Alan Heuss Dupes The People That Jacked His Car Using A Fake Text Message

Alan Heuss of Ohio drives a BMW.  This past Wednesday, he was carjacked.  The thieves opened his passenger door, put a gun to his face, and drove away with his car.  Later that day, Heuss was sitting with his friends talking about how upset he was.  One of Heuss’ friends came up with a clever idea.

Alan’s friend’s idea was to text the carjackers.  After all his phone was left in his Beemer.  “He said, ‘I’m going to text these guys, I’m going to blow some smoke their way,'” Heuss told the local TV station. “He said, ‘I’m going to tell them I’ve got a bunch of hot chicks, as if I’m texting you, and that we’ve got some drugs, too.'”

The criminals actually showed up to the address sent in the text message only seven hours after the carjacking took place.  The hot chicks with drugs turned out to be police officers.  The suspects even showed up in the stolen car.

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Alan Heuss Dupes The People That Jacked His Car Using A Fake Text Message Comments

  1. Boob Biter says:

    LMAO, criminals are fucking stupid!

  2. Betty says:

    If only everyone used their brains instead of their brawn.

  3. Slikvee says:

    Awesome use of the brain. I love it when the victim is able to get such sweet revenge from the total retarded geniuses who cause such misery. Way to go Heuss’s friend!

  4. Jon - The DC Traveler says:

    Too Funny. Serves them right!!!

  5. Mike Litoris says:

    Hahah, total burn would be the best way to describe this! XD

    Imagine you stole a car, you were buzzing because it was completely successful and then you get a text asking if you want to hook up with some sweet pussy and BAM!

    Brilliant. :D

  6. Lord Drachenblut says:

    This just seems to one of those stories to funny to be true.

  7. Lumancer says:

    Umm…. I hate to be the buzzkill here, but wouldn’t this be considered Entrapment? Meaning that when this goes to trial, the thieves will get off scott free?

  8. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Good point, Lumancer. I’m guessing that they won’t be charged for showing up to what they thought was a drug party, but I believe they’ll be charged for motor vehicle theft and intimidation with a deadly weapon.

  9. scyduckzard says:

    ROFLMAO… 1 dumb criminal story!!

  10. Ray Terrible says:

    Does it make you feel important to make up stories like this?

  11. justjohnny says:

    Do I smell a Hollywood movie deal?

  12. dave says:


  13. S Ford says:

    Yeah, right. Just like in the beer commercial.

  14. Amit Chowdhry says:

    Here’s several sources:

  15. Hairy Bob says:

    They’ve already commited a crime, the police caught em in a stolen car. Besides, entrapment’s a myth, look it up on

  16. jAKE says:

    There’s no such thing as entrapment in a case like this. As far as I’m concerned, violent criminals like this should be executed. If you car little enough about a human life to stick a gun in somones face for a material possesion, then you should not have a life. Hang ‘em, why should our tax payers keep a defective human like that alive. Get a RMA number in the form of a rope and return them to sender.

  17. sp00t says:

    Does it make you feel like a retard, now that you got slapped with sources, Ray Terrible? :P

    Btw, they wouldn’t get off scott free, because this isn’t entrapment. Entrapment is when officers lead you into making a crime that you wouldn’t normally commit. The hijackers committed the gun point car jacking without police influence.

  18. where's dem hoes says:

    Hey you said ther’d be drugs and hoes here

  19. Lumancer is dumb says:

    Lumancer you’re a fucking idiot.

    Google “entrapment.”

  20. Reaper says:

    Dumb shits..

  21. Kerileena says:

    RE: lumancer’s comment. i suppose entrapment, but don’t police set up stings all the time? besides, it was the dumbass criminals fault for showing up.

  22. bob says:

    Stings do not equal entrapment. A sting is a setup to arrest someone with an outstanding warrant, or to catch someone in the act of an illicit activity. Entrapment would be, say, Police forcing a kilo of cocaine into your arms and then arresting you for possession with intent to sell.

