Armin Heinrich Has Made The Most Useless, Yet Most Expensive iPhone App: I Am Rich

I can probably think of 999 better ways to spend your money than to buy the I Am Rich application from the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store.  Although the marketing of this application is very clever, Armin Heinrich is responsible for creating the most useless, yet most expensive iPhone application on the App Store.

“The red icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all,” states the application’s description.  Pretentiousness is the one word that comes to mind when reading the description.

When buying this app and installing it on your iPhone or iPod Touch, a picture of a gem will show up on the screen and that is it.  Armin would probably make about $699 out of selling one of these applications and Apple would make about $300.

Show me one person that buys this application and I’ll show you someone that has postdecisional dissonance after making the purchase.

Apple has been proactive in deleting applications from their App Store such as Nullriver’s Netshare and Box Office, but I’m surprised this application is still there.  If this application becomes a hit, then Apple will make a killing.  Maybe this is why it has no been removed yet.

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Armin Heinrich Has Made The Most Useless, Yet Most Expensive iPhone App: I Am Rich Comments

  1. Brandon says:

    All it will take is someone to make the same exact thing for free. Then we’ll all be “rich” and this will be pointless.

  2. warplayer says:

    It’s a trap!

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    I definetely agree with Brandon. Someone can make it $10 and say, I was rich enough to afford this one.

  4. Paul says:

    Mac users will buy it in their droves – they are used to things with similar functionality

  5. Amit Chowdhry says:

    If I ever get to the point where I am rich enough to spend $999 on a picture for my iPod and not be phased, someone punch me in the face.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Not cracked tho

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