Plans To Acquire WallStreetFighter Blog and WallStreetFighter Logos, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based online media company that provides similar content as CollegeHumor is planning to acquire blog, The announcement will be given sometime this week according to paidContent.

The CEO of is Keith Richman. Break’s core audience are males between the ages of 18 and 35. A lot of the content on Break is user-generated. Break is owned by TMFT Enterprises, LLC. Break recently launched 3 new web sites: Chickipedia, Cage Potato, and Holy Taco. I recently wrote an article about how Chickipedia should surpass in traffic soon.

According to the Blogger profile of the WallStreetFighter blog, the owner is Shane, a 38 year old plant enthusiast in Urbana, Illinois. WallStreetFighter is a financial blog with a humorous twist to it. Competitors include WallStrip, WallStreak, Dealbreaker.

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