Vanessa Starr Palm and Alex Rust Arrested For Eating Iguana On Facebook Photos

vanessa-starr-palm alex-rust
Vanessa Starr Palm [pictured above left] and Alexander Daniel Rust [pictured above right] is believed to have been arrested for posting pictures on Facebook of them dining on an iguana.  Vanessa, 23, of Illinois and Alex, 24, of Indiana went to othe Bahamas on vacation, caught an iguana, killed it, and then cooked it.  The iguana is on the endangered species list.

Alex and Vanessa were tracked down by authorities in the Bahamas and was charged for violating the Fisheries Regulations and the Wild Animal Protection Act yesterday.  Police described the pictures showing “parts of an iguana on a grill, two men eating the iguana pieces, and a man and a woman cleaning what appears to be undersized conch”

The pair could also be charged in the U.S. under another law make makes it illegal to commit an offense in another country with which there is a relationship.  The pair could have eaten iguana in Florida where the iguana is a non-native species, but in the Bahamas it was not allowed.

Being charged with this didn’t stop the couple from deactivating their Facebook profile yet.  This is where I pulled the above profile pictures from.

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Vanessa Starr Palm and Alex Rust Arrested For Eating Iguana On Facebook Photos Comments

  1. andrew says:

    Not to mention there are about oh 100 signs on the island stating all of the above.

    • Seem says:

      Even funnier Vanessa Starr Palm states as interests on Facebook page: Stop animal cruelty and yogaview :) Hilarious how peoples behavior isn't in line with their views.

  2. andrew says:

    I do wish to clarify these are an ENTIRELY different species of Iguana from the Florida ones. They are on the WORLDS (not just Bahamas’)endangered species list. The offenders not only taunted, mutilated and ate the Iguanas as shown in their photos; they also poached undersized conch and illegally spear-gunned parrot and angel fish (which are not normally eaten)in a NATIONAL PARK! THEN they flaunted it on the internet by posting it on facebook. These are college educated people bashing about in another country, hurting its enviroment then bragging about it then acting like victims. To minimize the impact of their actions is negligiable and damaging.

  3. veronica says:

    they probably did not know it was endangered. Get a life andrew

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