Casual Male Retail Group Launches Social Network:

Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMRG) is a specialty retail company for big and tall men’s clothes.  CMRG has launched a social network tailored to a demographic of large-sized men at the ages of 18-24.  Planet Propaganda, a Wisconsin-based advertising agency helped CMRG plan the social network. features blog posts, videos, and artcles as it relates to big and tall men.  Articles on makes fun of expensive, upper-scale fashion.  The content is intended to make people comment on their articles.

“This is the first time we’ve tied traditional e-commerce with social media marketing,” stated Della Bernarda, CMO of CMRG. “We’ll be testing to see if there are other kinds of functionality we need to add, like the ability to create profiles, but for now, we’re seeing promising levels of interaction.”

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