Stephenie Meyer Puts 5th Book On Hold Due To “Midnight Sun” Internet Leak

Read an update about Midnight Sun here: [March 2009].

Stephanie Meyer is the author of the “Twilight” series. The books in the series include Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Meyer’s gave an early copy of the book to several of her close contacts of her fifth installment titled Midnight Sun. Part of this book leaked on the Internet.

Below is an excerpt from Meyer’s website regarding her feelings about the leak:

I did not want my readers to experience Midnight Sun before it
was completed, edited and published. I think it is important for
everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my
rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author
of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner
of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this
is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a
book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn’t
mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it.
Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and
share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is
done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience
for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better
understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.

The Twilight series is about a love story between a girl named Bella and a vampire named Edward. Meyers felt that it was appropriate to respond to the leak by putting the next book on hold for some time and to place the draft of the book on her own site.

The series is published by Little, Brown and Company. The picture above is from Meyer’s bio page from her website.

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Stephenie Meyer Puts 5th Book On Hold Due To “Midnight Sun” Internet Leak Comments

  1. Hailey Hollinshead says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    i’m really sorry about this leak and everything else, but i’m a huge fan! I love your books espiecially the twilight series. I think you should really write the rest of these books because sure, some of the book has been posted but that just wants fans to read it more now that there into it, and please, if you could, write more than just midnight sun, i would and so would everyone else if you got back to this series and make more books to it. I love this series and, if it makes you feel better your books are my favorite in the whole world so please,please,please get over this internet leak quickly.
    from your biggest fan,
    Hailey Hollinshead

  2. H.C.H says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    i’m really sorry about this leak and everything else, but i’m a huge fan! I love your books espiecially the twilight series. I think you should really write the rest of these books because sure, some of the book has been posted but that just wants fans to read it more now that there into it, and please, if you could, write more than just midnight sun, i would and so would everyone else if you got back to this series and make more books to it. I love this series and, if it makes you feel better your books are my favorite in the whole world so please,please,please get over this internet leak quickly.
    from your biggest fan,

  3. CJ says:


  4. Alyssa says:

    Hey!! I love Twilight (series) and I think just because some idiot put your draft\s on your website does not mean that you should stop. I hope that after or if u right the 5th book you should also do more but yeah i understand if you dont. I also think that your vocabulary us outstanding. Your story make you feel like you are actually whom ever is speaking. <—yoda haha. May your writing skils be with you!!!

  5. Jenna says:

    Hello Stephanie,
    I would like to say, that i thought the twilight series was going to be stupid, because everyone was obsessing over it. Usually i don’t like stuff that everyone is into. But i decided to read it out of bordem (no offense) and couldn’t put it down. That whole sunday i finished the whole book. I couldn’t believe the detail and thought you put into that.. I don’t know how you came up with somethign like that..!! I am very impressed. I couldn’t find anyone who i could borrow “New Moon” from and the library didn’t have it . and because i am so obsessed i am having an audio clip read it to me .. haha ;)

    well i hope you do publish that fifth book .!!
    I would also like to say, that with your book being made into i movie, i hope that they make the whole series. AND, i also think this will be bigger than the, guineess world record book, harry potter is!!
    best of luck <3

  6. anna says:

    o.m.j.-oh my jasper
    you r like a very awesome writer and to make a fifth addition to the saga would make me and my friends jump with joy we all love you and the saga
    and really i never liked reading until i read the saga i fell in love with the Cullen’s…but for the fifth book you should have jasper talk some more cuz we would all like 2 here what he has to say…bye
    p.s.can’t wait to read the 5th book and midnight sun…i read what u posted up on your web site and it made me thirsty 4 more

  7. roblegua says:

    One day my sister and I were returning from work with some of her friends and they started talking about Twilight. All I could hear was about Twilight, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. So I bought ALL four books all at once. From the very first chapter I was intrigued and I knew if I stopped that I was going to suffer and wonder what was next. So I kept reading. I read the first book in about 8 hours and I had to keep going. I kept going and I am now on my third book after 3-4 days. I just have to say one thing: THEY ARE THE MOST EXHILARATING BOOKS I HAVE READ IN A WHILE!!!! I JUST LOVE THEM!!!!

    Also, I wanted to say how sorry I am for the leak on your 5th installment of your series but PLEASE don’t get discouraged. Your fans have gotten the chance to see Bella’s point of view but not Edward’s and it would be a shame that we don’t get to see that. I know that you created your Bella and Edward and we have gotten to love them, not as much as you, but very close. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THEM AWAY FROM US!!!! GIVE US HOPE FOR THE FIFTH AND ANY MORE INSTALLMENTS OF BELLA AND EDWARDS LOVE!!!

    I hope that this post can mean something and can persuade you to keep working on the fifth installment.

  8. Sydney says:

    Mrs. Stephanie Meyer, I’m heartbroken that you punish your loyal fans that don’t copyright infringe! I was looking forward to your fifth book (I went through the first four I think too quick). If you must put it on hold- which is understandable- i hope it’s not on hold too long! Along with myself and your other trustworthy fans we’re honestly looking forward to your fifth and hopefully more to come. Maybe after you finish your fifth you should write about Renesme! Good luck, and God bless.

    Huge Fan,

  9. Mk says:

    please publish the other book! i dont want the books to end and they are so wonderful

  10. Megan says:

    I’m going to open up to you yet I don’t even know you but here goes:

    I would have to say that I am literally the biggest fan of the Twilight series and here’s why: for the longest time, I lived my life afraid to fall in love because I was afraid of being hurt and losing the person I fell for! However, when I read Twilight, I honestly think I loved Edward more than Bella! Just that book alone gave me the courage to find someone to love!
    Not to mention, I have a bad case of ADHD and these books are the only ones I’ve found that I don’t get lost in a different thaught (for examlpe: DUCKS!) When I started reading your books, it influenced them to read it as well because they thought if it held my attention, they would absoutly enjoy it!

    I’m not trying to talk you into finishing the book because I know you’re only human and I know your rights as well, I’m just saying that as such of a big fan as I am, that book means a lot more to me than just another book… It actaully touch my life in more ways than you could imagine!

    Forever a #1 fan,

  11. Twilight Freak says:

    I love your books and especially the twilight series.I hopw you will be able to get over this illegal posting of midnight sun by next year because what that person was not fair to us or you. I hope you’ll continue the series because your fans are counting on you. Try to get pver this ASAP, please. I think everyone will appreciate it. Thanks! Your biggest fan!

  12. CAROLINE says:

    I love your books..
    especially the twilight series..
    so please publish the other book! i dont want the books to end and they are so wonderful..
    when i heard of the twilight serie by my friends i decided to read them and i instantly fell in love with them..
    i love how the story its about vampires and stuff and how bella falls in love with edward..
    its sooo romantic..
    so plz publish the other book..

    your my idol..

    Huge and #1 fan..

  13. Jamie says:

    I absolutly love your books, and so do all of my friends. Please do not stop writing your books because they are excellent!! I love them, you are such a good writer!!! PLEASE!!!! DON’T STOP WRITING!!!! :)

  14. Brandy says:

    Once I started reading these books it was almost impossible to put them down. I have got several other people reading them and they say the same thing. I’m extremely sorry about the violation of your rights, but knowing that there is a possibility for a 5th book that may never be seen is such a waste. Please finish your work in progress!!!!

  15. Mar says:

    HEY! BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ! Please finish your book even though some dorks did that!

  16. Ashley says:

    Please don’t stop with just 4 books you are such an amazing writer . Me and all my friend enjoyed reading your books and are really hoping for more. PLEASE

  17. Nicole says:

    I redead each book so many times that i rembered all of them. i know your upset but PLEASE finish the fifth book for all your fans who appreciate you and your imagination. I am obbsesed, i know, but i really need the fifth book. PPLEASSSSSSS
    FINISH It. :(

  18. Michelle says:

    Stephanie, you see all the people who truly adore Edward & Bella, I myself am a 43 yr old who also fell in love with the books. Please, I was so sad when the forth book ended. I never read any of the fifth book that was posted online. I won’t do that!! I hope that everybody else will respect you & do the same.

  19. Kelcie says:

    Stephanie…wow what can I say I really do love your books they were great. My sister started to read them and then she got me into them and ever sence i read twlight i fell in love with the book. And I think you should make as many more books as you can. There really great! I can read them all day if i really wanted to..Id have to say these are the betest books I have ever read. Good job, keep up the good work!

