PayPal President Scott Thompson Now On Zuora’s Board of Directors

Scott Thompson, President of eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) subsidiary PayPal has joined the Board of Directors for Zuora. Thompson helped build some of the technologies that PayPal uses today.

Zuora is essentially a subscription billing company. Zuora’s flagship product is called Z-Billing. Z-Billing makes it easy to manage customer accounts, product catalog, billing operations, and subscriptions.

“With the rise of on-demand and subscription services, there is also a
growing demand for online billing solutions. Zuora’s platform is truly
built with the needs of the subscription market in mind,” said Scott
Thompson, president of PayPal. “I am honored to take on this role and
look forward to working with the Zuora executive team to address this

Zuora was co-founded by K.V. Rao, Tien Tzuo, and Cheng Zou. Tzuo was the chief strategy officer at prior to starting Zuora. Zuora raised about $6.5 million in funding from Marc Benioff, CEO of and Benchmark Capital.

The picture of Scott Thompson above is from the Zuora blog.

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PayPal President Scott Thompson Now On Zuora’s Board of Directors Comments

  1. Delbert Lynn Butta says:

    This note is to Scott Thompson.
    I am amazed at how a company with so many lawsuits can stay in buisness.
    But like the Gospel that was passed around the word by Paul
    so shall the word pass to all the people that deal with e-bay and pay pal about how they freeze accounts and write the rules every other day to steal money away from honest people.
    Pay Pal started off an honest company that had good values but now it is run like the mafia.
    I worked hard to earn my money and Pay Pal used me as another victum in their money making operation by placing my account on hold 180 days..
    What is really intresting to me is how many lawsuits for this very same action has been filed and won in federal court also you use softwear that tracks e-mail from client to client
    and as far as I can see all you are paid by the seller of items not only with pay pal but also e-bay.
    Then when you feel the well is running dry you place a hold on their account and make up reasons no matter what.
    You email a seller and inform that person they must show proof of the items they are selling..I was damn amazed by that!
    You feel you are cops? The Judge? The 12 that sit in judgment
    You ask me to tell you my trade secrets..and if I do not you will punish me by hijacking my money from me from items that I paid for but you had no problem listing them and taking my fees
    then what me to jump and tell you HOW I make my money.
    Like I am a damn criminal..
    So intresting..
    I have wrote Oprah Winphry about your company.
    who knows..
    perhaps you will get all the media you deserve.
    Thank You,,
    Delbert Butta
    I am sure this will never reach your president
    I would bank on it!

  2. Beverly Murphy says:

    My exact words and experience someone should call date line

  3. Jean Miller says:

    My nightmare with Paypal case ID: PP-603-584-778:
    This case was started back in December. The transaction occurred before Thanksgiving! Paypal is nearly one month delinquent from the date that this case was supposed to be resolved. I wonder what would happen if I were to be one month late on taking money out of someone’s account??

    Only two parties are concerned. This is inexcusable-really, there is no excuse that would permit any business to operate as Paypal has done. I can’t even pinpoint who has dropped the ball at this point. I have had numerous over the course of a month stating that Paypal is deeeply concerned with our case. Still, nothing has changed.

    What would you suggest that I do at this point? For the time-being, we have ended our Ebay store after 5 + years. I can’t afford to have Paypal deduct from my account for every transaction that I have to mail and not be certain that I will see any of that money. Paypal has already interfered in a family business and affected our lifestyle. I will no longer sell through any venue that prefers Paypal as payment until this case is resolved. I can’t afford it! When can I expect you to rule on this case and to return our account balance that is owed us?
    Jean Miller

  4. Delbert Butta says:

    I have written a letter to Mr Jerry Browns office
    I was told that they will investigate.

  5. Delbert Butta says:

    Scott Thompson is a born again Morman

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