Zune Boards, A Zune Forum & Blog Created By 15 Year Old, Hansup Yoon Sells For $62,000

Zune Boards is a forum and blog that is run by 15 year old, Hansup Yoon. Zune Boards is a community site that is dedicated to promoting the news of the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Zune. J. Allard should be proud.

Zune Boards generated about $1,000 per month profit before being sold. The forum has about 60,000 users. The forum was bought for $62,000 by CrowdGather, Inc. CrowdGather is a Woodland Hills, Calif. based community built around forums. To date, CrowdGather has bought over 70 forum sites.

Yoon created the forum a few months before Microsoft introduced the Zune to the market.

“It was the most perfect time to start a Web site about Zune, and I was
one of the first few to create a Zune-related site,” stated Yoon. Yoon built the forum using MyBBoard and then later switched to vBulletin and Joomla. The forum was sold on SitePoint.

“Bidding was getting close to the Buy It Now price, and I didn’t want
to lose (ZuneBoards) over a few thousand dollars,” stated CrowdGather’s
founder, Sanjay Sabnani.

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Zune Boards, A Zune Forum & Blog Created By 15 Year Old, Hansup Yoon Sells For $62,000 Comments

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