Lenovo and RIM Partner For “Lenovo Constant Connect”

Lenovo Group Ltd
. and Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) are coming together on a project that will have the BlackBerry automatically sync new e-mail to ThinkPad laptops.  RIM manufactures the BlackBerry devices and Lenovo manufactures the ThinkPad laptops.   The laptop will require a “Lenovo Constant Connect” card in order for it to work.  The e-mail will be in sync even if the laptop is in stand-by mode.

There won’t be a need for the laptop to establish a secure Internet connection to employee servers.  The laptop user will not need to be connected to the Internet for sending e-mails either.

The “Lenovo Constant Card” will cost about $150 or less.  Lenovo plans to start selling it in Q2 of this year.  The card will only be available in the U.S. initially.  It will be compatible with ThinkPads that were made last summer or later.  BlackBerrys must have been made within the last few years as well.

The card connects to a BlackBerry through Bluetooth technology.  When the laptop is on standby or off, new e-mail is store in flash memory.

[via AP]

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