Russian Social Network, Hits 20 Million Users is Russia’s leading social network.  Today Odnoklassniki reached 20 million users and receives 6 million visits daily from users.  Revenues in the first quarter of 2008 for Odnoklassniki was $3.3 million.  In May 2008, Odnoklassniki had 29.2 million unique visitors.  Odnoklassniki stated in March 2006 and was founded by Albert Popkov.

Odnoklassniki’s users have doubled since February 2008 and their Alexa rank is #47.  A large chunk of Odnoklassniki’s user base are university students in Russia.  Odnoklassniki stands for “classmates” in English. had an interesting story from December 2007 when two old classmates reunited through Odnoklassniki.  “It was such a surprise when she wrote to me because 34 years have passed since we last saw each other. We were happy to have found each other after all this time,” stated Andrey Shabaev, one of the reunited classmates.

Like Facebook, Odnoklassniki uses real names instead of fake. 

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Russian Social Network, Hits 20 Million Users Comments

  1. rusudah says:

    xachu imet sait odnoklassnikov

  2. rusudan says:

    u menia zablokirovali sait odnoklassniki

  3. fred zalesin says:

    I cannot register on site “”
    All my attempts led to nothing. What shoud be done?
    ? ????? ?? ???? ?????????????????? ?? ?????
    “”, ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ?? ???????. ??? ???????

  4. Galina Grinshpun/Zaydfudim says:

    I would like to contact Zoya Paykina/Strateichuk, my dearest friend, odnoklassnitsa and neibor from the one flight above mine

  5. nadejda says:

    i can not register either. its pissing me off

  6. antoniouk loudmila viktorevno says:

    mi zakontchili odeski ctroutelni institute v 1985

  7. olesea says:


  8. hicham says:

    olga rasolva from hicham lipitck 1995 hello

  9. Jahongir says:


  10. Jaffer Safwan says:

    My name is Jaffer. I like to have friends from Cetral Asia.
    Thank you

    ???? ????? ???????. ? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? Cetral ????.

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