Adobe AIR Updates Marketplace User Interface

Adobe AIR is platform for building rich Internet applications through the use of Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, AJAX, etc.  Thus far, Adobe has hit about 100 million Adobe AIR installations.  Today Adobe announced that they have launched a new user interface for their application download marketplace.  They have launched the new user interface with improved feedback features, a new web interface, and links for purchasing applications.

Adobe AIR has created feedback support for applications.  Users can rate/review/comment/flag applications.  Those Adobe AIR interested in applications can also subscribe to feeds from the Marketplace and share links to friends for recommend apps.  The Adobe AIR marketplace has web interface for developers to manage profiles, applications, analytics, ratings, reviews etc.

Lastly, developers can add a link to their personal website for purchasing applications.  The Adobe AIR marketplace does not support online transactions for purchasing applications directly.

Some of the most popular apps include AOL Top 100 Videos, Google Analytics, Adobe Media Player, Agile Agenda, Kuler desktop, for My, De MonsterDebugger, uvLayer, Klok, Desktube, Mockups for Desktop, TweetDeck, eBay Desktop, twhirl, and SlideRock Player.

[via Adobe AIR blog]

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Adobe AIR Updates Marketplace User Interface Comments

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