Comedy Widget Site Acquired By National Lampoon

ZingFu has enormous reach because of the viral nature of the content, along with an existing user base in the millions, stated National Lampoon CEO Daniel Laikin. We know that we can use our strong advertiser relationships to monetize not only the site’s traffic, but also the impressions of the ‘zings’ as they travel virally across the web. We are very confident that we can add significant value to our advertisers, which we are already proving with campaigns that weve brought to the site since taking control.

National Lampoon, Inc. (AMEX:NLN) has acquired, a site that allows users to send “Zings,” or funny pictures with thought bubbles on them. These pictures can be added as widgets. National Lampoon believes that ZingFu can be used as a major advertising platform. started in 2005 and is owned by Zing Fu Enterprises, LLC.

National Lampoon recently acquired,, Comedy Express, and The amount paid for ZingFu was undisclosed.

Here is the press release.

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Comedy Widget Site Acquired By National Lampoon Comments

  1. MistyGentil says:

    Unreal ! Seems all National Lampoon is good for any more is screwing people and companies over ! Hell I guess what can you expect you have Dan Lakin x ceo of National Lampoon who is facing stock fraud Sec charges criminal ! You have the New CEO Tim Durham who well he just wont pay any of National Lampoons bills ! This is a company and 2 guys in business I would stay fare away from. I belong to a web site that has been massively screwed over by National Lampoon, Dan Lakin and Tim Durham. If any one is interested in yet another case of being screwed by National Lampoon Check it out ! !

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