TwitterCounter Lists The Number Of Twitter Followers In A Similar Fashion As Feedburner’s FeedCount Logo
Feedburner has a small button that bloggers can place on their websites to show off how many people subscribe to their RSS feed.  Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-editor at has developed which shows off how many Twitter followers you have.

“At the first Next Web conference, Michael Arrington said he didn’t pay attention to pageviews anymore. For him, it was all about RSS readers. Back then, RSS had just became popular. That was a real eye-opener. From that day on, I have been trying to increase the number of RSS readers on my blogs,” stated Boris “But recently, I asked my (editors note: 1449) Twitter followers why some of them hadn’t subscribed to the Next Web Blog RSS feed. I got a lot of replies from people, most of them saying they were happy enough with the blog’s Twitter feed. That was another eye-opener for me.”

Given the cultural obsession wrapped around the Twitter culture, I can imagine how fast TwitterCounter will grow quickly.  But from what I learned, placing the same company name of the service that a company depends on is not a smart move.  Alexaholic is an example.  The actual design of looks too similar to Twitter also, it needs a fix.

A feature I like about TwitterCounter is that it tracks follower growth over the course of a week.  This allows Twitter users to monitor how interesting their mini-blog posts and messages on Twitter.

Below is a sample of what TwitterCounter looks like for my Twitter profile:
TwitterCounter for @pulse20

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