Rumor: News Corp. Wants To Acquire NewGrounds

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News Corporation (NYSE:NWS), the company that owns several Internet properties such as MySpace, Photobucket, Beliefnet, Hulu,, and is now interested in making it’s next acquisition.  The company is interested in purchasing online Flash-based video game company, through it’s IGN division. 

Newgrounds receives 500,000 unique visitors per day.  Newgrounds was started by 30 year old, Tom Fulp and it is the “the original – and still the largest – Flash portal on the web [About page].”  Newgrounds has been running independently since 1995.  Newgrounds collects millions in revenues and Fulp sounds uninterested in selling off.

Newgrounds is based in Glenside, Pennsylvania.  Newgrounds is primarily driven by user-generated Flash content and the front page features 12 movies and 12 games picked out by the Newgrounds staff.  Newgrounds has a popular rating system that helps submitters determine whether their designs will be a hit or not.

Newgrounds has received a lot of media attention, both positive and controversial.  Newgrounds hosted a Teletubbies spoof which resulted in a lawsuit from the BBC.  The Numa Numa dance first appeared on Newgrounds in 2004 and instantly made Gary Brolsma a viral hit. 

Newgrounds is also known for hosting games that revolve around tragic moments in American history.  There is a Flash game called Virginia Tech Shootout and Oklahoma City Escapades.

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Rumor: News Corp. Wants To Acquire NewGrounds Comments

  1. Davidzx says:

    I dont think it would bother to sell, tom wouldnt sell NG.

  2. Spaghetti14 says:

    He’d better not, that Tom.
    He’s too cool for that though.

  3. David Mudkips says:


  4. flashplayer5 says:

    As a regular user of said website, I seriously hope that NG isn’t aquired by some faceless company and made into some s****y MySpace-like site.

    And it sounds to me like I have no reason to fear, Tom isn’t interested, he’s doing well financially (he’s worth $15 mil), and I don’t think he’d ever give up his dream job.

  5. andhination says:

    I use the site a lot, and I really hope this doesn’t go through.
    The last thing we need is for it to become like youtube with users not knowing how to use grammar and saying whatever they like without being banned.
    Also we don’t need it to become faceless and lose it’s personal touch.
    Godamnit News Corporation.

  6. NeonFlame126 says:

    If Tom sells NG, I will fucking murder him. >:{

  7. Cericon says:

    I’d never want NewGrounds to end up like that hell hole MySpace.

  8. Dekuboy says:

    I hope it doesn’t go through. Knowing Tom, however, he won’t sell it.

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