  23. Alex says:

    I really don’t think it’s entrapment to tell people to come to a place where they get arrested. Entrapment is only if the cops had left an idling car, unlocked in a back alley and it got stolen. And then arresting the people.

  24. josh says:

    Actually, what happened is the crooks gave the guy their address and he showed up with cops at their place.It happened in Columbus Ohio.

  25. Sammster I Amster says:

    I saw this referenced at http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com and thought it was hilareous. Couldn’t stop laughing hysterically!

  26. Tatatoothy says:

    I think it has been photoshopped!

  27. Andy says:

    I actually saw this on the local news in Columbus, so it’s legit.

    I don’t think it’s entrapment, because they committed the crime on their own. The “trap” was only to catch them after the crime had been committed.

  28. Kate31 says:

    Hey, back to the post. Certainly the feel-good news item of the month – thanks for sharing and kudos to the thoughtful good guys!

  29. aidan says:

    hahaha this is funny..

  30. jorge says:


    These guys may be scum, but you don’t sound much better. death penalty for threatening someone? seriously, you need to settle down a bit man. Maybe if they’d actually pulled the trigger, yeah, but just pointing a gun at someone shouldn’t get you a trip to the chair. For all your high-and-mighty talk about material possessions and how stupid it is to jack someone for them you don’t seem to value human life too much more than they do. Scum they may be, but “whatsoever you do to the least of my people…” and all that. Then there’s the fact that you’d rather save a couple bucks in taxes by killing anyone who runs afoul of the law. Pretty hypocritical considering you think killing for material wealth is stupid. I’d actually say robbing some rich prick for money to live is more noble than you wanting to execute some guy to save $10 a year in taxes.

  31. Dan says:

    jorge, you forget that these guys likely weren’t stealing the BMW for money to live on. I also see a lot of people online bashing on the rich for whatever reason, as if achieving success is morally wrong.

    I’m not agreeing that these guys should get the death penalty, however. I’m simply pointing out that these are, in all likelihood, average “I covet” criminals. There’s nothing noble at all about what they did, so don’t make it seem that way.

  32. stfu-u-fkin-fool says:

    @ jorge

    you said…
    ¨Maybe if they’d actually pulled the trigger, yeah, but just pointing a gun at someone…¨

    threatening somebody with a lethal weapon in their face IS NOT a trivial fkin crime …

    if i hold a gun in your mo0thers face perhaps you will feel different when she shits herself in 10 different colors and i poke my c0ck in her eye (coke in eye is entirely optional).

    you said…
    ¨ I’d actually say robbing some rich prick for money to live is more noble than you wanting to execute some guy . ¨
    who says it? for money to live?
    dont hear too many carjacker stories about how they needed someones car so they could buy food for their kids

    how do you know that ¨rich prick¨ didnt start off poor and drag himself outta poverty only to be robbed by a lazy ass fkin coward who has a gun instead of a fkin brain.
    WTF difference does it make if he? rich? if you somehow become successful am i allowed to rob you?

    your are retarded and should be forced to live along side the other throwbacks of humanity that you defend

    i do disagree with jake tho …they should be knee-capped or lose a hand Arab style,

    shooting is too good for them, i mean how will we know if they learned there fkin lesson if we kill em off on the first strike!

    hehe and if they keep on committing crimes then keep on chopping off limbs til they do learn or become just a head n torso freak combo… they deserve it

  33. entrapment says:

    you guys don’t really understand entrapment. even if the cops did leave a car idling in an alley and it got stolen, that’s not entrapment at all.

    entrapment is “Hey man you want to buy these drugs?” “Hell yeah” “You’re under arrest for conspiracy to buy drugs” “wat”

  34. VLAD says:

    N*****S… DUH

  35. tax payer says:

    Not to say ‘kill them all’ or anything, but annual tax costs to keep one criminal in jail run closer to fifteen thousand dollars a year. and there are an awful lot of criminals in jail right now. It’s not like chump change. There are criminals in jail who have killed multiple times, and are open about their intent to kill again. we are not trying to rehabilitate them, as their sentence is for life. basically, we can take away everything a man has, and reduce his life to a box in hell (meaning prison) and spend a fortune doing it, but we aren’t willing to off him for the good of society.