  20. Krystel says:

    Hi um… your books have affected me in a way they have affected anyone else. i am a 14 year old in NC i read you books nonstop i am reading them for at least the 22nd time now. i wish to be bella more than anyone else. my dad has MAJOR health problems and i really wish you would start midnight sun again. i also think you should do “new moon” and “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn” From Edwards View…. I Also Think You Should Do Them all From Jacobs View Too. you have no idea the affect your book have had on people… especially me. your books have given me hope about finding my Edward. i am your #1 fan… and the #1 fan of twilight….. if any way please start with the books again … and take my suggestion about doing the rest in Edwards view and them all in Jacobs.
    thank you,
    Krystel ??

  21. Irene says:

    hey, i am very sad that your have put a hold on the books, but i understand how you feel. Those people had no right to do that but i am really affected i hope you continue working on the books i am like in love with EDWARD and i liked the movie but its never going to be as good as the book i really wish you the best and i hope like i said before that you continue working on the books, i am really looking foward to reading it or them
    Have a nice day and take care

    thank you :)

  22. Irene says:

    By the way i love your twilight books their the best books i have read.

    ***YOUR A MASTER MIND*** lol

  23. Katie says:



  24. Izabella says:

    This book series is amazing!!!!

  25. Johanna says:



  26. hajar says:

    hey stephanie
    im really sorry about the leak i totally now how you feel .I may not right stories or books but i do right poetry(not depressing) and i feel ur pain .But please for the good of ur fans pleaseee start righting again ive read alot of fictional books from harry potter to eragon and as much as i lived them and they were all special yours is the one that truly touched my heart . You are an amazing writer plaese dont make us wit too long .I wish i could right more about how much i loved ur books but that would take all day. i read the twilight saga like 800 times i can never have enouph. sooo pleaseee. good bye .please read this . u rockk!!!!!!!!!

  27. hajar says:

    hey stephanie
    im really sorry about the leak i totally now how you feel .I may not right stories or books but i do right poetry(not depressing) and i feel ur pain .But please for the good of ur fans pleaseee start righting again ive read alot of fictional books from harry potter to eragon and as much as i liked them and they were all special yours is the one that truly touched my heart . You are
    an amazing writer plaese dont make us wit too long .I wish i could right more about how much i loved ur books but that would take all day. i read the twilight saga like 800 times i can never have enouph. sooo pleaseee. good bye .please read this . u rockk!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lauren says:

    i am really sorry about what happened. and i understand that it was dishonest, but i really think you should maybe re-write your book and make it evenn better!! (if thats possible) and you should really reconsider this. Plus Breaking Dawn left me hanging. i really want to know what happens next. and i need a good book to read!!!! i have no books!!!!
    PLease reconsider my request please

  29. Rhonda says:

    I just wanted to congratulate you on capturing the hearts and minds of so many young girls! And lets not forget all the Moms too. My daughter is in love with your series and I too have become hooked. I just finished the fourth book and was disappointed that it had to end. I would gladly read the fifth book should you decided to finish it and would read any others if there were any. Thank you for allowing all of us to experience the Bella/Edward story.

  30. Sugar says:

    Edward is HHHOOOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:


    You are the greatest writer ever! I love how you can so vividly put the images in the readers head and make us turn the page without even realizing how much we are reading. I love this series. By the time it took me to read the first page of Twilight i was hooked. by the first line and the way you put the same line from the beginning and reiterated in the end was great. I finished Twilight at 11:30 at night and began reading New Moon right then and didn’t go to sleep until i made myself cause it was a school night and then as soon as i got home i dug right in again. I actually extended the time it took me to read Breaking Dawn because I didn’t want it to end. That was so Hard to do. Your saga has made me think that anything is possible and i hope you decide to continue writing this series. I can not wait to see what comes next in Midnight Sun even though i will wait until it is published so i can get the full effect.
    Thank You

  32. Stephenie Meyer ROCKS!!! says:

    u inspire me so much i love ur books u are the best writer ever U R AWESOME twilight seris is the best books ive read im not a reader but then when istarted ur books i couldnt stop reading

  33. nicole says:


  34. kitkat says:

    pleace finish the books u r a really good writer ur books r addicting and very good Thank you for writing the books

  35. samantha says:

    hey stephanie,
    I just wanted to say that your books are really good and i like them and so do a lot of other people. they are really good books. you put romance in with excitement and danger and all that cool stuff too and i really enjoy them. but i wish you would complete and publish midnight sun. i think it would be a good book.
    you’re a really good author. please finish the fifth book.

  36. scooter says:

    ur books are REALLY good!! please finish the fifth book!! ur awesome!

  37. ghsghh says:


  38. i like the twilight books says:

    ok i know ur probably tired of hearing this but please finish the fifth book. i bet it would be a really good book and i know that your upset and all and i totally understand that but i really want u to finish midnight sun. all my friends who have read the books want you to finish it too. i bet you get tired of a bunch of people saying PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN but they just want to encourage you to finish it and publish it. please ur books r really good and we all want to read midnight sun. please. please stephenie.

    from: a twilight fan
    age 12
    P.S. i really enjoy ur books.

  39. Please make a 5th book! says:

    You have made me love reading again! I love books like this and would love to have an ending that made all of this anticipation go away! Your writing is very understandable. The story and the book is so much better than the movie. I hope that they involve you in the next movie “New Moon”. I have a feeling it will be mch better! Please consider publishing Midnight Sun! Good luck!

  40. Mariah Reynolds says:

    I am truly sorry that your privacy was violated. It is understandable that you might want to get away from this book because of that. Well, please reconsider. The readers and fans of the Twilight series are really hoping that you do. I am only 10, but I love your books. I read all of the time-everything! You are awesome and it was cool to see that you were in the Twilight movie too. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  41. maddie says:

    so what exactly happened? did someone go online and like steal ur storie? why wasnt ur story kept in a safer place? but whatever u can do to makw that book, u need to do it!! and u r such a great writer! u need to keep on writing this series, there is a who;le bunchh of things that u can do! like edwards point of veiw, renesme when she is growing up, just really, keep it goin!!! u have such an awsome talent!!! i love your writing! just keep writing more to the series! i just finished the 4th book last night and i cried cuzx i know there is no more! please keep writing!!! u r GREAT!!!

  42. zachary says:

    I know that ur upset that some losers posted your draft of midnigt sun on the internet. But can u please just finish it.

    your biggest fan,
    Zach Age: 9

  43. Aleigha says:

    hello, stephanie,
    i just loved the twilight series and i really, really want you to finsh the midnight sun book because everyone will just love it and even thou it got leaked over the intrnet, that just makes people want to read it een more!!!! so please, please finish it for your fans!!!
    one of your biggest fans,

  44. Jen says:

    The leaked book might be upsetting but I think that you will regret not finishing your fifth book just because of the leak. It is worth finishing especially so that when you look back on it you dont feel regret or anger. Finish the series for yourself as well as your fans. unless you have writers block….

  45. Daniel says:

    Dear Stephanie Meyer,
    I totally Agree With you about what happened mwith your fifth book. i hope that You Decide To publish it Soon Because you are an amazing Author. i hope you write many more books in the twilight series because they are truly AMAZING, and i love the Twist that you put onto VAMPIRE LORE, instead of bursting into flames in the sun, they sparkle, how some have special abillities that amplified from when they were a human to when they were turned into a vampire. and dont take this lightly but i love this series and i have been suggesting that everyone that i konw read this even f they are not into vampirs, that they should still read it. you are a great author kep wriotting. we love your books. oh and before i forget, on behalf of all the kids in(Vocal)and WHS that read your books, we love them.

  46. Breanne says:

    I feel so bad for you that you had the copy of Midnight Sun stolen from you. It is like you said a violation of your rights and that should have not been done. I really enjoyed the first 4 books and i was really looking forward to Edwards point of veiw. It is not fair for the people who were waiting to read your books to not be able to because someone wanted the half done copy of it. Well what im getting at is that i think you should publish your book because there is people like me that were really looking forward to it.

