Microsoft To Buy Mobile Backup Company, MobiComp

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“People expect their phones to deliver the best experiences from PCs and the Web right to their pockets,” stated Todd Peters, Corporate VP of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business unit. “Investing in the right solutions from companies like MobiComp will extend the capabilities of Windows Mobile and Windows Live to help us provide the most innovative and seamless way to stay connected.”

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will be acquiring MobiComp.  MobiComp is a company that is known for the backing up and restoring of data on mobile phones.  MobiComp is also known for having the ability to post media to social networks and it’s Active mTicker product. 

“We’re extremely pleased with this announcement, which reflects our country’s leadership in innovative technology,” stated Nuno Duarte, General Manager of Microsoft in Portugal. “It highlights the success of our prime minister’s economic policies and serves as proof of Microsoft’s commitment to the partnership signed between Portugal’s government and Bill Gates two years ago. Following several top companywide awards for Microsoft Portugal, this is further evidence of our visibility in Microsoft’s worldwide efforts.”

The acquisition price was undisclosed.  MobiComp is based in Braga, Portugal.  Some of MobiComp’s partners include Ericsson, Gemalto, HP, mFormation Technologies, Nokia, and IBM.

“Like Microsoft, we’ve always believed in an open and innovative mobile platform and deep industry partnerships,” stated Carlos Oliveira, co-founder/CEO of MobiComp. “We’re thrilled that our work over the past eight years can now be extended by partnering with Microsoft’s world-class portfolio of mobile services.”

Why is Microsoft buying the company straight up?  The deal sort of complements their acquisition of Danger Inc. in February 2008.  Perhaps Microsoft is getting ready to take on Android and iPhone’s O/S.

MobiComp’s website is available at:

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