Revision3 and Go Daddy Holding Contest To Have Diggnation Hosted In Your Living Room

Revision3 and Go Daddy have partnered on a contest that will bring a live episode of Diggnation to the winner’s living room.  Everytime Go Daddy users type in the word “diggcouch” when buying a domain name or other service as the code, they are entered for a random drawing.  This drawing is happening between now and October 22.

“Diggnation started on a couch in a living room and is still going strong thanks to viewers like you. To this day, almost every Diggnation is still shot on a couch in a living room and now we want to make that YOUR living room and YOUR couch!” states the Revision3 contest page.  “Enter now for your chance to win a Diggnation taping in your living room. For one lucky winner, Kevin and Alex will come to your house and shoot an episode of Diggnation from your living room.”

Diggnation is a vidoe podcast that is hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht.  The podcast covers top stories that make it to the homepage of 

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