  47. Katelyn says:

    I believe as the author of the Twilight saga you are the true owner of this book and should continue to unravel the really copy of the book. I am greatly unhappy by the foolish event that has occured but there is no need to conclude the greatly loved books by ending with an unfinished story. You as an amazing author should proceed in completing the series with a 5th book or even more books on every perpective and idea you can ponder, therefore you fans and book loves can continue reading your well known books.

  48. Gianna says:

    Omg at first I wasn’t sure twighlight was really going to interest me…I was soooo wrong I’m literally engrossed in it!!! I think it’s an truley amazing book and I can’t wait to read midnight sun, I’m soooo curious to see Edwards side of the story. (:

  49. Ruby says:

    i love your books you should keep going i dont under stand why im so atached to the book i can hardly read any thing else plz write the 5th book ilove your books please. I now you will be able to get over this illegal posting of midnight sun.

  50. Cassandra says:

    Halo Stephanie Meyer,
    You are an AMAZING author. And I really agree with you,people should not be doing that.
    Gah, would’nt it be stellar to meet you and the cast in person ^^. And God Bless You and your family.


  51. Karla says:

    Well dear Stephenie,
    I am going to tell the truth. Before I seen your film “Twilight” I thought that writing about vampires is silly and I really did not want read that. Every girl in my class was reading one of the books. But than, a few days ago, I went to cinema with my best friend and we seen your 1st book`s film. It was awsome! It the best film ever filmed. I can hardly wait the 2nd film. And I have to admit, Edward Cullen is very hot! =))).
    So I dicaded to start reading 2nd, 3rd and 4th book. There are a lot of pages, but I never mind. If the book is so interesting, and full of love and humor, it`s worth of reading. I love your writing very much now!
    New fan of “Twilight” serias, Karla

  52. Tara says:

    i love your series!! i stopped reading and my sister told me about your book and i REALLY REALLY LOVE them and i never want to put it down i read the first 3 books in 2-4 weeks, i love them so much and i understand that its hard because they invaded your privacy but we love your books. i would love to keep reading your books.

  53. katie wesely says:

    Dear Stephanie Meyer,
    I think u should write the 5th book i have read all of your books my aunt introtuced me and I can’t explain how much I want to read a 5th book

  54. Sara says:

    Dear stepehenie,
    please i beg of you write the 5th book.
    i feel so pathetic, reading the first 4 books over and over again. me and my friends cant get enough. i understand that you have a rite to publishing ure own book… but do u really want all of ure greatest fans to miss out on the amazing work that uve done, just because of onw stupid person who had to ruin it for everyone. please listen to me!!!
    I LOVE URE BOOK!!!!!!
    <3 ure biggest book fan- Sarah Ben Porat

  55. Sara says:

    I love ure books!@1!!

  56. malka Ben Porat says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    i am totally obsessed with all your books.
    Even though im finished reading all your 4 books
    im still reading all the books over and over again,its the best!
    please rite the 5th book. Its just so unfrair that ure greatesr fans are missing out on what would be so enjoyedable and fun to read. please dont keep ure biggest fans waiting.

  57. dark angel says:

    i love your books they are amazing and i saw the film that rocked i just hope that you will keep on writing and adding on to te twilight series

    (btw i love you books they rock)

    (love your biggest fan m)

  58. Brooke says:

    Omg I luv your books i have almost all of them just need book 4….When r u droping the hold on the 4th book?Im SUPER eger to get it….btw TY FOR MAKEING THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!

  59. Ladan says:

    Dear Stephenie Meyer, I absolutely love your books and pls pls pls finish the last book and this probably won’t matter but your books have totally inspired me and you are the best author ever and I’m sorry that it was leaked on the internet.x

  60. Cristal says:

    i never liked reading books but when my friends told me about twiligth i decited to give it a try i imediatly feel in love with it i couldn’stop reading it. so after i finish reading all four of them i was so into them that i read them like about 10 times each and now i really want the fith book to come out and i can’t wait for it so please write it.

    Your greatest fan Cristal

  61. Holly says:


    im not much of a book reader, and if you were to ask my mother or father, they would be the first to agree. Often when i was seen reading, i’d be asked if i wasnt feeling ok. well you get the point. Anyways Mum paid me $5 to read the first one. So i did. Ive been completely in love with the series since. I suddenly have an urge to read them whenever im free. Which was crazy for me. :). I’d finished the first three and rather then continueing to read the fourth, i decided to wait. So for months ive just been reading those certain books. My reason is simply i don’t want it to end. i love knowing theres more that i havent yet read, so i simply keep putting it off. However when i found out about a 5th one, i was reading the fourth instantly, and now knowing what the fourth one is about, im intrigued to see what else could happen to Bella and her family. I would love to see the future for the Cullens decades later. So in conclusion, sorry for it being so long, i really would love for you to put out the 5th book and not let someone, whos trying to spoil this, win.
    Thanks alot,

  62. Ella says:

    Dear Stephenie,

    I am really sorry about what happened. I love your books and when I found out you weren’t going to finish writing Midnight Sun, I was so dissapointed, and I still am. Please, please write the rest of it? Me and my friends don’t know what to do now we’ve read the Twilight series, hardly any other books seem exciting enough.

    Thanks, Ella :)

  63. jazmine Washington says:

    you are my favorite book writer ever i love all of your twilight books i was very inspired . IT was so good I just finshed the 4th book today and i dont know what eles to read I might just read all the books again!!!! no lie. and I am very sorry about your 5th book but PLEAS PLEAS PLEAS dont let that stop you from still finshing it and publish it. I hope those people just learn a lesson about what they have done.

  64. eirn says:

    Hey i love your books. They inspire so many people. No one wants your books to come to a end. Everyone loves every single one of your books. Your books paint a excellent picture of everything, you make it so vivid like we are right there with them. Thank-you for your books they are a truely superb gift.

  65. Desiree says:


  66. Lexie says:

    I’m a fourteen year old teenage girl who hated reading. Until i begain twilight and couldn’t put it down! Now I Really enjoy reading your Twilight series.
    I am anticipatiing reading the fifth book, when and if it gets published. Please, please, please finish writing it! I love love love the series and they are addicting. I read the first four books in less than a month and i couldn’t wait to read the fifth book, until i heard about this leak. I haven’t read anything of the fifth book, because i was waiting for it to come out. But i really want to read it. So please can you forgive this little incident and complete the fifth book and however many books you write after it? You are quite an amazing author and i hope to see the books coming! Please, consider writing the twilight series!

  67. Carol says:

    Commonsense indicates that the leak had to occur through Ms. Meyer’s close contacts. It is a violation both personal and professional.

    I would hope that given enough time Ms. Meyer’s will finish her fifth book, and not let the doings of a few, spoil it for the rest of her avid readers.

  68. alyson says:

    im sorry for what had happened but i really love your books and the twilight saga.when i read your books i feel like im there and im in the story.after i read breaking dawn i didnt want it to come to an end and i just want it to never end im just so unhappy about what that person did to you and your right that its wrong for someone to do whats they did.i just want you to know that when i go to school everyone is reading it and its not just the girls ( lol )and there is this one girl and she keeps reading it and reading it and reading it like theres going to be something different about the story well i got to go

    from one of your boggest fans

  69. Casey says:

    Hey Girls.
    I cannot BELIEVE that someone would ruin it for us! :( I am so upset! I LOVE the twilight seires they are like THE BEST!! (By the way steph meyer is Gien-Yus!… I luv her!) I love Edward and with his point-of-view it would be so much better! I know she probably wont, but if she does, i hope steph reads all this and knows that her fans cant wait for more of Edward, bella, alice (she rocks), Jasper (so does he) Emmett (and him) Rose, and im not even team Jacob, but, him too. I have read all of them over 4 times (lost count)and now i just need another book! PLEEEEEEASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!!!! WE NEED MORE TWILIGHT!!! (Breaking Dawn is the best) and like all the girls in my school want more because, every teenaged girl has read the books (excpet for the ones that are weird and dont like twilight) and we really want to find out more about him. Whats going on in his head for once. So i think i speak for a lot of girls (and boys??) when i say Steph, dont worry, keep writing, because you have 10000000000000000 (never ending) fans out there and we want more EDWARD (and BELLA!!!) I read the first bit of it in the back of the twilight special edition and i am already attached. Please dont stop now! And also it would be great if you could write another one after breaking dawn. That would just make my day! ;)

    From Edward’s BIGGEST Fan (I love him)

  70. diana gonzalez says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need more twilight. please!!!!

