6.9 Million iPhone-Related Searches Made In April 2008, Before 3G Was Announced

COMSCORE, Inc. (NASDAQ:SCOR) released a statistic a couple of days ago regarding searches for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone products.  This past April, “iPhone” was searched 1.5 million times, “iPhone update” was searched about 151,000 times, and “iPhone Web Apps” was searched about 118,000 times.

“Apple iPhone G3” was searched 43,000 times and “Apple iPhone 3G” was searched 60,000 times.  This occurred two months before WWDC, the event where the Apple iPhone 3G was revealed and confirmed.  Now that the iPhone 3G is official, I wouldn’t be surprised if these search numbers double for the month of June.

“Speculation had been rampant in recent months that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was getting ready to introduce a 3G iPhone at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 9, and indeed he did just that,” stated Dan Lackner, Senior VP at comScore. “Search is frequently a harbinger of purchase intent. The increase in volume of iPhone searches demonstrates just how heavy that interest has been for the next generation of Apple’s popular phone – even when its existence was still just a rumor.”

Below is a list of iPhone-related searches in April 2008:
1. IPHONE (1,488,000)
2. IPHONE UPDATE (151,000)
3. IPHONE WEB APPS (118,000)
4. IPHONE MMS (101,000)
5. IPHONE 2.0 (75,000)
6. IPHONE 3G (60,000)
7. IPHONE 2 (59,000)
8. IPHONE G3 (43,000)
9. IPHONES (38,000)
10. IPHONE SPEAKERS (35,000)

About 88% of these searches were made on Google itself.

[Source: iTWire]

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    Apple is clearly a ‘top dog’ The G3 will sell more units than total IPHONE searches

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