Steve Demeter Makes $250,000 In 2 Months From Trism iPhone App

Steve Demeter quit his day job because he made $250,000 profit in 2 days from the development of an iPhone application called Trism.  The game he put together sells for $4.99.  Even though several applications that compete with Apple or have limited functionality get rejected from the App Store, Trism worked out quite nicely for Demeter.  Demeter spent about $5,000 on the development of Trism.

Demeter decided that he will just stick to keeping Trism on the iPhone App Store and not create an app for the Google Android Market.  This is because Demeter is already pleased with the sales of Trism and because creating compatibility with other phone models will be a headache according to AlleyInsider.

“Do I want to be spending 6 months to write the game, and another 6 months making it compatible?” asked Demeter. “If I had Trism available for Android, and there are 50 Android devices and every time one of them crashes (the users) contact me, do I want that?”

Due to the success of Trism, Demeter hired 4 more engineers to create 5 more iPhone games in the near future.  Demiforce, parent company of Trism is based in San Francisco, Calif.

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Steve Demeter Makes $250,000 In 2 Months From Trism iPhone App Comments

  1. Woadan says:

    Demeter didn’t develop Trism for the iPhone (device), he developed it for the OS used on the iPhone. By the same token, you don’t develop for the HTC Touch, you develop for the Windows Mobile OS. You don’t develop for the Palm Treo, you develop for the Palm OS. You don’t develop for the Nokia N81, you develop for Symbian. *

    This is either intellectual dishonesty, or plain old ignorance.

    If he wants to leave money on the table, that’s OK–someone else will take that money and develop something called Hexim for Android using hexagons instead of triangles.


  2. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Woadan, when I wrote that he made it for the iPhone, it is intended that he developed it for the OS built around the iPhone. It’s all about how you interpret the writing.

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