  71. Edward Cullen's #1 fan!!!! says:

    i’m really sorry wat people do. But please finish the fifth book?! i have read too many books and i have to admitt this is d best book i hav ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. aroosa sheikh says:

    dear stephanie
    i really want 2 read da fifth part.u r a very good writer nd i want u to do it plzz.
    i have become a fan of Edward cullen

  73. aroosa sheikh says:

    plzzz stephanie i realy want 2 read da 5th part.forget da people who r against it.but we all luvvv da novel somuch.i really want u 2 plzzz

  74. Leah says:

    I want this book I realy do and I have not read it yet and I will not read it untill it comes out!!!

  75. Natalie says:

    Hi Stephenie,
    I was advised by a friend to read the Twilight series books (not really knowing what they were about), so for my christmas 2008 I received the first 3 from my mum. She never bought Breaking Dawn as it was hardback and the other 3 were paperback. Anyway it was not until the end of January that I actually picked up the first book to read it. The day I started Twilight I realised that I could not put the book down. As I also work full time I only had evenings (not much time of due to being tired and ill as im pregnant) and lunch hours at work to get through, so the week I was reading them I took the Friday off work and read the whole of Eclipse after starting and finishing New Moon the day before, staying up till midnight to read it. However as I only had the first 3, I had ordered the 4th from only for it not to arrive in the post on the Saturday morning, so Saturday at about 5pm my husband drove all the way into town (bout 15 miles away) and bought me the 4th, I did not care that I paid for them twice, I could not finish the 3rd until I had the 4th in my hand. I started the Saturday night and finished the Sunday evening. That was all 4 books read in the 1 week. I like most others would love to read more of the series, I totally fell in love with Edward & Bella, they were so perfect for each other, I was in tears reading New Moon when he left her. I kept telling everyone how much I loved these books advising everyone to read them. I would love to read if you publish Midnight Sun. Even a book based just on Edward & Bella years into their married life and years into her being a Vampire and their daughter Nessie (so cute by the way – being from Scotland myself).
    Anyway if you don’t publish anymore I just want to say that these 4 books are fantastic, I have never connected this way to a series of books before, it was heartbreaking when I read the very last page of Breaking Dawn as I knew that was it. I have actually started reading them all again, just all my fav parts of the books.
    Can’t wait to see New Moon in the cinema and then hopefully the other 2 after that.
    Good luck with the films.

  76. Rachel says:

    Dear Stephanie
    OMG!!! These books were INCREDIBLE!!! I got Twilight as a gift for Christmas last year and the day I started reading it I could not put it down. I was never the person to sit and read a book that thick but I seriously got addicted to reading it. After reading and rereading Twilight 3 times I finally went out and bought the last three about a week and a half after I had gotten the first. I so incredibly love this series that I have actually read the whole series from beginning to end 3 times and am about to make that 4 times. Im dieing for the movie to come out on dvd. Im am begging you from the bottom of my soul to please please please finish writing the 5th book and hopefully more. Please dont punish your fans for the the actions of stupid people in the world. I will be looking forward to reading the next book, but until then the Twilight series is all I can seem to find myself reading. Forever craving more Twilight!!!!

  77. Jessica says:


    You are an absolutely phenominal writer. I’m 32 years old and never thought I’d get into what everyone was calling a Young Adult series such as Twilight. But no one has grabbed my attention as a writer since V.C. Andrews series “Flowers in the Attic” back in the 80’s. Your writing makes the reader feel like the actual character and I’m excited to see what you do come up with in terms of Midnight Sun and hopefully more to come. Please do not let the leak spoil your love of the series. All of your fans really want to hear more about Bella and Edward!!!! Keep on writing and we trust you’ll do the right thing when it comes to your books.

  78. maddi says:

    your a stunner

  79. Christie says:

    OME!- oh my edward
    HI stephanie, like seriously you should totally make that fifth book. I know you’re probably very upset about the leak but i mean come on think about us too! . Im like a total fan and Im waiting for that 5th book. PPPPLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ill die if that book doesnt come out. please please please pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top. lol
    by the way youre an awesome writer! you rock!

  80. Allie says:

    Hey stephinie,
    I really hope you make a fifth book!! I am such a big fan!!I can NEVER put the book down!!I read New Moon in about a week!!! Also I read Eclipe in about 3-4 days!!!Please make a ffith book!!!

  81. Tracie says:

    Hi Stephanie, I’ve read different information…some stating that you’re not writing the 5th book, and some that say you are. I checked out your website, which saddened me to hear about the “leak”…shame on whomever did that to you. I couldn’t bring myselft to read the unedited version, I want to read the book. My girlfriends and I are big fans of your books, and passed them around and shared them. We have now read them all, and anxiously await the next one. I’m / we’re hoping that you publish the next one, if not, it will be a huge disappointment. Thank you for such entertainment, and best of luck to you. AZ Fan

  82. princess winkey says:

    i kno this may sound stupid or slightly deranged but these books to me are lik edward to bella i cnt imagine my life witout dem!wen i 1st started readin dem i was nly readin dem b4 i seen the movie cos i find that books r more often then not better than the film. wel i was wrong i cnt bring myself to go see the movie cos i dnt want my version in my head that u created ruined.u r a truely remarkable writer which iv never been able to say about the writers of my other favourite books b4 twilight and i love ur style which is something i hate to admit as i dnt lik studying poems or novels for my english class it takes the fun out of readin, but these books i didnt even hav to try and understand ur style it jst came through in my head.(i wish we cud study these books for our exams i wud easily understand it!) i dnt kno wat i wud b lik if i still hadnt read ur twilight saga. wen i was readin them i knew there was nly 4 and the thought of wen i had finished readin them made my chest feel lik it was guna shrival up i cudnt breath. i used to take jibes from my mam and sisters they thought i was jst bein melodramatic but it was the truth to this day my mam stil mock hyperventilates wen i mention ur name or the not askin u to hurry up and write more because somehow after readin all the 4 books i understand it could be hard to think of a way to top it al of the books have to get better and better and there may not be a way to top breaking dawn.(im sori about the spelling i get carried away and start txt spellin)
    princess winkey

  83. andrea says:

    omg your books are so incredible, and plese keep on writing them, Because they are something diffrent not just the same romantic story as alway´s, I have read the 4 books on 1 week and seen your movie 10 times. I am so obses with twilight series I can´t wait till midnight sun is finished and I would by the first book. I want to be an actress or maybe a writer when I grow up but the problem is I live in Colombia South America, and even I atend to the best school, I am the best actress of my school, I am not shy at all, I tried to do things such emma roberts and kristen stewart does(even remmembering part of the movie) I´ve told my mom how much I like to act I have search on Internet for castings but it is almost impossible. If i can get your help, I tried to send my information to get the paper of jane because I think I am a very good ch

  84. andrea says:

    Like all I told you just e-mail me and I can get a vido or anything.

  85. noora says:

    hi stephenine,
    i love your books they are the best thing i’ve ever read MUCH BETTER THEN HARRY POTTER you have to pudlish midnight sun plz they are the best

  86. Alex says:

    hi stephanie
    i just wanted to say i love your books
    and i cannot wait to read the fifth book
    i’ve read every book and i saw the movie the first day it came out
    you are the best

  87. Robyn says:

    Hay Stephenie
    I love your books more than anything!
    So sorry about the leak, im such a huge fan.
    Are you going to release the fifth book, i cant explain how much i want to read the book!
    Im totally obsessed, i’ve seen Twilight 12 times, so fantastic!
    Your the best author ever!!!!!

  88. kathy says:

    stephanie, i am so sorry about the leak but justdon’t get too upset because a book is a book. it is soon gonna be published so everyone can read it.
    that book leak- just pretend that it is just a long blurb to the readers

  89. Laura says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I just wanted to say how sorry I am about your latest book leaking out. I can’t imagion how upsetting it must be for your work to be seen before you were completely ready for it to be published, but I wanted to make sure that you don’t let this stop you from doing what you’re so talented at. I love all your books, especially the twilight series. I have to say i’m totally addicted to them, once I start reading I can’t stop, i’ve suffered some serious sleep deprivation trying to get to see what happens next!!haha Not to mension all of my friends who i’ve got to love the books too. So please write your next book as soon as you can I can’t wait!!
    Lots a love,
    Laura x

  90. coko says:

    omg u hav 2 finish the books there so good. i fell in love with the books and ecspecially Edward!! i cried alot in the books lol! i got all my friends and mom and granny 2 read them and they fell in luv with them 2 but i luv ur books so much and plz continue the 5th book and i no ppl shouldnt have dun wat they did but its bcuz they want to read ur books but it still didnt give them a rite 2 do that but plz finish ILY!!!! UR BIGGEST TWILIGHT FAN!!!!! COKO!!

