Make iGoogle Work Like Google Reader

As the battle for the Internet user homepage wages on between the top 3 search engine companies and other RSS aggregation competitors, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has stepped up a new a feature for iGoogle.  Those who use Google Reader for their homepage out of preference for the canvas style can now do the same in iGoogle.  The iGoogle team added the canvas view in the form of a Reader gadget.

The Reader Gadget on iGoogle will have the same capabilities as Google Reader.  It will have the same keyboard shortcuts, list views, infinite scrolling, embedded videos/images, etc.  To share and e-mail stories, it will operate in the same manner as Google Reader.

Below is a screenshot via Google Reader Blog:

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  1. Bobby says:

    I read about a site on John Chow today called – its like Igoogle but better cuz you can add you own bookmarks and the bookmarks can be websites not just gadgets and RSS feeds although you can upload your favorite RSS feeds too. Its free and totally customizable. Plus you don’t have to login to see your bookmars and RSS feeds

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