Facebook iPhone Framework, 24 Connect Partners, Application Translation

Facebook had their second f8 conference today.  I’ve consolidated all of the information without all the fluff in this blog post.  Here are some of the key takeaways from the presentation.

iPhone Framework
Benjamin Ling, Director of Platform Product Marketing for Facebook announced that the social network company will have Cocoa framework for iPhone application development available shortly.  Application developers will be able to use this framework to integrate with Facebook Connect.  The importance of making applications compatible with the iPhone is proven by the number of applications sold in the iPhone 3G’s first week.

24 Connect Partners
As Facebook launches Facebook Connect in Beta on Monday, the company will be launching with 24 partners.  Those partners include CBS, CNET, CollegeHumor, Disney-ABC Television Group, Evite, Flock, Hulu, Kongregate, Loopt, Radar, Seesmic, Red Bull, Socialthing!, The Insider, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Uber, Vimeo, Amiando, Plaxo, and Xobni.

Application Translations
Facebook has a community of translators to make applications compatible in 63 different languages including Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Yiddish, and Urdu.  Below is a screen shot of Facebook Languages:

When Facebook’s partners officially launch on Connect, I’ll start individually reviewing them.

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    Is it just me, or are there becoming more and more “connect” methods out there? (ie. MySpace, Facebook, Google, and I know I’m missing some) and aren’t there are a lot of openID systems/foundations?

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