Central Desktop Raises $7 Million To Take On Google Apps And Microsoft Sharepoint

Central Desktop Logo
“We think there is a chance to grab a sizable chunk of the market.”
-Isaac Garcia, CEO of Central.

Central Desktop is a web-based tool intended for project collaboration. Some of the tools available include online docs and spreadsheets, creating databases online, abilities to set up web meetings, calendar software, the ability to build charts, tasks, reports, etc.

Central Desktop is based in Pasadena, Calif. in 2005.  Central Desktop made about $2.5 million in sales per year from 2,000 subscribers.  They are anticipating $100 million in sales within the next 5 years.

OpenView Venture Partners provided this round of funding.  Managing partner, Scott Maxwell and partner, Mark Berry stepped up to Central Desktop’s Board of Directors.

Below are a couple screen shots of the software’s capabilities.  The dashboard looks pretty cool.

Central Desktop Screen Shot 1

Central Desktop Screen Shot 2

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