Stage6 Shutting Down


Divx is pulling the plug on Stage6. According to Divx, Stage6 is being shut down because of high costs. But the main reason for the shutdown is most likely pirated content. Stage6 was full of pirated content. Its pirated content powered many video piracy sites such as Joox and Quick Silver Screen.

Divx launched Stage6 after seeing the success of video sharing sites such as YouTube skyrocket. Their plan with Stage6 was to push and promote the Divx format.

At the moment, there are no high quality alternatives to Stage6. Although a number of video sharing sites currently offer HD content, the ability to download the HD videos does not exist – mainly because the videos are in Flash format.

Stage6 Shutting Down Comments

  1. Rob G says:

    Let’s be honest part of the huge costs of running this were the potential legal liabilities which could bankrupt DivX – and allowing downloads only increased this liability.

    Other sites offer good quality full screen video without the downloads because the costs are simply cheaper.

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