Yahoo Small Business Domain Name Suggestion [FAIL]


I was just doing a little bit of domain name searching on Yahoo! Small Business.  After searching for, Yahoo! suggested some interesting alternatives.  EPIC FAIL, YAHOO!

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Yahoo Small Business Domain Name Suggestion [FAIL] Comments

  1. william says:

    that is bad.

  2. psych says:

    YAHOO FAIL? Isn’t that a repetition?

  3. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Good point, psych :-)

  4. alapoet says:

    Stay “classy,” Yahoo.

  5. MadCow says:

    i lold

  6. ty says:

    lol that is gold

  7. dave says:

    no psych , its redundant…or a moot point.

    yahoo does not equal fail…yahoo DOES something(many things) in order to fail.

  8. ManGuyOn says:

    I like my name

  9. sean says:

    I’m actually more surprised by the fact that “” has apparently already been taken.

  10. nemo says:

    nobody “lols” anymore.

    It’s a banned word !

  11. ihugyfhj says:

    What about NancyManGuy, that’s pretty bad too.

  12. Bill says:

    I don’t think “NancyManGuy” was a very good suggestion either…

  13. Amit Chowdhry says:

    hahaha true. I should have put an arrow to that too.

  14. Did you know says:

    Did you know that many domain search providers actually _sell_ their list of recently searched domains to people who then buy those domains? (The scumbags then subsequently squat on the domains in hopes of turning a profit). It is the only thing Verisign is good for – they don’t sell domain name search lists. I don’t trust anyone else – Yahoo seems like the type of company that would participate in that practice.

  15. ManCheckGuy says:

    Maybe Yahoo knows something about you that you are not able to face and accept.

  16. brandon says:

    “ManStrokingBoy” ahahaha gr8gr8g8

  17. Steven Finch says:

    Hmm.. very interesting. Im going to have to write about this on

  18. NancyManGuy says:

    Sorry, It’s already taken!

    – Nancy


  19. Ray Terrible says:

    not funny douche bag

  20. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Ray — people from Bay Shore, New York won’t get it.

  21. Sasha says:

    I hate to kill the fun, but isn’t porn like 90% of the internet’s use anyway? They’re only catering to the demand. =D

  22. jimmy james says:

    Did anyone actually CHECK “informative” website indeed! HAH!

  23. ManSpankingButt says:

    Why does yahoo uses bad name? yukk!

    better try mine..

  24. Jam says:

    Ahh the Internet; thanks for years of stupid crap.

  25. ManboyStroking says:

    at least you would get lots of hits…

  26. Bobby Lee says:

    Uh-Oh Hot Dog!

  27. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Bobby Lee on MadTV… hilarious. Dragon Hunter 2 FTW!

  28. GirlOnHorse says:

    “Did anyone actually CHECK “informative” website indeed! HAH!”

    Yes, informative indeed! I always wondered what animal loving farmgirls did in their spare time. Never seen anyone milk a horse before!

  29. klum says:

    hahahah nice one bobby lee. and those and or w/e are beasiatlity porn sites :S nsfw. at all.

  30. Matt Spire says:

    You’d think their algorithm used for suggesting websites would take categorization into consideration.

  31. Canon Camera Reviews says:

    haha That is hilarious and disgusting.

  32. Dave says:

    I’m pretty sure it throws names in there that you provide on a previous screen…

  33. IroN says:

    Maybe It is just tracking your cookies for good names to suggest… ^^

  34. mooph says:

    Surprised they didn’t throw out DaViceMan.

  35. leftfoot says:

    FatManLittleBoy is my favorite, by far.

    (Follow the link above me, click “see more”)

  36. Fresh Kicks says:

    ManBoyLovers is a perfect company name!

  37. Thor. says:

    I see now reason not to name your company man boy lovers. You’ll get many calls.

  38. theturbolemming says:

    Anyone for NancyManGuy?

    Whoops. Saw that the .info was taken for that one. Turns out to be the same stuff as ManGuyOn. Talk about a roll in the hay. What do they do, just register all the .infos they can imagine?

  39. FatNinja says:

    What, “ isn’t a fail?! that’s obviously a gayped erotic literature site waiting to be created.

  40. Sean says:

    You are surprised that might be considered adult?

  41. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Hahaha I agree isn’t a fail, but — thats just nasty.

  42. melissa hedwall says:

    thats funny as hell

  43. mehmet says:

    thats fantastic:)

  44. funny says:

    It’s very funny, but why does everyone have to ruin good pictures by writing FAIL all over them in red. I can quite clearly see where the humour is and dont need arrows to point it out.

  45. Zendig says:

    LOL thats great.
    I love fails xD

  46. C-C-C-OMBO BREAKER! says:

    “It’s very funny, but why does everyone have to ruin good pictures by writing FAIL all over them in red. I can quite clearly see where the humour is and dont need arrows to point it out.”

    For that comment YOU FAIL!

  47. Pinny Cohen says:

    LOL, that’s great. And here we wonder why Yahoo is having trouble succeeding these days…

  48. tinkertim says:

    EPIC fail. This is almost as bad as the Microsoft Santa program that tried to talk to underage girls about oral sex. Almost …

  49. bender says:

    I’m a self aware comment.

  50. SeMeQuEmA says:

    I think it’s ok ^___^

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  52. Curtis says:

    Yahoo! Is there anything you can’t do?!!!

  53. Lori Cappozzi says:

    I often check for available domains on Yahoo! and those mistake happen very often!

  54. Borellus says:

    That’s rather worrying.

  55. Guy22 says:

    Oh potentially sexy sites ;)

  56. Mohit says:

    That might be a problem for selected domains only.

  57. Andrew says:

    LMAO, this is pretty funny. I wonder if this is actually based on what choices previous buyers made?

  58. ashwani says:

    really bad.

  59. Nikk says:

    Freud, much? At the very least Dalí.

  60. Tuxlar says:

    Oh come now. is just a gold mine waiting to happen!

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