What Is The Deal With Red Herring?

I first noticed that Red Herring was down when I logged into my Netvibes account and noticed their feed wasn’t responding.  Then I went to their website and it decided not to load all day today.  Silicon Alley Insider reporter Dan Frommer pointed out that on a Twitter message by Falguni Bhuta, it stated “Heard my former employer Red Herring is closing.  Surprised it survived for so long.”

Why is the website down?  It’s rumored that Alex Vieux hasn’t paid the hosting bill for months now.   Ever since Red Herring and their 19 employees were evicted from their Belmont, California offices this past May, the company has been in a downward spiral with the exception of their website.  Red Herring has been hanging on to about a 46,000 rank on Alexa and still receives a good amount of traffic.

I think that Red Herring should at least say goodbye in an article before just shutting down cold turkey.  Check out what the people are saying about the situation on Twitter.

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