Divya Narendra: If You Can’t Beat Facebook In A Lawsuit, Join Them

Divya Narendra started ConnectU with Beijing Olympic rowers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.  ConnectU started the idea behind Facebook.  Facebook is now run by billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg’s wealth is pegged at about $1.5 billion through Facebook according to Forbes.  ConnectU sued Facebook for stealing the idea and used some of their source code.  Facebook and ConnectU settled out of court, but through the agreement, it was discovered that Facebook was not internally valuating themselves at the $15 billion that Microsoft pegged them at. 

Divya currently works at SumZero LLC where he serves as the Co-founder and CEO.  Aalap Mahadevia is the other co-founder in SumZero.  Below is a screenshot available via ValleyWag:

Some of the people that wrote on Divya’s wall includes Lindsey Hess, who wrote, “Divya!! I cannot believe you are on facebook.”  And Andrew Davis wrote “Um, was this part of a legal agreement or something? Never thought I’d see the day…”  Divya left ConnectU off the places of his Education and Work. 

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Divya Narendra: If You Can’t Beat Facebook In A Lawsuit, Join Them Comments

  1. Indian Education Blog says:

    Facebook has a very interesting History !!

  2. Graduate Jobs says:

    ConnectU has not been able to pick up pace though the idea originally belonged to Divya as mentioned.

  3. Asho says:

    Why you are in facebook ? Mark has cheated you…

  4. SilValgal (D. Lynn C.) says:

    The true talent, like cream, always rises to the top, while its lessers, the predictable thunder-stealers, ring hollow and burn down.
    * So much controversy over the swiping of others’ talented intellectual property at the nascent Facebook is not a good sign.

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