Lucas Cruikshank Might Be Bigger Than LonelyGirl15

Internet celebrities tend to grace the covers of Wired magazine.  A couple years ago it was Jessica Rose (LonelyGirl15) and in August it was Julia Allison.  Without the Internet, nobody would know the faces of Jessica and Julia.  But using YouTube as a means to promote themselves, these two became instantly famous.  Now Lucas Cruikshank, a 15 year old in Nebraska, is taking YouTube by storm.

Lucas plays the character of “Fred,” a 6 year old that talks about his life with a high-pitched and an increased tempo voice speed.  Lucas has 500,000 subscribers and millions of views on his videos.  Several movie executives recruited Lucas to promote an upcoming movie called “City of Ember.” 

This Thursday Fred will be falling asleep and end up on the set of Ember.  Fred will be talking to different crew members and Tim Robbins, an actor in the movie. 

“Before I even come up with the idea for the episodes, I come up with 10 titles and then figure out where each video is going to go,” stated Lucas. “Doing this thing with the movie was a great way to have Fred think he’s really becoming a celebrity.”

While the staff of the LonelyGirl15 followed up with a couple of other web-based video dramas, I don’t believe that they were given the chance to promote Hollywood movies. [comment #1/#2]  Lucas may be on to something big. 

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Lucas Cruikshank Might Be Bigger Than LonelyGirl15 Comments

  1. John Jarvis says:

    LG15 guys promoted the Fox release “Jumper”.

  2. Jenny Jarvis says:

    LG15 guys are also promoting CBS TV shows this fall and winter.

  3. fred says:

    i am lucas

  4. Carmen says:

    I love this kid.. haha he’s sooooo funny.

  5. Arrianne says:

    What year / month / date was he born?

  6. Cameron says:

    omfg, he is so cool, haha i have been told that i look and act like him, lol, it is like my life goal to meet him, just once, it would make me soo happy :D

  7. mataya says:

    lmao.. I alway laugh at your video!! My favorite one is when you go swimming… expect you should not use a floaty cause you are a big kid now and you don’t wear pull-ups any more…. so yeah!!!!!!

  8. lucas cruikshank says:

    Intresting post about me :) Thanx!

  9. nessa says:

    lucas cruikshank is mad hot

  10. person says:


  11. iSMAEL says:


  12. Bri says:


  13. Ronald King says:

    Lucas im a older man and enjoy the skits you play, Hope you come to the big screen some day you are a bright smart kid, And you bring alot of smiles and enjoyment to many of us, Thank You Lucas

  14. KiKi says:

    I love you FRED!!! You Rock! I love yoyur videos! great Job on Icarly! Email me!!!! You have actually insprired me to make my own videos! Thanx!!!

  15. KiKi says:

    Okay I spelled “your” wrong… My mistake… *smiles*

  16. Diana says:

    lucas i love u i no u have gerd a lot of ppl say that but i LOVE u e-mail me at prety plz bye

  17. Diana says:

    i ment herd not gerd

  18. KiKi says:

    Nice Diana… I did the exact same thing!!! ???

  19. Violet P. K. says:

    Fred please email me! i love u sooooo much. ur cute and awesome. Love u. email me at thanks!

  20. Hailey says:

    U R sooooooo awesome! Me and my friends love your videos! I even tried to email you because this girl I know told me she knew it and apparently she didn’t because I sent four emails to that fake adress and each time I got something back that said there was “no such user”. And it mad me really upset. Anyways could you email me at FYI I’m not a cat lover, Kat is just the first part of my middle name. – Peace, around the world, for generations!

  21. KiKi says:

    Everyone is leaving their email now!!! Haha. ? you guys! Anyway I ? the neighborhood squirrels video. R those “Squirrels” lucas’s?
    >Peace, around the world, for generations!!! *Does hand motions*

  22. KiKi says:

    Everyone is leaving their email now!!! Haha. love you guys! Anyway I love the neighborhood squirrels video. R those “Squirrels” lucas’s?
    >Peace, around the world, for generations!!! *Does hand motions*

  23. KiKi says:

    Y did it post it 2x??? lol.

  24. Hailey says:

    Kiki u r such a copier!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK, I’m not mad at all!

    Peace out home dogs!

  25. Hailey says:

    U have 2 c fred cooks 4 judy! It’s one of my favorite fred videos! And I know this is really random but I’m only 6 inches shorter than Lucas which isn’t much considering that we’re almost exactly four and a half years apart! ( I’m younger )

  26. Hailey says:

    I might move to Omaha, Nebraska!

    Peace out home dogs!

  27. Hailey says:

    I’m happy that fred got the part of a tree in his school play! He’s totally right about how everyone will focus on the background! Seriously, who looks at the main characters, that’s just wrong.

    Peace, around the world, for generations!

  28. Hailey says:

    I love that song that fred ” sang ” to, So Close. I just bought it on iTunes and I already know all the words. It’s kind of weird, though, because every time I listen to it I think of fred singing to that stuffed animal that he pretended was judy.

    Peace out home dogs!

  29. Tess Anna says:

    your soo cute!

  30. Cait says:

    Hey it’s if fred ever dies, I will jump of his house! No fred is like the earth with no air!!!!!$!! Fred will never die!!!!!;)

  31. Hailey says:

    Hey Cait! You are sooooo right! And I would do the same thing!

  32. Hailey says:

    Fred rockz!

  33. Hailey says:

    I think fred is the best thing that ever happened to the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace out home dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. lauren a.k.a. fred lover!!!!!!!!!! says:

    hey fred me and all my friends in frisco love your videos and we would ove it if u would e-mail me 2

    peace!!! around the world!!!!! 4 genarations!!!! :)

  35. Lucas Fan says:

    girls there’s no point in sending Lucas your e-mail cuz he won’t e-mail you.

  36. aceluver says:

    u rock fred if u could give me ur e-mail i would luv that ur like the utube wizard i’m not a teen!u rock my fav episode is freds saves the neighboor hood squirls again u rock fred/lucas

  37. Sara says:

    OMG Lucas is the hottest guy ever! I love his videos!
    I want to marry Lucas!

  38. Sara says:

    Oh and email me at,i dont have an email so i
    share one with my bud. She likes your vids too.

  39. jessica says:

    i love your fred videos they are really funny and i watch at least 2 everyday even if they aren’t new they are still funny

  40. Hailey says:

    Almost everyone I know is obsessed with fred! I think fred is awesome too! In art we made little stamp thingys, and I made one that said ” fred ” with a backwards “R”! It was really cool!!!!!

  41. Alexis says:


  42. emily says:

    who is the author of this article? I am doing my research project on Lucas and i need to know the author…
    please help

  43. emily says:

    wow yall fail. im still workin on the same goddam research paper and nobody has answered me….. does anybody have any clue on who the author is??????
    help is needed… this project is a day late and this is the thing that is holding me back from handing it in…… HELPPPP

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