Women Blogging Community, BlogHer Raises $5 Million Series B

“I am incredibly excited to tap into this new online community and superserve both clients and consumers in today’s robust women’s marketplace,” stated Lauren Zalaznick, President of Women/Lifestyle Entertainment at NBC Universal.

BlogHer, a community of women bloggers raised $5 million in series B funding.  In this new round of funding, the company also made a partnership with NBC Universal.  Peacock Equity, the financial arm of NBC was the lead investor.  BlogHer raised about $3.5 million about a year ago as their Series A from Venrock Capital.

BlogHer’s network of 2,200 female bloggers will contribute content on Oxygen.com, iVillage, and BravoTV.  NBC bought iVillage, a women’s social network about 2 years ago for $600 million.  BlogHer gained additional traction when the website started hosting Michelle Obama’s blog.

BlogHer was co-founded by Elisa Camahort Page, Lisa Stone, and Jory Des Jardins.

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