction software was a total waste of money, along with the ones that first hosted my site.
    So, after finding the right host and right software, we went forward with our dream efleaa.com, the name comes from flea markets that we have used in the past, we loved the face to face bartering in the booths, hence the name efleaa( eflea was already taken) and that’s why we call our stores booths and have a barter box (chat box) on every items listing page for buyers and seller to interact in real time with each other if they choose to do so, they will just click on the online link and away they go,,bartering asking questions and having fun.
    That gets me to the next subject of having to do for myself what we could not afford to have others to do for us, we have spent many a day and night tinkering with the theme and ideas we want to implement on efleaa, we have had headaches and heartaches, but our dream is coming to life, but wait a minute now we have to promote the site and optimize it, wow Google where are you when we need you?
    So, you ask why is our site different than all the other upstart auction sites, well let me think, no I don’t need to think and answer that question. We are efleaa, we are both buyers and sellers, we are the ones who have bought and loved the experience, we are the ones who have bought and been beat like a drum, we are the seller who got a raw deal from a dead beat buyer,we are the sellers who watched our items jump from a dollar to 300 dollars in the last seconds of an auction, we are the ones who have not been listened to by a site owner, we are the ones who wanted to ask a seller a question but the item had already sold before we got an answer,so What We are trying to say is “we are efleaa, we are you”.

  127. Robert says:

    If you’re reading this do yourself a favor and build your own website. Greedbay sucks. Kick em to the curb. I’m glad I did.

  128. Mark says:

    ebay sucks they are VALTUR’S they get you 3 ways when you sell an item.
    1. insertion fees
    2. final value fees
    3.they even make money on the shipping charges
    you do all the work they make all the money.
    i have been selling on ebay for years and have lost more money with them than the whole thing is worth.
    they are greedy bastards and there only intrest is how to suck the most money they can out of the seller.
    pay pal customer service isn’t worth the time it takes to dial the number such stupid people that don’t know weather its day or night and put you on hold for hours to discaruage you.

  129. Kev says:

    Ebay sucks and is run by greedy ass holes who don’t care about the people they should and just want to Jew every penny out of all sellers who put in a shit load of time to sell on that garbarge sit; just to make a living

    Rot in he’ll fuckers

  130. Scott says:

    Add me to the list of ebay leavers. I have 500+ rating and 100% and I’m calling it quits. Their policy regarding refund of final value fees is designed to make you not want to file a claim. Goodbye forever jerks.

  131. Gary says:

    I know I’m stupid paying with a cashiers check but Paypal limited my account. Limited means FROZEN. I bought an unlocked phone that was LOCKED. The seller had me return the phone and offered a full refund. I never received a refund and the seller refuses to respond to phone calls or emails. this seller, wealthgombeinc, is still selling and ebay refuses to take any action. This seller is a liar and a thief.

  132. Ed says:

    I was billed for some seller fees from ebay, which I paid. It was then sent to “collections” for lack of payment. After two months of constant harrasment (3-6 calls a day) the collection agency accepted my proof – a copy of the deposited check by ebay. So they stopped calling yet ebay still has frozen my account. I have been a customer for 7 years and have a 300+ rating. All attempts to contact ebay from certified mail to customer support have not changed this situation. Ebay can kiss my rear end now…

  133. Peter says:

    E-bay has really made a big mistake not allowing sellers to leave negative feedback. I just got blackmailed by a buyer who paid immediately and then emailed me insisting that she get her positive feedback RIGHT NOW. I let her know that, in my way of doing things, I wait until the transaction is complete and that everything is OK before I leave feedback. She told me that If she doesn’t get her positive feedback before receiving the item, she would leave negative feedback for me, even if the item was fine. I looked at her feedback history and she carried out this threat couple of times to sellers who had perfect feedback. Now she threatens to ruin my perfect feedback too. I gave in and gave her the positive feedback in order to save my perfect score. Buyers are able to use this tactic only because of eBay’s unfair feedback policy. Some MBA figured out for ebay that this “no negative feedback for buyers” will maximize their profits. I’m going to give eBid a try and see how it goes over there. It’s terrible that eBay has an almost monopoly on web auctions. screw eBay

