RockYou Secures $17 Million in Funding

RockYou has raised $17 million from Softbank Group and Menlo Park-based SK Telecom Ventures. This brings the company’s total funding to $67 million.

The primary use of the funding is for the company to expand into foreign markets including China.

Since the Facebook platform is practically dead, RockYou and other widget makers have to find new ways to reach an audience. Therefore, focusing on foreign markets is a good business move.

RockYou Secures $17 Million in Funding Comments

  1. Ade says:

    “Since the Facebook platform is practically dead”. This is a fairly controversial statement. By what metric is the platform “dead”?

  2. Shan Sadiq says:

    Facebook apps are not an integral part of a profile page anymore. If I create a photo widget, I want my friends to see it on my profile page. They should not have to click on a tab called “boxes” to see my widgets. A number of app developers are also complaining about a significant drop in traffic. Facebook apps are no longer sexy.

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