  91. Leah says:

    omg!!!! im so upsessed with reading twilight!!! im mean really upsessed…… when i get mad i picture edward purching on a desk for his prey and smile to myself thanks to u! you wonderful geniouse woman!!!!!!!! i can say im a hge twilight fan. if my friends ever say they hate it i make them read it. problem solved! just like that….. i even got my mom and dad into it. my mom wont put the book down!!!!!!!!!! i really want you to like reply or something! or or or……………….CALL ME YOU GODESS! please please ur brilliant!!!! i love you!!!!!

  92. Twilight gal says:


  93. Amanda Marie says:

    HEY OMG i love the twilight books!!! i saw the movie and desided i could not wait any longer to find out what happens!! and trust me them books are HEUGE!! lol and i normally hate reading and like picture books lol but once i was at chapter 2 i could not stop and with in like a week i was at the store to purchase the next!! OMG i seriously am in love with edward the hot vampire!! lol and OMG jacob can rot in a sack.. GO TEAM EDWARD!! lol i hope you decide to finnishe the fifth book but i also wish you would get back in to the series they are litterally the only books i have actually enjoyed reading and MAN I AM HOOKED!!! please dont let it end!! it cant…

    love forever!! amanda

  94. Twilight Man says:

    My mom Said it was about Vampires so i thought it would be Kinda stupid But then I read some and I loved it!Please dont quit now.I Finished All 4 books in about 5 days!I really love to read And i have read alot of books and so far the twilight series are my favorite books and will be! dont stop there I cant wait to see the movie of twilight.You are such a great writer. I stayed up at Night for hours reading. I love them!Dont stop there!

  95. Twilight Man says:

    I have more to say an accident of submitting comment sorry.I am 11 also (like Twilight gal) to young to read them.But they are my favorite bokks and i love them!You shouldnt put it on hold!Im not reading the part on the internet.My mom did read it though.And said it was from Edwards point of view and then that made me want to read it more.Like i said earlier I love to read and stayed up for hours reading at night,Around 1:00 was when i fell asleep and i have to ge up at seven to go to school!You need to continue the 5th book I love your writing you Are My favorite author!

  96. THAT GUY says:

    i LOVE your books, im probably too young to read these,im 11, but PLEASE finish them! AND, i am SURE nobody wants you to stop at the fifth book either, you are,like, FAMOUS! I love all of your books,THEY are GREAT! Don’t stop here! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! i NEED to read more! It’s, like, an addiction,SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish it,and if you can write more! I would Love that!

  97. Victoria A Isles says:

    i really do LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! they are amazing, and i dont want to sotp reading them. i used to hate reading untill i was ten, now i love books, because i read yours, and they are full of magic! i am now 11, but i can’t stop reading them! i am now looking forward to the the 20th of june, and the 13th of september!
    i love your books i can read them over and over again, and still enjoy them!
    so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you let out midnight sun? hope you can. i love your books!

  98. rachel says:

    i love your books there really cool i heard tht you were writing a 5th book to the twilight series and i think it would be awsome if you did publish it i only on the 3rd book but when i read the 1st chapter of twilight i loved it im 1 of your biggest fans your books are awsome

  99. jenna says:

    im sooooooooooooo sry stephenie pleeeeeeease make another book i looooove the series and edward pleeeeeeeease

  100. Linda Jennings says:

    Hi Stephanie. I know you have heard it before but please, please finish writing Midnight Sun. Every woman I have talked to has either read, or is reading the twighlight series and is truly truly hoping to read the Midnight Sun. I will buy it and I know many many more will as well. I am hoping to see books on Jacob’s story, as well as Alice’s. I love your writing. Please re-consider it. We love you.

  101. Linda Jennings says:

    Hi Stephanie. I know you have heard it before but please, please finish writing Midnight Sun. Every woman I have talked to has either read, or is reading the twighlight series and is truly truly hoping to read the Midnight Sun. I will buy it and I know many many more will as well. I am hoping to see books on Jacob’s story, as well as Alices. I love your writing. Please consider it. We love you.

  102. Danii says:

    Stephanie ,

    I really really hope to read Midnight Sun very soon! i just finished breaking dawn and it was my favourite of all four books. They just keep getting better. I love Bella,Edward and Renesemee ther sucha kute family :D:D i must say though i love it more when its from bellas point of few because shes just wonderful. Im afraid its going to be suddenly all about Renesemee and jacob . . but your the boss and i know i’ll love watever you write. Your just brilliant and have an amazing imagination i admire you so much! i hope you write lots follow ups :D i love all four books and i truely cannot wait for the fifth. your simply an amazing one of a kind mind !
    thanks for twilight, new moon, eclipse, breakind dawn and hopefully Midnightsun :D:D:D::D:D:D


  103. Amanda says:

    Dear Stephenie,
    I am really sorry about the leak that happened. I know that its upsetting and that you wont write it right now..but do hope you intend to persue it later on. I thought that Twilight was going to be a horrible book… But i read the first chapter and was hooked. Now i have read the WHOLE SERIES more than 10 times and i just finished the Host. I really hope that you keep writing Midnight Sun and the other Twilight books in Edwards perspective. Your books really relate to our age and i had one question. Are you going to write a secong book after the host and if you do will you publish it?

    Thanks!And remember we are supporting you!!

  104. Sadie. says:


    I understand the things that have happened with some of the book getting out and all. You are the best auther, i have never finished a book in my life till i read yours. They are amazing, well beyond that. I really wish you would publish Midnight Sun, cause that would be GREAT. Well i hope you do the right thing that makes you and your fans happy.

  105. Chelsea Sadler says:

    I just what to say your book’s are the best i’m 12 years old i read all your books i’m reading the Breaking dawn i just what to say if you don’t write the 5 book then one one is gonna get to see what Edward saw like he felt like he was gonna kill her at first and you got mad because people found out if you stop writing about the books i well never pick a book up that i really read i never read books untill i read Twilight, then New Moon, Elcipse, and Breaking Dawn your the best writer and i just what to say no one but you can make you stop writing these books your the best even if you did but your letting me dwon my mom ever one and even your shelf??? Does that mean anything to you?

  106. Arabella says:

    I wish you would continue the MIDNIGHT SUN series after reading the Twilight i can feel something is missing and when i read your draft for MIDNIGHT SUN i know i found what i’m looking for but not enough though hehehe….! i’m hoping you could start and continue what you started in MIDNIGHT SUN Edward’s perspective is one of a kind! Thank you! don’t worry your fan’s will still buy your book no matter what.

  107. Maria says:

    Dear Stephenie,

  108. Maria says:

    Dear Stephenie, Please continue writing the twilight series! I never want there to be an end! My friends all think i’m obsessed with Twilight and all of your other books but, I don’t care what my friends think. I’ve had a hard time relating myself to your books. But i guess it’s because no guy would ever want to go out with me! I think you should write the entire series over again but in Edward’s prospective. It would be very interesting to see what it was like for Edward in Breaking Dawn!

  109. Brooklyn says:

    i no my letter doesen’t mean mush or anyting in this case but i have a few idias for music in the eclipse movie and breaking dawn i’m 10 and already read 2 and a hafe books and i changed the way i am i love the romance between edward bella and jocob its like what you said in eclipse hot and cold. when i’m looking at twilight pictures one hand is boiling hot and the other is freasing so that makes me think i’m bella and i think ii’ll tryout for renesmee when shes older and no need for shapining my teeth they are like a real vampires and i’ll do anything if you finish midnight sun it would mean a lot to a lot to the people arould the world but mostly me but its your choise if you can e mail me at like i said your books have changed me and all i have to say at this point in my life and probly for the rest is…….Thank You Stephine Meyer

  110. Sarita says:

    I am a 34 year old woman and I am addicted to your books! We read them for our book club and I was not too eager, but you had me hooked on the first page of the Twilight book! I had to finish all these books and I was up until 4 am with each book (and I am a mother of two young kids!) I was so saddened when I finished Book 4…I felt so bereft and I felt like I would never see the Cullens again. Plase continue on with Midnight Sun–it’s fanastic to read Edward’s POV and I do hope you do publish it!!!
    It has been one of the greatest books I ever had read…

  111. Ashley says:

    I like your books alot i love to read. But once i picked up your first book, it was new to me i haven’t every seen anything like it. My parents didn’t see me for a while cuz i was so into it lol. Butyou are doing a great job, so don’t let them jerks get you down.