  134. cindy says:

    I’m beginning to read more and more posts about people upset with ebay. I have some good news for you. With the help of some national radio publicity, some people started an auction site and they are going after the people who have been wronged by ebay. It appears they are gaining ground! This site is getting national attention so hurry and get your items on there now. Their first 25,000 listings are FREE and final value fees are as much as 80% cheaper than ebay’s and much easier to understand!! Also you can bring your feedback with you! Read about their Anti-Sniping feature which is very beneficial to Sellers and also buyers. They have lots of other cool features as well. Just go to w ww . JaGetit . com (take out the spaces) http://JaGetIt.com
    Look out ebay! Here comes someone who cares about the customer!!!

  135. eBay_is_a_JOKE! says:


    I’ve had an account with them since ’97. Not anymore. It has turned into a complete SHITHOLE, run by morons. Time to move on…

  136. Mears says:

    Very well said!! ebay used to be an “experience.” Now it’s an unpleasant experience, to sell, anyway. A guy on another site said it well, “bloated garbage code ridden waste of time does not work right.”

    It’s like there are all these ebay parts but no one coordinating them. Like they’re interested in making money but don’t give a bleep about how it’s run.

  137. Cristy says:

    New guy usa, your comment made no sense. I have bought stuff (all kinds of stuff) on ebay for 10 years. I have had few, if any problems! I can get clothes for less than half what they charge in stores. Used, yes but still in good shape. Also I get NEW for less than you pay in stores. I have bought clothes, shoes, saws, games, jewelry, horse tack, arts and crafts supplies over the years. I LOVE ebay and reccomend it to ANYONE! PLEASE, if you have never shopped on ebay, do it now! It is easy to become a member, and free. I think that alot of the people dissing ebay on this board are sellers that got squeezed out of ebay. Or kicked off ebay. Or they just aren’t able to sell their product like they used to. They are bitter about it. Another thing I have experienced is ebay’s customer service, when, from time to time I had an issue with something. I got fast, friendly service and a good result. so, I don’t know, may be a buncha sour grapes on this board!!! EBAY ROCKS!

  138. Cristy says:


    Sounds like you work for the new site you are promoting. lol
    Ebay is great….. you people are wrong!!

  139. Julie says:

    Jerry Whitless and India, um going to another website to sell our products would not work for most vendors. You know why? Cuz it took ebay years and years to promote itself as a great place to buy and sell. I didn’t even trust it until just recently. No one knows about your site right now. When I say no one, I mean relatively few, compared to people who know about and shop on ebay. So it will take you many, many years to promote, market and everything elso you need to do to get the word out. Just posting a few paragraphs here and there won’t cut it. You need huge billboards, tv ads and radio ads, like sirius etc. That will run tens of thousands of dollars. You will need to run these ads for years before you see a really good result…ie people buying and selling in great numbers. People who sell on ebay go there because EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT EBAY. and like I said it took them a long-ass time to spread the word and lots and lots of people buying and selling for years and years. So that is why your site will not work for sellers, for now anyway. Anyone who decides to quit ebay and sell on this guys site is going to be disappointed I guarantee it. Also, you say no fees and lower this and lower that. Well, how are you going to stay in business. The theory of lower fees and no insert fees etc.. is fabulous, don’t we all dream of getting things for little or no money. But that is not how the world operates. SO GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! LOL LMAO!

  140. Ruth Ann says:


    WHAT? Paypal is a very successful company. For ebay to buy it then require people to use paypal is genius. Just because you either can’t get a paypal account or got kicked from Ebay does not make them bad. Paypal is great too, because you don’t have to go around giving your credit card numbers to everyone and their sister. You just use paypal and the seller never sees your credentials. I have used paypal at lots of places and have always been satisfied. I have used it at ebay, restaurants, stores, etc. Never a problem. I also shop on ebay and have never had a problem there either. I agree with Christy who says sounds like some of you have a case of sour grapes goin on.

  141. Ruth Ann says:


    what you typed is gibberish
    what u talk bout?