    I don’t think they should kill this guy. but I do think they should kill some of them. they are a tremendous drain on our government, and are a danger to our society, not to mention the other prisoners who have to live with the dangerous ones.

  36. Pharquard says:

    Stealing for money to live on? Get your head out of your ass, with all the social “Gimmie” programs available a person can live better on them that if they work.

  37. smoker says:

    Looks shopped to me. I have seen a lot of good photoshop jobs to know what I am talking about…

  38. Naldak says:


    Entrapment (I believe) is tricking someone into doing something illegal. Tricking someone to come to a location with proof of their crime is not.

  39. j says:

    The were prob black… dumb n*****s

  40. Sigh.... says:

    I had to look up a legal definition of entrapment because of all you…


    “ENTRAPMENT – A person is ‘entrapped’ when he is induced or persuaded by law enforcement officers or their agents to commit a crime that he had no previous intent to commit; and the law as a matter of policy forbids conviction in such a case.

    However, there is no entrapment where a person is ready and willing to break the law and the Government agents merely provide what appears to be a favorable opportunity for the person to commit the crime. For example, it is not entrapment for a Government agent to pretend to be someone else and to offer, either directly or through an informer or other decoy, to engage in an unlawful transaction with the person. So, a person would not be a victim of entrapment if the person was ready, willing and able to commit the crime charged in the indictment whenever opportunity was afforded, and that Government officers or their agents did no more than offer an opportunity.

    On the other hand, if the evidence leaves a reasonable doubt whether the person had any intent to commit the crime except for inducement or persuasion on the part of some Government officer or agent, then the person is not guilty.”

  41. I think you are missing the point here says:

    The basic thing is that the guy was carjacked (stealing a vehicle by force) which is a form of grand theft auto. My guess is that he didn’t have a permit to carry the gun either so he could be charged for carrying without a permit as well. As for the drugs that is a possible form of entrapment but looking at the definition above they would not be so lucky because they were in fact willing to show up to the address.

  42. jimmy says:

    all criminals are dumb thanx! :) LOL LMAO ;) wink wink! :_+)! LOL again

  43. Harry Barracuda says:

    Fucking retard. The phone be be tracked to find the location DUH!

  44. smoker says:

    Entrapment… Let me have the final word on this. We all have heard of times when the police sent out phoney prize award notifications to known criminals “You have won a brand new car” etc.. “Just come to such and such hotel to pick up your prize”.. and when the dumb fools show up they are all arrested for their respective crimes. This is similar to the above case. It isn’t entrapment. It’s just being more clever that the dumb crooks out there.

  45. sealy mattresses says:

    There is definately nothing wrong with the text message that was sent out, just like smoker said its simply being more clever, although with the criminals out on the streets in our society it doesn’t seem like a stretch that most of them could be fooled

  46. Quartermeat says:

    epic win

  47. SHAZBAT! says:

    I love reading comment pages. All the name calling and hurling of insults.May not be a very productive way to spent my time but it sure does make me giggle.Seriously,if you have nothing intelligent to add to the discussion,pipe down and let the grownups talk.Oh, and j,go F yerself.

  48. SHAZAM says:

    Unless he drives the first BMW ever made…1. They come with Lojack, you couldn’t lose it if you wanted to. 2. BMW’s have push button starts, you can’t start the car without the remote(which most people keep in their pocket) inside of the car. You can’t get the car to start without it. 3. He was just sittin’ around with his friends talking about how upset he was. It’s a BMW he would’ve been at the police station. I call shenanigans.

  49. BsoB says:

    Was it a “Fake Text Message”, or a text message about a fake offering of hookers and blow?