  112. Jessica says:

    Dear Stephenie.
    I LOVE all the books you have written. I think you should keep writting the rest of the books. Everyone i have talked to loves them and would love to read more. I know in my opinion I would absolutly love to read more. These are like the first books I have ever really been connected into in a long time, and everytime I pick up the books a jult of adrenaline goes through me. It is absolutly amazing to experience. I am adicted to these books and its an amazing feeling to read and connect with these characters the way i do. So I think you should keep writting these for me and all the other fans that enjoy these books. Thank-you:)

  113. Iliana says:

    dear stephenie,

    i am a 16 year old girl who lives in Thessaloníki, a small town in Greece. Reading your books was one of the best experiences ever. I ve been locked in my room for hours and all i was doing was reading,crying or screaming. The first time i cried was when Ed kissed her that night…. i still don’ t know how can Sb cry prompted by book. but i did cry, i did feel exuberant when Bella gave birth, when Edward was safe again or when Renesme spoke her first words! I still can remember how frustrated i was when Bella realized she was in love with Jacob.I was in a bad mood for like a week!!! Anyway… Of course you ‘ll never read this… But still.. I wanted to say thank you…And let you know that i’ m really curious about ed’ s book!!!! So…. Thanks again and see you when(if) it gets published!!!! Love…

    yours sincerely,

    a fan of yours,

  114. kalia says:

    sorry about it i already read all of your four books in a week they are awesome i really hope you publish it soon 4 me 2 read i can wait

  115. kalia says:

    hey me again i wanna add somethin ………. i love the movie watched it a million times

  116. ahsley says:

    Dea Stephanie,

    I love your books! All of your books! I wanted to just also express my sorrow that there was a leak with Edward’s point of view for the Twilight series. I read your posting, and it is incredible. I would absolutely love to read the entire series from Edward’s eyes. It is incredibly interesting.

  117. Parker A. says:

    hey sorry about how everybody found out about the new book please please please please please please please please please please please please keep on wrighting the 5th book i am only on the first but i started late but i am in luv with it and i get so conected when Edward and Bella are together and i can’t wait till i get through all of them because i want to hear the whole story but i would be devistated if u didn’t wright the 5th book pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssse wright the rest of it i can’t wait till i get to the 4th one because everybody says it is the best see you later bi <3

  118. tor says:

    Stephanie I know I’m just another fan, but I just want to say how much i loved your books. I personally am not one to read; I’d rather watch a movie and be lazy in my comfy pants. I actually did not read your books until I had seen the movie Twilight. Once I read the first book i couldn’t put it down. I got in trouble in school for reading just because i couldn’t put it down; I stayed up until I had no choice but to sleep. The whole Twilight saga is so amazing. You have every right in the world to be angry about the leak, honeslty i would be furious. I don’t know what I would do. If you ever do decide to release the next book that would be fantastic, your books are addicting. this is coming from someone who hates to read. I even started to read the Twilight saga over for the second time. Please if you find it in your heart, im sure it would mean alot to all of your fans if you released the next book. Once again you are an awesome writer, and don’t let the actions of others keep you from doing what your really amazing at.

  119. Mindy says:

    I truly love the twilight series. Your words poured on to paper truly are captivating. i wish more than anything you’d continue the saga. possibly even another from bellas point of view

  120. Linda says:

    stephanie.. your great and hope to see your 5th book soon… sorry about what happened.. Linda

  121. Destiny says:

    I relly hope you continue to right the books!! I luv them!! if you do decide to continue righting them i think you should do all the books from edwards, jacobs, and the last book from renesmes view. it would be soo cool!!

  122. Whitney says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    I may only be a thirteen year old girl and my thoughts about your books may not be any intrest to you, but i just wanted to let you know that your books are beyond. They make me want to change my life, be a better person. They canged my whole outlook on the world. At first I just watched the movie because evryone else was watching it, but when I watched it I realized why everyone was so obsessed. So I decided to start reading the books. I then realized that the movie was the most amazing movie
    I ever watched, I loved it even more then the titanic, but I also realized that the movie couldn’t even compare to how phenomenal the book was. I was hooked to the books i couldn’t put them down. When i wasn’t reading them I was thinking of them. But it was strange when I noticed that none of the Twilight objects interested me, only the books and movie. So without hesitating i went out and spent eighty dollar of my money ( all my money i had saved up) adn baught all th books in hard cover. As long as I had my own books and thew story to read whenever I wanted I didn’t care what else I had of Twilight. If I have to waitfor 2 years for Midnight sun to came out then I will wait. Because I know that my love for your books will not pass.. and if I had to wait half my life for Midnight Sun to come out I would. Twilight will always be part of me now.

    thank you so much ,

  123. lily says:

    hi stephanie i’m really sorry about your book but i would really like it if you continued with you book i love the seris and me and my mom are reading them together.
    thank you very much

  124. laura says:

    have read all 4 books and never put them down to breath and i’m hooked, please bring out the next book but i’m sure i would now read anything you have writen. thanks Laura

  125. samantha says:

    dear stephine please dont kill off edward him and bella belong to eachother so please for the love of god dontnotlet her go with jacob and evn if so how would you do that he marked her daughter reneseme

  126. Christine says:

    pleas finish the book for Edward and Bella Edward is sexy

  127. sarah says:

    I love the Twilight alot and finish the last boooooooook pppppppplllllleeeeaaaassseeeee

  128. monica says:

    hi stephanie,
    I LUV the twilight series!!!!!! i juss found out bout the internet leak. Dat REALLY SUCKS!!!!!
    I am a really BIG BIG BIG fan of yours. Because i have read ur books u have made me want 2 write all of my imaginations down. U r totoly awsome. Dont let ppl who r mean nd cruel stop u from doing something u r really good @. Finish da 5th book because u want ur readers 2 luv it more,not cause they want u 2 nd those cruel ppl.
    UR Protoge(spelld wrong), MoNiCa G.

  129. ababy says:

    I luv ur books!!! EDWARD is HHHOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!! Finish the 5th book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Faidra says:

    Hello Stephanie I am a huge fan of twilight and I really want to see the midnight sun next to the twilight saga.I love it sooooooooooo much please finish the we all waiting for that……..

  131. Charlotte says:

    Hi, I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed NO LOVED your books Stephanie. I have never read like this before.. I laughed at my girlfriend when she said to try them. I read all four of your books in 2 weeks time. It was excruciating for my two children and husband. Every waking moment I wasnt cooking or cleaning I was locked into your books. Such passion, a pure love story in most every way. In the past I could barely suffer through the assigned reading of my college days, but your books have lit a fire in my soul. Please if you could please write more books about Bella, Edward and lil Nessie. I want so badly to see them again.

    Also I will be at the midnight release of the next movie and ALL of the rest too… Keep them coming Books/Movies.


  132. Anna says:

    heyyy,your books are the 1st book i`ve read thats more than 100 pages and it made me go out and read a whole bunch of book..i used to not like books..but just last week i read 4 books..and they were all 300 or more if you dont keep going where you left off alot of your fans will be veryy upset..

    thanks for inspiring me to read…


  133. Christina says:

    Hey Stephenie,

    I’m not sure if you actually read these comments, I just want you to know that I am very sorry for what happened I wish I could change it but there are just those people out there.

    I am a huge fan of the Twilight searies and I would love for you to wright this book. I would also like to say that I was so into the searies that I think you should continue them in Bella’s point of veiw, I really feel like it can go farther its an increadable story and I would love to read more.

    Please Please finish the book and cnsider writeing more from the end of your 4th they are increadable books and you should go for more.

