Raises $1.2 Million, Funded By Company Founder’s VC Firm Logo sends users text messages regarding horoscopes, birthday reminders, weather alerts, press releases, job alerts, gas price alerts, free forms, wake up calls, amber alerts (airports), daily tidbits, flight searches, hotel prices, traffic alerts, baseball scores, and custom RSS feeds.  The company raised $1.2 million from Monster Venture Partners and several other angel investors.

Several other websites focus on a single niche, but wants to provide notifications for basically everything. sends text messages to remind users when birthdays are coming up. was founded by Robert Monster.  The firm that invested in, Monster Venture Partners is lead by Rob Monster.  Monster is also on the boards for GMI,,,, GateSkate, and GoLife.

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  1. Vikash Shah says:

    Do they have alerts for when you are about to get an alert?

    Just messing, after watching the screenshot of from demogirl, there are some definitely great things about the application.

    Before I sign up, does anyone know for the “birthday application” if you have to input all the information, or if it can pull from different sources of information ie. iCal, social networks that allow data portability, online calenders…etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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