14 Superb Mobile To-Do Apps To Increase Your Productivity

Now more than ever we have to work very, very hard to earn our money.  Time equals money and task management is the forefront of productivity.  I could go on and on with additional cliches such as “action breed results,” but I’ll just get right to the point.  Here are the top 14 best mobile to-do list services.

14. Motask.com

Motask.com is a free, simple service where users can add, edit, and mark tasks as finished.  Motask’s simplicity makes it a very intuitive service.  The site is best viewed from mobile browsers, but it also works well with any normal PC/Mac browser.

13. Todoist (Smartphone Web Interface)

Todoist was started by Amir Salihefendic.  Todoist is a very minimalistic to-do list service.  It has a Firefox sidebar plugin, GMail integration, keyboard shortcuts, labels, reminders, Quicksilver plugin, iGoogle, and Netvibes widgets.

The mobile version of Todoist is located at: http://todoist.com/m/.

12. TooDo (Google Android)

TooDo is a Google Android app that has two-way sync with Remember the Milk and Toodledo.  Task notifications can be setup on a contextual or geographic basis.  Tasks can be submitted via SMS.  And notes can have images, audio, and video attached to them.

The most recent version of TooDo can be downloaded here.

11. Jott (iPhone App)

Jott is a free iPhone application that converts your voice into notes and tasks.  All of the notes are backed up on Jott.com and added to your account.  Tasks through Jott.com can be added from the iPhone app, the desktop app, Twitter, Google Calendar, etc.

Below is a screen shot of the iPhone app in use.  The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App store.

10. EasyTask Manager (iPhone App)

EasyTask Manager is yet another free iPhone application, but syncing costs $19.99.  Tasks are sorted by action name, context, start date, due date, priority, etc.  Upcoming tasks have a circle with the number embedded for the due date as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

EasyTask Manager can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

9. reQall (iPhone App)

reQall is a free iPhone application that tracks tasks for today, upcoming days, and overdue.  reQall sends text messages, voice messages, IMs, e-mails, and calendar alerts for these tasks.  Tasks can be added by talking to the application on the phone.

To download the app, click here.

8. Zenbe  (iPhone App)

Zenbe is a free iPhone application.  Zenbe features include basic text and due dates, multiple lists, due dates, easy task e-mailing, and web syncing.  Below is a screen shot of how the app looks on the iPhone.

To download the app, click here.

7. Vitalist (Smartphone Interface, iPhone Interface)

Vitalist has an interface that is similar to e-mail.  Tasks and actions are tracked in your inbox.  Each action or task can be grouped by project.  Vitalist is similar to Nozbe but has a more friendly interface.  There is a mobile web version and an iPhone interface for Vitalist.  Tasks can be sent to your account using Twitter, Jott, SMS, and IM.  Actions and tasks can be shared with other Vitalist users.

Actions can also be color-coded.  Overdue actions are highlighted in red, upcoming actions in gray, and ticklers in green.

– iPhone interface: http://iphone.vitalist.com
– Smartphone interface: http://my.vitalist.com/mobile/

6. Nozbe (Smartphone Interface, iPhone Interface)

Nozbe users to group tasks into project folders, add multiple actions at once (using one per line method), add categories, attach files, schedule appointments, print take on specific paper types, and setup multi-accounts.

Multi-accounts are perfect for small businesses because it has a news feed styled recent task activity for each user.  Multi-accounts also have the ability to be branded from company-to-company.  The catch is that for the free version only one account with 5 projects and 1MB of storage is available.  To upgrade your account, you have to open your wallet.  The starter multi-account price is about $12/month.

– The mobile web version of Nozbe is available at: http://www.nozbe.mobi
– The iPhone version of Nozbe is available at: http://inozbe.com/

5. Ta-da Lists by 37signals (iPhone Interface)

So far over 4 million to-do lists have been created on Ta-da Lists.  Lists can be checked off, shared with family/friends/etc., and has iPhone support.

Ta-da lists has an iPhone interface version available at: http://www.tadalist.com/iphone/. A separate app has not yet been created.

4. TaskPlus (Windows Mobile Only)

TaskPlus is essentially an add-on service that complements the Windows Tasks application.  TaskPlus is a plug-in that orders your tasks into Personal, Business, and Birthday categories when visiting your Windows Mobile phone homepage.