    Big fan <3 Christina

  134. Kathy says:

    hey stepanie i am a huge fan i am really interested on reading your 5th book thank u so much for writing it i read them in my spare time!!!

  135. Jaclyn says:

    OMG!!!!!! i luv ur books and i think that you should finish the book bcause u already started and that would b a waste to stop…. please finish!!!!! :)

  136. Taay says:

    Hi Stephanie, My friend Allison watched the movie twilight.. but i hadnt got the chance to see it yet, but i was at the local book store and i saw ur book twilight and i thought it would be a good book bc so many ppl were reading it.. after the first chapter i was hooked and couldnt put the book down.. after a week, i had finished it adn started New Moon.. I fell in love with it too.. after a week and a half i was on Eclipse and now i am on Breaking Dawn and on Chapter 33.. I love your books and really want you to finish writing ur fith book. I know it was a violation of privacy for that scumbag to leak that without ur permission.. but i think it would be a huge waste to just leave it when SOOO many teens and preteens are in love with ur books.. I know im not the most obsessed but i am obsessed with them.. i have many posters of the twilight crew.. i have the directors notebook to the movie and i always buy the magazines that have any information i can get on your amazing books.. or i should say Masterpeices! It would be awesome not just to me but to hundreds of teens if you finished Midnight Sun.. Please not just for me, but for every other person out there that loves your books..:) Thanks.. and i hope you get the time to read this:) -Taylor Owen Sound, Ontario

  137. Aisha says:

    Dear Stepheni,
    I love your books!!!! I was so happy when I found out your writing a fifith book but sad when I found out what happened about it…. I cant wait till it comes out!!!!!! Please write as many as you can IM BEGGING!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Rita says:

    im a really big fan of your books their so real, i finished all four in a week, then i found out u were writing a fifth one and i really can’t wait i hope you decide to publish it. Please keep writing your books are the best i’ve ever read, their masterpieces you don’t know how everyone feels when we read them so please keep writing not just for me but for everyone
    thankyou so much

  139. Brooke says:

    Dear stephenie meyer,
    I am a huge fan of the twilight series. I understand how you feel and I agree wiyh you.I just have to say that, most of my class even my teacher are reading your books. Favorite book from the twilight saga is breaking dawn, eclipse, twilight, and then new moon. I hope that midnight sun will be as exciting as the others. I must say that I love the humor in your books.

    I think I speak for all your fans when I say…

  140. Samantha says:

    Please publish your 5th book all the rest are great and I bet everyone wants to know Edwards point of veiw from they met.
    Samantha Sperry

  141. Maddie says:

    I love you books and can’t wait for the rest to come out your the best writer in the WORLD!

    Thank you so much for writing these they have changed my life forever!

    Love Maddie

  142. Maddie says:

    I am not going to read the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun! Because who ever did this is really stupid and I can wait until Stephenie realeses Midnight Sun

    and we know for a fact that Stephenie does not have to reales this book until she wants to and until she feels better

  143. Sammy says:

    Well everyone was reading Twilight Series so I was like well hmm maybe I should start and the first chapter got me hooked on to it! I could not put the book down! I just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your books I mean they have so much detail in them and sometimes when I read them over and over again it makes me feel like I am actually there!! That is how I feel about all your book!

    Keep it up don’t let one book get you down! Believe in your self!

  144. Madeline says:

    Hey Stephanie my name is Madeline and I own all of you books 1-4 in the Twilight saga and I just have to say PLEASE! Please keep writing the midnight sun book. I am very interested in all of the Twilight books I even saw the movie. Everything is perfect. YOU ARE THE BEST AUTHOR IN THE WORLD! :) I would love it so much if you would keep writing the Midnight sun book, everyone loves the Twilight saga and I would think that everyone would want to see it in Edward’s point of veiw too. I know I’m only 12 and most of us arn’t that into reading but I have proof that once we read the Twilight book we started to get into better reading habbits and I also have a friend that had read the Twilight series 4 times and is on breaking dawn again. So please please please keep writing midnight sun.. :) Your fan Madeline. :)

  145. Chloe says:

    Please!!! don’t wait I NEED to read midnight sun or I’ll die! Twilight is my FAVORITE series and I’ve read A LOT of books!!! please! I <3 twilight!

  146. alyssa jo jo says:

    stephanie… please come out with the new book!!! i love this series!!! i am in the middle of the second book and this cant end!!!

  147. carlii says:

    hey stephanie!!! i <3 your books sooo much! u r so talented at writing. whenever im done with the twilight series i am going to read the host! my friend told me it is a great book. and i bet it is! :) love, carlii.

  148. sydney says:

    Hey stephanie i hope you finish the book because i read part of it and its fantastic!!i have something to tell u

    MOVE ON.Its just a chapter in THE PAST. but dont close the book just turn the page!

  149. sydney says:

    Hey stephinie im sydney im one of ur #1 fans i have 167 posters of twilight cast u and more,i have read all of twilight saga 5 times and continuing on my 6th time i live really close to were Kristen was born and we have tons of fans down here and she went to my school in elementary but i didnt like her and i wish i did bc she is soooooooo aswome and a very cool girl who will have a great future!I was always two grades below her so im younger(duh)lol! I also just left another comment but it was from my freind i hope u finish the 5th book bc it will inspire all the ppl who have read these books and are bigger fans than me but that is not possible well ya a girl at dance talks about it all the time and she is on her 3rd time reading the saga and im so happy i found this website so i can share myy feelings with u and soo can amillion

  150. sydney says:

    Hey stephinie im sydney im one of ur #1 fans i have 167 posters of twilight cast u and more,i have read all of twilight saga 5 times and continuing on my 6th time i live really close to were Kristen was born and we have tons of fans down here and she went to my school in elementary but i didnt like her and i wish i did bc she is soooooooo aswome and a very cool girl who will have a great future!I was always two grades above her so im older(duh)lol! I also just left another comment but it was from my freind i hope u finish the 5th book bc it will inspire all the ppl who have read these books and are bigger fans than me but that is not possible well ya a girl at dance talks about it all the time and she is on her 3rd time reading the saga and im so happy i found this website so i can share myy feelings with u and soo can a million other girls! my kids edward,bella and jacob look alot like the charectors in the movie i wanted to send a picture of them together so u could see but i dont know how! how i got inspired was my keds i saw the movie it reminded me of them and i wanted to read the books lol! I hope you enjoy reading this message :) love u to tears!!

  151. victoria says:

    I don’t think she should stop writting books if she love to write an aspesally the twilight series and if she stops her fans will be mad!

  152. Naomi says:

    I love the twilight saga its amazing wish the was more it. I understand what had happen was wrong for who ever did that to you. I love the movie too. What want to know wht happen with Nessie and Jake. I love Nessie smarters is just like her father in the book. Bella just love Nessie to death. Just wish i could see what is happening next. Eward is the coolest person know in the book i understand Ewards point of view.


    P.S. I love the host!!!!!

  153. Louise says:

    Dear stephenie I am not going to bore u like the other 5000 and god knows wat comments but your books have filled a hole in my heart and I can only thank you for creating such a beautiful set of literature that has given me A love for Reading over the past year if you were to make another inspirational book you would fill that boring bus journey I take to school in the morning with excitement again!
    Yours faithfully
    Louise Ouston
    Aberdeen,Scotland xxx

  154. Elizabeth says:

    Dear stephenie,
    i absoulutely love the twilight serise, which you already know because everyone loves them. me and my friend go crazy and we have races to see who can finish one faster, becuse it’s so easy reading your books. It doesn’t feel like reading, it feels like you are living it. you have inspired me to write. Some day i hope i could write a book so amazing as the ones you wrote.
    One of Your Crazy Fans

  155. Allissa Joy says:

    I know its kind of silly to be writing a comment, but im hoping every little bit helps. I love your books and i know i hundred million people are trelling you the same thing but i really hope you finish Midnigth sun.

  156. nica says:

    hi just wanna ask when is the possible time you will be publishing midnight sun?