  142. Polofan says:

    I used to use ebay but the last two times I bought items that were total garbage.

    Both sellers were hostile and one decided to email me 3 x a day with inappropriate comments.

    Last one ripped off my 11 year old son with a shoddy quality Rolling stones necklace with a broken clasp and obvious surface defects.

    I used to buy stuff on ebay all the time — now I am afraid to buy anything anymore.

    No wonder other sites like etsy and craiglist are taking off.

  143. vBay says:

    Hi there
    If you or anyone with a substantiated report of fraud or other wrongdoing on eBay (not just a rant, though I understand the need for this too), please publish these on vBay me

  144. EbayUserB says:

    Ebay charges sellers way too much money for the horrible exposure they are getting. Within the last year, wbay doubled it’s fees for featured listings, it’s a faulty system that hardly features the listing. They have required sellers to offer free shipping in order to even be noticed, the list is long with the amount of issues they have caused from the changes. The categories are full of junk now and the good sellers have left, it’s now just a big garage sale full of crap, rather than a place for opportunity and small business to take off. Ebay success and traffic has gone way down. If you were part of it in the last 10 years, you would know the major difference that has happened. Ebay has destroyed itself.

  145. Rick @ Saint Gaudens Double Eagle says:

    This really helps a lot!!!! Thank you!!!

  146. DK says:

    I am both an ebay seller and buyer and I think sellers brought much of the wrath onto themselves by being scummy. I fully support sellers being not able to leave feedback since i’ve had too many bad buying experiences, and very few bad selling experiences. This policy change makes it impossible for bad sellers to hid under retaliatory feedback, and shock.. forced to provide good customer service or go someplace else to scam people, and the net result is a better ebay.
    So yeah the action probably will get rid of many sellers, but mostly just the bad ones.

  147. Jerry says:

    I am 100% behind you. That is definetly due to the recent frustration over a ebay issue I am dealing with. I don't like wasting time jumping through endless loops trying to follow endless steps for dispute resolution. I can't even complain to them about their irritating contact us labrynth. I think i am done with eBay, your right that the excitement is gone. Thanks.

  148. Jerry says:

    I am 100% behind you. That is definetly due to the recent frustration over a ebay issue I am dealing with. I don't like wasting time jumping through endless loops trying to follow endless steps for dispute resolution. I can't even complain to them about their irritating contact us labrynth. I think i am done with eBay, your right that the excitement is gone. Thanks.

  149. Julia says:

    I noticed this article is very seller-centered, but just to add input as a seller/buyer, it sucks for buyers too. Gone are the days of finding “good” deals w/o hassle and knock-offs from hong kong.

    Why are Hong Kong sellers still allowed to list their items under American brand names and get away with it? Why are any Nigerians even able to bid on items…when they are OBVIOUSLY scammers? Why does ebay NEVER care when you complain about either of these two scenarios? These are all signs that it has gone down hill, and unfortunately there's no suitable alternative to turn to.

    Note: Btw, they stopped allowing sellers to rate buyers b/c buyers would be hesitant to give negative feedback to a seller at the threat of receiving undeserved negative feedback from the seller. It was a vicious cycle that defeated the purpose of such feedback, so I'm assuming they just kept the capabilities for the most important one – buyer feedback.

  150. La Haine says:

    Being both a buyer and a seller. I think ebay started out well and went totally deranged over the top greedy bonkers. The selling policies are insane the costs to sell are retarded. They charge for things that should be covered in the “basic” listing fees and charge for additional stff like pic hosting when there are so many companies doing it for free.

    Plus now you can't leave negative feedback……WTF is there a feedback system for then!
    Double billing through fees and paypal usage!

    I'm sure more then a few people have been reading these posts and they are everywhere! An alternative will be coming up soon.

    Looking forward to goodbye EBAY.

    Greed greed greeed.

  151. volkrt says:

    great post and replies….agree 100%!

