Timothy Gutierrez Gets 10 Years For Sending Threatening E-mail To Obama

On a list of top 10 stupidest things for every human being to do, I think number one is writing a threatening e-mail to the President of the United States.  But that is exactly what Timothy Ryan Gutierrez decided to do.  Gutierrez could be facing about 10 years in jail after the F.B.I. decided to investigate an e-mail threatening to assasinate President Barack Obama.  Another message that Gutierrez sent contained a threat to blow of Mall of America with 40 pounds of C4 in Bloomgton, Minnesota.

The F.B.I. arrested Gutierrez yesterday in Durango, Colorado after an indictment was filed.  Gutierrez told the Cortez Journal that he never had any intention on carrying out the message of the e-mail.

“I’m not mad about him becoming president, but he’s not doing what he said he was going to do,” stated Gutierrez. “He’s not doing anything for the lower class — just the middle and upper class. Medications are going up, not lowering, and jobs are being lost. His actions are going to get him in trouble.” Gutierrez told the paper that he was unemployed but plays with computers.  “I’m in serious shit” stated Gutierrez after being arrested.

I don’t think that Gutierrez should be surprised about his punishment.  After all you are threatening the most powerful man in the country.  Given the current sensitivity the country has towards any possible threats, the government will take all precautions to protect this man.  Even going as far as having him wear a bulletproof suit during the inaugural address.  Gutierrez will have a lot of thinking to do in those 10 years of prison time.

[via Wired]

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Timothy Gutierrez Gets 10 Years For Sending Threatening E-mail To Obama Comments

  1. Joseph Anthony says:

    I am sure Bush had many threats too during his two terms in office. I don't recall anyone getting 10 years in prison for threatening Bush. Some Presidents must be more equal than others—-especially if they are Democrat and black.

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