  50. tranztopoleez says:

    In the google news story it said the criminals gave the other guy an address, and the cops went to them, that’s not entrapment, the guy who wrote this was just an idiot and couldn’t read the story that he was ripping off correctly.

  51. Doubtfull says:

    No way cops would ever show up on the off chance they would show up… funny but so fake

  52. Jen says:

    Who F-ing CARES!It was a good story,can’t you just leave it at that? My God!Get A LIFE!

  53. Mee says:

    Lumancer – If he’s not a cop, it’s not entrapment.

  54. Daniel says:

    @ tax payer: what state do you live in? Almost every time I’ve seen figures about incarceration costs, it’s more like double or triple $15,000 anually. That might be what it costs in food and utilities. But if you figure in the cost of paying all of the police, guards, admin, firefighters, social workers, ad nauseum, that are on the government payroll to protect us And them, the costs are huge!

  55. really betty? says:

    January 12th, 2009 at 6:41 am

    If only everyone used their brains instead of their brawn.”

    then more criminals could get away with carjacking? good one dumbass

  56. Hey Now says:

    Hey guys let’s seriously try to figure out this whole entrapment thing. Need more entrapment comments plz.


  57. andrew says:

    @ Lumancer – It could be, but whether it is or not, they still stole his car. Either way, he would get his car back and I’m sure that’s all he really wanted.

  58. Scott says:

    Be interesting to know if the police had any comments on the car owner’s tactics for getting his car back…like, ‘the general public should NEVER take their lives into their own hands by attempting to apprehend criminals.’

  59. dirac7 says:

    Spot on, sp00t, both times!

  60. Pickle says:

    If you read the news articles, it says Mr. Huss was car-jacked, at gunpoint, while sitting in his BMW. While talking to friends, they hatched a scheme to find the carjackers. His friend was going to pretend to be a girl and say he (she) had cocaine. Another friend of his, not in on the plan, had been calling his phone, which put her pic up on the phone everytime she called. The carjackers decided to give their address to the mans friend via text message, which is where the cops showed up and arrested them. No entrapment there. No anything. Stop arguing and read the real stories. It’s a true story and a legit one. End. Of. Conversation.

  61. Andrei says:

    lol Could you get more stupid than that?

  62. Ryan says:

    The article sounds fake because this is a crap summary of what happened. The crooks didn’t go to a texted address (it would be suspicious of them to ask for directions), they disclosed their own address.

  63. judge dredd says:

    Since entrapment has been brought up so many times lets look at the circumstances. for entrapment to occur a crime or potential crime must occur. Now its obvious that the carjacking could not be considered entrapment, and that was the only crime commited. It is not illegal to go to someone’s residence because you know there is some blow and poontang. so once again, no crime = no entrapment. btw leaving a car unlocked with the keys in it in a dark alley and waiting for someone to steal it is nor offereing drugs are considered entrapment. pretty much the only way entrapment can occur is if a police officer FORCES you to commit a crime and the attempts to arrest you for commiting said crime.

    I wouldnt normally go on about a subject after it had been covered soo well, but this post made it clear that we needed more information about entrapment here.

    “Hey Now
    January 16th, 2009 at 1:07 am
    Hey guys let’s seriously try to figure out this whole entrapment thing. Need more entrapment comments plz.


  64. judge dredd says:

    more entrapment comments would be nice.

  65. danny says:

    @ Doubtfull
    to be honest, if the police have a tip off that there will be x amount of criminals sitting in a stolen car at a give time then its not going to be that much work to send a car over to check it out, plus if they are still using the phone. like someone said then they can track the phone.

  66. Jeff says:

    OK, call me crazy here, I’m gonna take a wild stab in the dark, just a pure guess, not saying anything, just throwing it out there…were the maggots that stole this by any chance black?

