Apple Mac Sales Decline

Apple is feeling the pain of a recession as the sales of its Mac unit decline. Mac sales dropped 1% from a year ago. PC sales overall rose 2%. The growth in Apple’s laptops madeup for a steep drop in desktop Mac sales. Desktop Mac sales have dropped 35%.

Unlike PC retailers who have slashed prices by as much as 50% this holiday season, Apple is stubborn about cutting prices on its products. According to Steve Jobs, the company does not know how to make a laptop for under $500 that is not a piece of junk.

Despite the drop in sales, many analysts believe that Apple is well positioned to stay more profitable that many other PC makers.


Apple Mac Sales Decline Comments

  1. Vikash Shah says:

    This is an interesting point to notice (the overall sales of PCs / MACs), but I would love to know the “profit margins” for each.

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