Reality Digital Raises $6.3 Million 2nd Round of Funding

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“Social media has transformed the marketing landscape. For the first time, there’s a transparent environment where consumers can express strong feelings towards brands and interact with one another,” stated Mark Barry, venture partner of OpenView Venture Partners. “Businesses can’t ignore this new dialogue – for businesses to succeed in today’s Web 2.0 world, they must create an interactive environment with consumers. Reality Digital has effectively identified a tremendous market need early in the game and is delivering a solution that quickly and easily puts businesses on the Web 2.0 map. We are confident in the company’s tenure and capabilities required to drive a successful video sharing and social media business model in the hottest growing market today[1].”

Reality Digital (RD) is a San Francisco, Calif. based company that started in 2003. The company created a service platform that enables clients to share and monetize user generated content. The company essentially helps clients set up video social networks.

RD’s core service is Opus Platform. The backend of Opus has a Dashboard that gives the client screening and reporting tools to monitor content on the site. For example, if you prefer that adult content or is at least stamped with a warning just like YouTube, Opus provides a seamless way to do so.

Opus AdCel is another feature that allows clients to monetize the content on their video social network by embedding relevant ads into videos. AdCel also allows a way to place animated advertisements within videos rather than a pre or post roll ad.

Given today’s rate of video social network growth and the need to make money from them in order to break even and gain profits, the services Reality Digital will become especially important. YouTube is still developing ways to further monetize their site through the use of ads without turning off their users.

Yesterday Reality Digital announced that they have raised $6.3 million in Series B from OpenView Venture Partners. The company previously raised $2 million while starting video sharing site, ClipShack.

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    This is an interesting article, it really highlights the growth of social network media in today’s Web 2.0.

    There’s been a lot of growth in adult use of social networks in the past few years, but what’s interesting is that the majority of adults tend to use social networks geared towards teenagers. Look at adoption of versus 35+ users on Myspace or Facebook.

    There needs to be a fundamental shift in what adults look for in social networks, we as a demographic and age group want different things out of social networks.

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    Hope this helps Amit!


    Brogan Keane

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