  152. Jim says:

    “ebay” for bidders/buyers is shit as well. It's too complicated to pay, group, ungroup, pay one seller at a trime all this mess and especially is a mess with leaving feedback if you bid/buy hundreds of different items you will spend 2 days just trying to leave feedback which at the end you realise failed to leave feedbacks! Fuck ebay. No more.

  153. Edwin Rivera says:

    with the high value fees how in the hell am I suppose to make a profit

  154. joe says:

    agreed, the site sucks ass now, they should limited on duplicate posts from the same freaking seller.

  155. voice or reason says:

    What happened to Ebay ? They got carried away with their fees- so good sellers left in droves, starting their own websites, selling in Etsy and Bonanzle (now Bonanza), and listing their items on "for sale" sites. Ebay needs to take a lesson from GUNBROKER- anyone can list a firearm on GB for FREE, with 8 free pictures, with free relisting indefinitely (the item can stay for sale, for years, at BIN price or auction, relisting every 14 days or so). And you only pay, when it sells. That's what would bring sellers back to Ebay in droves.

    Ebay also has a serious shill bidding problem. Why does one item sell for $100, when another identical item sells for $10 ?? reason- the higher price item is usually shilled.

    Ebay needs to get their fees in line, who can afford to pay 20% fees ? too much

    I think Ebay only really cares about their paypal division, because they did buy paypal.

    • voice or reason says:

      ps- Gunbroker also has a 15 minute rule, this stops last second sniping. Any bid put in the last 5 minutes, triggers a 15 minute auction extension- so it's more like a real auction. That would drive prices UP, where they need to go for sellers to make a decent profit.

  156. Randy says:

    ebay got to greedy check out postnbuy.com no fees get the word out this site rocks.

  157. CSum says:

    worse yet… I had four purchases that I made. After I paid and the money was taken from my account, because ebay had problems with the seller and suspended them, then the purchases and all access to the seller was removed from my account.
    Now I have no way to contact the seller and ebay is telling to open a case and give the seller several weeks to respond.
    Issue with that is that eBay has restricted access both ways so we can't make contact.
    Anyone see a problem with that???

  158. Richard H says:

    Check the timestamps on these messages from eBay.
    Today is may 28th and we still have not received the item back from the buyer

    May 23, 2012 at 10:04
    The buyer opened a case: Item doesn’t match the description

    May 23, 2012 at 10:06 AM
    The buyer has escalated the case to eBay Customer Support.

    May 23, 2012 at 10:11 AM
    eBay Customer Support made a final decision and asked the buyer to return the item to you for a full refund.

    May 23, 2012 at 10:24 AM
    eBay Customer Support has refunded the buyer and the case is closed. You must now reimburse eBay for this refund.

    eBay’s refund to the Buyer: Refund amount to garygreg1: $325.00
    Refund date: May 23, 2012

  159. Andy says:

    British seller here and now (No Longer a Registered User). What a disgusting company to have been involved with.

    American company with backwards policies hatched in some office in California washed up upon our European shores.
    Selling limits are anti European and against the European free market.

    They tricked me into sending in all my personal information and supplier information. Never heard back from them.

    They operate out of a P.O Box in Dublin,Ireland.
    Call center is in Ireland or the Phillipines.
    Registered for lowest tax rate in Luxumborg,Europe at 15%.

    Oh and I live in England and we are serving them with court papers to Switzerland.
    Really,you could’nt make this stuff up.

    Yes,I too had outstanding feedback and customer service and never owed anyone a penny….then ebay shut me down and Paypal froze my money. Will NEVER EVER use ebay or Paypal.

    ebay and paypal stole my time,my money and my dignity.

  160. Alexander Ewering says:

    While it’s true that eBay’s policies and the majority of members suck hard, that’s no comparison at all to how much the site technically sucks.

    I mean, it’s slow as ass, nothing works, the layout is ugly and inconsistent, it’s very hard to find anything, the translated sites (ebay.de etc.) are full of translation errors, the automated e-mails from eBay are also full of errors, crap and non-working links… not to mention that the index page of eBay.com throws like 500 errors in the validator.

    It’s a miracle to me how anyone is able to – even on purpose – write up such a piece of incredible monster crap.

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