VH1 Starts Their Own TMZ, Defamer, and OMG Competitor: Scandalist.com

New York City based television channel and subsidiary of Viacom, Inc. (NYSE:VIA.B), VH1 has created a celebrity blog called Scandalist (http://www.scandalist.com/).  Scandalist has entertainment news, photos, videos, and commentary. 

Scandalist also has “Top 100 Celebrity Scandals,” a list that features what the biggest pop culture controversies were including R. Kelly’s court case, Kurt Cobain’s suicide, etc.  The sidebar of the blog features the top 100 celebrity scandals, the most scandalous photos, most popular stories of the week, most popular stories of all times, suggested links, and top tags.

Scandalist follows the launch of the VH1 blog that has content revolving around characters that have appeared on VH1 and MTV’s shows.

“After taking a look at how quickly we were able to grow the VH1 Blog on VH1.com, we decided to look at ways we could go deeper with our blog coverage of pop culture and our VH1 shows and events separately,” stated Tom Calderone, President of VH1. “With a dedicated staff of writers, Scandalist.com will serve as a distinct, yet complimentary site for fans of pop culture, entertainment news and all things celebrity.”

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VH1 Starts Their Own TMZ, Defamer, and OMG Competitor: Scandalist.com Comments

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