Ivy Bean Is The Oldest Woman On Facebook At Age 102

Ivy Bean, born in 1905 is believed to the be the eldest Facebook member.  Mrs. Bean is a great-grandmother and was born in Bradford, United Kingdom.  Ivy used to work in a mill in a spinning and winding department.  After working in the mill, Ivy married Harold Bean, a soldier in the Royal Army Service Corps.

When Harold left the army, Ivy started to work for the Lord and Lady Guiness at Greens Norton Hall in Northampton, United Kingdom.

Mrs. Bean signed up for Facebook after hearing about it from some of her care workers.  Mrs. Bean’s care workers set up a Facebook group promoting her as the oldest person on Facebook.  The group now has well over 2,000 members.  Over 8,000 members have tried to request to be part of the group.  The group also has 7 videos of Mrs. Bean participating in Bradford’s Over-75 Olympics.

Mrs. Bean currently stays at the Hillside Manor care home.  Ivy beat the record of the last person to be the eldest member of Facebook who is a 97 year old Frenchman.

Before Mrs. Bean received the publicity, she had 9 friends on Facebook.  Now Mrs. Bean has over 4,000 friends.

One of the very first posts I wrote on Pulse 2.0 was about Facebook opening up for everyone and not just college students.  I was not very favorable about the decision at the time.  But after reading stories like this and how senior citizens are now enjoying connecting with others, it makes me glad that Facebook opened up.

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Ivy Bean Is The Oldest Woman On Facebook At Age 102 Comments

  1. Ken says:

    I just cannot believe this.
    It makes me so happy inside to see that the facebook generation is expanding.
    I am overjoyed
    Love you
    Ken xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. minu says:

    its great and surprising to see such ppl on facebook!!!!!!

  3. joseph says:

    omg i cant belive shez 102 im gona get my mother to add her as a friend and over 4000 friends fkin hell

  4. nasr says:

    i love oldest women

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