Raises $2.6 Million For Local Poll Voting is user-generated website that is driven by users voting and submitting items to be voted upon.  Such as what is the best restaurant in Detroit.  CityVoter has recently raised $2.6 million in Series B.  Allen & Company and Dace Ventures participated in this round of funding.  Through this round of funding, Curt Viebranz (former CEO of Tacoda), Bradley Wechsler (co-CEO of IMAX), and Vivi Nevo joined the Board of CityVoter.

CityVoter works with FOX, Gazette Communications, Hearst-Argyle, McGraw-Hill, and Post-Newsweek to integrate into social media.  CityVoter started in 2005 in Cambridge, MA. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Allen & Co and our other investors,” stated Joshua Walker, founder/CEO. “This group brings rich media experience to With these trusted advisors, we are well positioned to accelerate our growth and realize our vision.”

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