Yahoo! Acquires Visitor Tracking Software, IndexTools

Yahoo! Acquires IndexTools
“Yahoo! believes that the ability to generate the most valuable and relevant insights is essential to seizing market opportunities and creating successful campaigns,” stated Bassel Ojjeh, Senior VP and head of Yahoo!’s Strategic Data Solutions group. “We expect that the IndexTools’ technology platform will provide our customers the opportunity to more quickly uncover and act on these insights, enhancing Yahoo!’s status as a partner of choice in online marketing and the must buy for the world’s advertisers.”

Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) has managed to acquire another company while dealing with AOL, Google, Microsoft, News Corporation, Time Warner, etc. Yahoo! bought advertising analytics firm, IndexTools. IndexTools started in 2000 and is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

IndexTools provides analytics software for marketing companies.  For Yahoo!, IndexTools’ technology will be used to complement other analytics tools that the search engine company offers for their online advertising campaigns.

alarm:clock also points out that IndexTools tracks data across Microsoft adCenter and Google.   This definitely makes the acquisition sweeter.

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Yahoo! Acquires Visitor Tracking Software, IndexTools Comments

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