Has Got Viruses

Last week, the hackers got Twitter and this week it looks like got nailed.  Security company ScanSafe reports that anyone that visits Paris Hilton’s website is prone to malware infection.

“Hilton’s popular website,, has been outfitted with malware prompting site visitors to ‘update’ their system in order to continue navigating the site,” stated ScanSafe. “When the bogus pop-up box appears, users have the option to click ‘Cancel’ or ‘OK.’ Regardless of which option they choose, destructive malware will be downloaded to the user’s computer.”

An iFrame was embedded into Paris Hilton’s website.  The iFrame calls malware from from a website called  Then a PDF with a virus in it is called.  While it is not known how the iFrame got onto the website, there is speculation that there is a vulnerability in Joomla’s CMS.

This is not the first time that technology utilized by Paris Hilton was hacked.  Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick phone was hacked and her photos were exploited.  The hacker of Hilton’s phone got 11 months in juve for it.

[via PC World]

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    uhmmm the problem its not the website??…Joomla, great joke!

  2. Andrew Eddie says:

    No need for speculation. It’s not a Joomla site (PC World, correctly, doesn’t mention it).

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