Psystar Responds To Apple’s Lawsuit by Suing Them Back

About a month ago Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) decided to sue a small computer company in Florida called Psystar for selling hacked versions of Apple’s operating system. Apple filed the suit one day after Psystar sold modified copies of the Mac OS X 10.5.4 Leopard updates to their previous customers.

Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP led the case for Apple. The lawsuit was filed on the basis of copyright infringement according to AppleInsider. Psystar sells a desktop for $400 that has PCs running a Mac OS X operating system. Later a representative from Psystar taunted Apple to try and sue them… If Apple did attempt to sue them, it would be in violation of antitrust laws. Apple responded to the challenge.

Today Psystar plans on filing a lawsuit back to Apple with the allegations that Apple is engaging in anticompetitive business practices. Psystar claims that the OpenComputer product sells with a licensed and unmodified copy of the Mac OS.

“My goal is to provide an alternative, not to free the Mac OS,” stated Rudy Pedraza, owner of Psystar. “What we want to do is to provide an alternative, an
option…It’s not that people don’t want to use Mac OS, many people are
open to the idea, but they’re not used to spending an exorbitant amount
of money on something that is essentially generic hardware [CNET].”

More details to come on Pulse 2.0 as this news fleshes out further.

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Psystar Responds To Apple’s Lawsuit by Suing Them Back Comments

  1. whatdoyoucare? says:

    Jo jo jo . . . so . . . Multiple companies make devices like the HTC 6800 (Windows Mobile device) look and fell like an iPhone and Apple says nothing (they didn’t write the iPhone interface in case you don’t know), but a company uses an IBM-PC (read Windows compatible) based hardware to sell it with a Mac OS version on it and they are concerned? For those who don’t understand what’s really happening, here it is. Microsoft makes an Operating system (Windows whatever version) that is intended to be used on most machines in the world, this implies solving compatibilty problems with multiple manufacturers of hardware gazillions times over what Apple does which in turn is, make a few models (I can count them and so can any fist grader . . . with their fingers!) compatible with one operating system (some models will still have hardware compatibility limitations still). Also by the way, very limited when it comes to backwards compatibility. Apple simply put, does not have the capability to do such a daunting task and Microsoft knows (and has been doing) this. Slowly but surely, over the years Microsoft has pushed forward, many times already equaling and some times superceeding Apple systems . . . while keeping it mass focussed. Apple users bragging rights (which are really about the money invested on such overly expensive machines) will be completely killed some time in the future . . . just as it happens in the cellular phone realm today. Unless of course, you want to brag about how much you payed (read how foolish you were) for your device, whether it be a phone or a computer. After all, it’s about computing instructions . . . when you consider how much you pay for what you get well . . . you actualy get more (computing instructions) for (the money) a PC. Now if you are willing to shed the SAME amount of money you would spend for an Apple on a PC based machine, you’ll get what you pay for. Software manufacturers also know this . . . that is precisely whay they stick with the Apple . . . it’s a helluva lot easier to write for a few machines and get away with it, than writting for a miriad of hardware manufacturers and solve every compatibility issue. What they (software makers) have not realized is that there’s something called “System Requirements” where they could also list the specifics of what their software requires to run on a PC. They could easily write for a few professional dedicated hardware products and sell many times over what they currently do if they were to write versions of their professional software for PC. Then again, some already realized this and are doing it.
    When it comes to this particular issue (the one that brought you here in the first place . . . yeah, the one that has the tittle up there), it’s a David and Golliath story again . . . except that in reality it is usually Golliath who wins. Shame on you Apple, rather than give these guys a chance to actually sell (and thus, make it more affordable/appealing which equals mass produced) your so called “best”, you go after them? What are you guys afraid of? That it may actually work?
    It’s always been like this . . . Apple makes it first, them Microsoft makes it affordable. After all these years . . . which company got the real dough? I wish the Golliath was Microsoft backing up Psystar . . . now THAT would be interesting to follow up.
    Many years ago I would have bought a Rolex because it was a fine mechanical time piece, the best available. Today instead I wear a Casio that has Atomic timekeeping for most of the world, has a compass, a barometer and aslo an altimeter. If I were to buy a Rolex today, it would be to brag. Only time will tell . . . tell if Apple becomes a Rolex or remains (with so much less to do and much le$$ to do it) ahead.

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