  67. Huffer7 says:

    For those of you guessing that the perpetrators might be black – uh, you don’t have to be black to be stupid (and it goes without saying that not only black people commit crimes). Here’s some proof: Don’t focus on the fact that they’re American: who cares about that. Focus rather on the fact that, well, how many are black? FUCK YOU RACISTS!!! (btw I’m white)

  68. Scott S says:

    Entrapment used to be real before the Bush crime family took over and shredded the Constitution.

  69. n8tive_girl says:

    to the goy who said it was entrapment:

    ot’s not because the cops weren’t in on the original idea nor did they convince the victim to go through with it. it’s only entrapment when it’s the police who set it up

  70. n8tive_girl says:

    *guy and *it’s lol my bad

  71. Andrea Thompson says:

    i just took a dump that honest to god smelled like cat shit – and i havent eaten cat food since 1991. i’m quite concerned about this, cause last time my boyfriend was kissing me, he pat me a few times on my lower back and i jacked my ass up in the air like i was in heat. am i turning into a kitten?

  72. d0n says:

    i bet they were black. Obama!

  73. Bandicoot says:

    I can’t believe all you morons spending time picking this story apart. It’s simply a case of a guy whose car was stolen, and his friend came up with a clever, creative idea to get the car back and apprehend the scumbags who stole it. That’s it. period. What the hell’s wrong with you people?

  74. Jake 2 says:

    Hey jAKE at the top, they’re not violent, they’re desperate. So say that holding a gun to someone deserves death is to become a hypocrite. By saying they do not deserve to live you’re being more violent than they, for they didn’t kill the guy.

  75. Matt says:

    I think execution punishes the criminal’s family more than the criminal themselves. Anyway, the biggest argument against capital punishment in the US is monetary. On average, the cost of sentencing someone to death is higher than that of a life sentence. Think how long prisoners are sitting on death row and appeal after appeal after appeal. The legal costs are extraordinary.

  76. John says:

    Hey, don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this, but it kind of sounds like it could be entrapment… What are your thoughts?

  77. Kieran says:

    It is really funny if its true but it could be someone as stupid as the thieves lying

  78. Soon to be Momma says:

    If we began killing people for crimes that weren’t murder cases, we’d become the murders ourselves.
    That’s ridiculous. It’s already barbaric and archaic enough that we kill people eye-for-an-eye style still in the U.S. (and I live in Texas)when I feel like death is getting off easy for most prisoners,versus the rest of their life spent in jail. Other remarks are right,if we are going to value money,saved on taxes or whatever, over life, we are no better than the criminals themselves.

  79. Zerokwl says:

    Can they really be that stupid. That is why they are criminals. It is easy to hold a gun to someone’s head, but it is impossible to really think out all aspects of the crime! DUMB ASSES!

  80. batty007 says:

    I am endlessly fascinated by the idiocy of most criminals. This doesn’t sound “too good to be true”, alas, it sounds “Too stupid NOT to be”.

  81. rai sinbran says:

    j suck it im not even black and i wanna punch u in the face. i think we’ve established entrapment, the real story, we are wasting tons of money on prisoners we are not even trying to rehabilitate, and lumancer get the ass out of your face so you can see straight thank you all for leavng.

  82. D90 says:


  83. Eliakim says:

    This may have already been answered … but were the cops called or did the guy get his car back? Or did anyone think to take any photos? Or did the thieves just drive off … with nobody doing anything?

  84. Eliakim says:

    No, Andrea, you would be trying to gross people out and turn them on at the same time, which means you’re probably a male using a female name. Or you’re turning not into a kitten, but a sicker puppy, but more than that … you’re providing us with an indicator that social networking is good preparation for hell.

  85. pepper says:

    half the people get upset that those guys got caught WTF they went out of their way to break the law then came to an address that they “found” and if it was some girls I’m sure they just wanted to get a phone number WTF they are not nice people

  86. Willy Brown Balls says:

    Definitely a bunch of niggers that were behind the stealing of the car. And don’t bother telling me that I’m racist. See what happens when you go to that shithole africa. You’l get your throat cut for nothing.

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