Facebook Changes Application Activity Tracking, Giving Adonomics Services Uncertain Future

Instead of displaying daily active users for their applications, Facebook has steered in a direction that focuses on monthly active users.  Through the daily active user count, a company called Adonomics was formed.  Adonomics evaluates daily statistics on Facebook applications and then places dollar valuations on the application companies. 

Application developers will most likely be able to view daily active users from internal Facebook metrics, but the daily active count will no longer available to the public.  By hiding a daily active count, this should keep developers motivated to keep inventing applications.  Sometimes it takes time for the Facebook community to accept a good application. 

A developer told CNET that it will be nicer to have a 22,000 monthly stat next to his application information page than a 1,500.

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Facebook Changes Application Activity Tracking, Giving Adonomics Services Uncertain Future Comments

  1. Lee Lorenzen says:


    WRT Adonomics, our business model is tied to providing the best possible analytics and web services available to Facebook and other social network developers. Any changes that Facebook makes, so long as they are applied to all companies equally, will not have a major effect our business model.

    WRT the specifics of reporting monthly vs. daily active users, Adonomics will adjust and adapt. This is similar to when Facebook stopped reporting total installs but still showed Daily Active Users as a % of total installs. This allowed us to compute the total installs via a simple formula (although not to the hourly granularity that was true in the first few months that the platform launched).

    WRT Adonomics, our site provides a wealth of services to developers and advertisers who want to track their own and their competitors’ apps. The Adonomics 100, the Adonomics Leaderboard, the individual app profile pages, the marketplace, the GEM System, the Ad Management service and the App brokerage service all provide ongoing value. In addition, app developers that want to ensure their app stats are fully insulated from facebook changes can send them directly to us (as 5,000 apps do today).

    Lee Lorenzen
    CEO, Adonomics

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