Each task line contains a start date, subject, and due date.  Completed tasks are removed from the homepage.  This application can be installed directly on your Windows Mobile phone or through ActiveSync.

3. Remember The Milk (Smartphone Interface/iPhone App/Windows Mobile App/Blackberry Interface)

Remember the Milk (RTM) is one of the best task management services.  Adding tasks on Remember The Milk is possible with Netvibes, Twitter, iGoogle, Netvibes, GMail, Google Gears offline, Google Calendar, OS X Dashboard widget, Jott, IMified, Quicksilver, Yahoo! Widgets, Tasque, and Twit2RTM.

Locations can be added for completing specific tasks as well.  Suppose you have to pick up milk from Safeway in San Francisco, just add the location on the top of the add a task page.

There are several ways to access Remember the Milk using a mobile device.
– Mobile version of RTM is available at: http://m.rememberthemilk.com
– For the iPhone it can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.
– For the BlackBerry it is available at the following URL: www.rmilk.com/milksync
- For Windows Mobile phone users, the .cab files for the app can be downloaded here.

2. Toodledo (Smartphone Interface/iPhone Interface)

Toodledo is one of the better task management software applications I’ve seen thus far.  It has folders, subtasks, due-dates, tags, goals, notes, estimates, priorities, etc.  Toodledo also supports email and SMS reminders, RSS, IM task additions, Twitter task additions, OpenID support, and a Firefox extension. Toodledo can also import/export tasks on email, iCal, XML, Excel, CSV and PDA formats.

Toodledo also creates a print-friendly foldable booklet to keep in your pocket of your top 110 tasks.

To access Toodledo from a mobile phone:
Download the app from the iTunes App Store (iPhone)
– Mobile web versions of Toodledo (must be enabled from internal profile page)
WAP 1.0: http://www.toodledo.com/wap.php
WAP 2.0: http://www.toodledo.com/wap2.php
Simple HTML: http://www.toodledo.com/html/

1. Default calendar and tasks software

All of the mobile operating systems that exist in the marketplace today already come equipped with ways to manage tasks. You should be able to create seamless to-do lists no matter if you use Windows Mobile, the iPhone, Google Android, or Symbian.

Microsoft Windows Mobile comes with a built-in application called “Tasks” when clicking on the Start Menu.  For those of you that use the Tasks feature in Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mobile Tasks works similarly.  Add a task, a deadline, and the task status.

The Apple iPhone and Google Android comes with a default calendar application that allows users to quickly add events.  The events have alert capabilities to inform device holders about due dates and times.

Symbian also has a calendar service called vCalendar v1.0.  This calendar service has the ability to sync with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes servers.

This article was written by Amit Chowdhry. You can follow me at @amitchowdhry or on Google+ at

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  2. Eric says:

    If you’re going to include TaskPlus for WM, then you should be *sure* to include PocketInformant from WebIS for WM and BlackBerry. It’s the best to-do list software available for either handheld platform, in my opinion. Pocket Informant for Blackberry rocks the house!

  3. johny why says:

    ToDoIst is one of my favorite all-time apps. I use it’s outlining features for project planning. I use it’s mini-interface in a tall, skinny browser window by itself.

  4. Dan says:

    Try Task2Gather. http://www.task2gather.com

  5. hanzo says:

    I would recommend checking out http://www.Gtdagenda.com for an online GTD manager.

    A mobile version is available too.

  6. Billy says:

    Unfortunatley I am not aware of ANY of the mobile software programs which seamlessly allow the use of the actual “todo list” In microsoft office. They all can bring up tasks but in order to follow up directly with the contact database it is structued incorrectly! I can't believe windows Microsoft programmers can be so oblivious to the fact of how work flows!

  7. TaskResolver says:

    Check out my interpretation of mobile Todoist version at www.taskresolver.com

  8. Robert Macklyn says:

    Mobile apps are meant pretty effectively to help gain productivity but I am not happy with this list as the tool I have been using is not being mentioned and defined here. Its the cloud based task management tool from Replicon – http://www.replicon.com/olp/task-management-software.aspx

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