John Cook & Todd Bishop Quit and Joins Puget Sound Business Journal

Todd Bishop and John Cook are both well known journalists.  Both were working at up until recently when they both quit and joined the Puget Sound Business Journal.  John will be covering startups, entrepreneurship, and VC deals.  Todd will continue to cover all things Microsoft related.  Eric Engleman of the Puget Sound Business Journal will be assisting with Cook and Bishop’s new site.

They haven’t come up with a name yet, but they aim to become the “leading tech news source” in the Pacific Northwest.  John and Todd both have Twitter accounts where they are giving updates about their new venture.  This is a big loss for as Bishop was doing a great job on covering Microsoft and other Seattle-based startup companies for them. 

“Todd Bishop has left the Seattle P-I,” wrote Business Editor Margaret Santjer.  “While we are making a transition on the Microsoft beat, you will see
interim guest posts on this blog.”  It’ll be hard to replace Bishop, but it’s a good thing that Seattle is chock-full of tech geeks.

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John Cook & Todd Bishop Quit and Joins Puget Sound Business Journal Comments

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