Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Invests In

Gist is a startup that takes a client and aggregates all the pertinent information about them.  This includes news about their company, recent links, blogs posts, e-mails from them, and attachments.  Paul Allen’s company Vulcan Capital is incubating Gist.  Gist’s engineering team is comprised of people from Jobster, Microsoft, Go2Net, Infospace, and 

“Gist is all about simplifying and focusing attention and giving you the ‘gist’ of what you need to know about your key contacts and companies,” stated T.A. McCann, CEO of Gist.  McCann used to work at the Exchange Server Group division for Microsoft.

Gist has about 5 employees.  One of them is Steve Newman, former VP of Software Engineering at Go2Net.  Gist is based in Seattle, Washington.  Some of the other companies Vulcan invested in includes,, Radar Networks, and

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  1. T.A. McCann says:


    Thanks for the post, we appreciate it. We have had a great response to our private beta and are still adding more people to our team

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