BusinessWeek Unleashes Topic Pages Called Business Exchange, subsidiary of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. (NYSE:MHP) and the online version of the magazine publication announced that they are launching topic pages. 

“With advertising revenue sliding, publications try a lot of things online to get noticed, like — pardon the jargon — verticals, aggregation, user-generated content, popularity rankings and even something resembling social networks,” stated Richard Pérez-Peña of The New York Times.  Richard was referring to BusinessWeek.  The ironic part of this quote is that The New York Times also recently created a social network around their publication.

BusinessWeek is launching a new service called Business Exchange.  BusinessWeek has been quietly working on the new social system over the last 2 years.  Business Exchange will launch in late September.  There will be hundreds of topic pages that has a wide range of subjects.  The topics will link to other blog posts and news articles. 

“As journalists, we’re good at finding great sources of information and distinguishing what’s important, but we also want to harness the very significant capabilities of our community,” stated Stephen J. Adler, a chief editor at BusinessWeek. “It only takes a very small percentage of people being active in a topic for it to be really vibrant and valuable for everybody else.”

Each user on BusinessWeek will have profile pages.  Users can upload photos, add descriptions of themselves, and track what other users are reading and posting.  Information can be imported from LinkedIn as well.  BusinessWeek has about 900,000 print subscribers. 

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BusinessWeek Unleashes Topic Pages Called Business Exchange Comments

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