  157. Justice says:

    I just rilly hope you publish midnight sun. a lot of peopel would love it if you did. you could start over on it and not use the part that got stolen. what ever you do dont stop righting the twilight books.
    My hole famley is in love with your books. this morning me and my sister got in an arrgumert over new moon because we bouth want to re-read befor the movie comes out. PLEAS, PLEAS PUBLISH MIDNIGHT SUN EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO RE-RIGHT IT

  158. Twilight fan 001 says:

    Dear Stepheine Myer PLEASE publish Midnight Sun. All my friends would be dissappted if you dont. Im only 11 and I love to read. Out of every book I read The Twilight Saga is the best.My friends and I look up to you. PLEASE PUPLISH MIDNIGHT SUN. And you proply will never read this but think about what every body is sayin.

  159. crystal says:

    Please finish Midnight Sun

  160. Dear stefanie says:

    i think you are a great writer i love your books and i cant wait for the other movies to come out. i cant wait to read the book in edwards point of view. i hate reading its the last thing on my list,but when my aunt forced me to read twilight i couldnt put it down. i want to read the books in edwards point of view and hopefully see the movies if you come out with them!!!!!your awesome!!!

  161. leah says:

    I am very disappointed in whom ever leaked her book what’s wrong with you people it wouldn’t kill you to wait for a bit sheesh.I am very disgusted with whom ever leaked it I myself have not read any of it and wont.Love your work Stephenie Meyer i am reading your other book Host it’s really good so far.

  162. Tiara says:

    Dear Stephenie I love the twilight series! My mom interdused me to them. I also have your book Host. I hope you make another book to the twilight series because I was really bumed out abouth the ending in the fourth book. But if you don’t thats ok I still love your books.

  163. TT says:

    Why the heck did you guys leak the book! You could of kept it to your selfs! I’m sorry for whoever leaked your book Stephenie.

  164. Amanda says:

    Dear stephenie, I am sooo sorry about the leak, and I don’t blame you for being mad, but can you please continue to write the books they are amazing! As soon as the movie came out my school ordered over 100 Twilight books for the library! I just stared reading the Twilight series about a month ago but i love them! I hope you decide to keep the series going after “Mindnight sun.” And I cant wait to see what you come up with next. :) bye!

  165. Catherine says:

    I love your books…which I just started reading right before the incident with your fifth book being put on the internet. I am so SORRY that happened, but I hope you will continue the series because they are so wonderful

  166. Melissa says:

    Dear Mrs. Meyer,

    I understand your feeling of being violated. I know you were heartbroken as I would be. I do hope that we can all get passed this. I refuse to read what was so irrevocably stolen from you. I will read only when you are finished and published. I know you can get through this I have faith in you. We are all here routing for you! Much love!

  167. bar says:

    PLEASE READ THIS , stephenie meyer,
    i know im pathetic like everyone here who beleives that u read the comments, but i dont care because i really fell in love with these books , u can kinda say the books are like bella is to edward – my own heroine ;).
    ANYWAY , i am typing here all the way from Israel. And i can say that i can give u just from the people i know a list of 200 ppl that would die for another book of the series. when i heard it was stolen i immedietly closed the draft and i am waiting(barely its really hard for someone addicted like me) for the fifth and i hinestly wont read it until u publish the book !!

    i hope u can see by the many fans around the world that some things cant be controlled but there are ppl who really admire u and ur book and can swear that they will buy it !
    im considering writing a letter anyway, since the chances u read this are so small.

    a HUGE fan speaking for many other fans. (all the way from the other sode of the globe).

  168. Dalia says:

    I just love your books don’t let this discourage you to keep on writing them, they’re the best books ever. I really hope you think it through before you definitely decide to stop

  169. Brandii says:

    As the mother of a twelve yaear old girl, I was curious to know what could possibly hold her attention for an entire week of reading in her room with only short forays to the restroom and snack cupboard. Honestly, she didn’t even want to shower. And when she started bringing your books along for car rides and would rather sit in the car and read than go get ice cream, I started to worry. So I started reading Twilight. As a 38 year old mother with a six year old besides Kady, you can imagine the complaints I received not only from my children, but my husband, also. As a voratious reader anyway, I would start to feel guilty about the time that I spent consuming this series. Until I overheard my daughter defending me saying that she can’t help it and she deserves a vacation anyway. I’m happy to say that they allowed me my indulgence until I completed the series and didn’t complain when I promptly started rereading it. What a pleasure! I haven’t read anything like it. Ever. And that’s saying alot. When my daughter told me about the Midnight Sun book, I started looking for a release date and ran across the release of the chapters posted on your site. I was torn about whether to read them or not considering the infringement of your rights. But like Edward said it was my own personal brand of heroin. That was like a teaser trailer to a movie you’ve been dying to see. Please. As one mother to another. Continue to write it. You have been given a gift. And your generosity of sharing it with millions of people around the world has turned us into mini Bellas. Completely and irrevocably in love with your books. I’m wishing for not only Midnight Sun, But companion books to New Moon, (what did Edward really feel when he was saying goodbye? What did he do while he was away? Did he ever come back to peek?) and Eclipse, (what was he feeling when Jacob showed him what Bella had been through while he was gone? What was the whole conversation in the tent?) and Breaking Dawn (the wedding night; more detail please. What was he thinking when he Bellas pregnancy was confirmed? His viewpoint of Renesmees birth? Bellas transformation?) Please? Don’t leave it up to my feeble imagination what he felt in the meadow. Nothing that I could think up would compare to your version.

  170. Vasilija says:

    Dear,Stephany all I want to know is the name of fifth book.You are grate riter and I love your books.My favourite is ”Eclipse”.I think that she can give you the most information for first and second book.And litellbit for four book.My favourite carecters are jacob and alis.Hi.
    Love you

  171. Jennifer L. Potter says:

    I am a 12 year old Twilight fan. All of my best buds were making a huge fuss about Twilight so I decided to read it. Well let’s just say that the books never left my hands! I love them SOO much and I’m so sorry about the leak. May the person who caused the leak be terribly guilty… Anyways, I want soooo badly to read The fifth book so please either revise it and make it better(if that’s possible) or publish it how it is. I hope that, if you choose to revise it, there is not another leak.

    Your Fan,

  172. Meghan Mccarthy says:

    is stephanie still going to write the book?

  173. Amit Chowdhry says:

    So far it sounds unlikely, but hopefully she'll reconsider.

  174. Whitney says:

    Im so sorry that someone did that to you. I love your books im on Breaking Dawn now. I hope you make a movie for Elcipse and Breaking Dawn to.I really look up to you and enjoy reading your books cant wait for the 5th book.

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  176. Hayley says:

    im sorry someone took your writing away ..
    But me and as of all twilight fans would love to read the 5 th book!
    please dont forget about your fans!

  177. julia says:

    i like all the books..
    and i dont understand why people would do that.
    and i hope the 5th book comes out because i love reading and theres no
    good books out right now and i really enjoy reading your books!:)

  178. julia says:

    i like all the books..
    and i dont understand why people would do that.
    and i hope the 5th book comes out because i love reading and theres no
    good books out right now and i really enjoy reading your books!:)

  179. brandy says:

    omg. im a teen here in rialto,ca i cant believe what Stephenie put together for are romantic, chick flick lives for us girls.. thanks and cheers to Stephenie..
    ps. good luck from all

  180. SJ says:

    Am a huge fan of the series, and eagerly await the 5th installment. Hope you don't leave it too long, as the movies won't be the same without the same actors:)

  181. jasmine turner says:

    hey stephanie, i really love the series! i just wonderin how u felt about continuing the series but with a new person that somehow relates to the previous characters. me and friends were commenting on how we felt that it was kind unfair for jacob to have to b with bella's daugther when he was once in love with her so how about makin things a little diffcult for jacob and give him a love interest that is his age
    and here's another idea: since you practically bought vampires and werewolves again about creatin something new like cats version of the werewolves they could b like humans turnin into tigers jaguars lions or any type of wild animal and also i was thinkin about addin a creative version of genies not the geni in the bottle thing but somethin that relates to the vampires and werewolves so if u get a chance to read (hopefully) u could email me back cuz i have some interestin ideas for an addition to the twilight series so thanks for reading- jaz

  182. turtlerose11 says:

    I only recently got into the twilight series and fell in love with book and movies. I so hope that you right a 5th book about Renesmee and Jacob. We all totally understand that the love story with Edward and Bella is over but there is so much more that could be written about. I would love to read Midnight Sun and hope that you finish writing it.

    Your series is great and has gotten me into reading again and I hope you continue to write them for awhile longer, no way is the story over for the Cullens, Jacob Black and the werewolves.

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